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  1. [QUOTE=SCI-Nurse;1738896]If you are seeking this...

    [QUOTE=SCI-Nurse;1738896]If you are seeking this attention for some type of suit, your attorney should be looking for (and paying for) an expert witness to file a brief and be deposed about the...
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    Sticky: Hello Ramey, it's been a number of years since...

    Hello Ramey,
    it's been a number of years since this post, are you still active & can you share the PDF again.
  3. Thanks to baldfatdad & Curt for your...

    Thanks to baldfatdad & Curt for your thoughts....not what I was hoping for, but appreciated non the less.
  4. Injuries from Water skiing or Water tubing crash

    Hello everyone,
    I was injured in a Water tubing crash (Incomplete C4/C5) and I looking for any research or studies that would address the Principles of physics that operate when trauma, both blunt...
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    Info on Water Impact Studies??

    Hello all....this is my first post.
    I looking for any information or studies on spinal cord injuries resulting from high velocity water impact. I was being pulled on a ski-tube behind a boat at a...
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