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  1. Should I claim my 17 soon to be 18 yr old who will be eligible for Medicaid & SSI

    I am sorry if this is not the right spot for this question but I am confused. My son is 17 and a senior in high school 16 months post C4 incomplete injury. He will be graduating in May and...
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    Axiobionics vs other wearable ems

    Does anyone have any input about axibionics wearables vs other wearables? My son Connor is really suffering with nerve pain in his legs to the point the FES bike is very difficult to use. I have...
  3. Carlton College in Minnesota- informaiton needed

    Ok. Who lives in Minnesota? Connor is in the final round of a college scholarship and Carleton may offer full tuition, books and fees. We are from Texas- serious climate change. Connor is...
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    Heel sores guidance request

    My son bought new shoes and I think they are causing sores. I have read the forum and see different opinions. I think they are no more than stage 1 sores. The bigger one isnt blistered. The...
  5. Thread: Freedom Flow

    by dee1843

    Freedom Flow

    Is anyone currently using the Freedom Flow? I am looking for personal reviews. We tried the Melio system but it is expensive (due to the bags) and not covered by insurance.
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    Melio Leg Bag System

    Has anyone used this system? We are looking at it for my son.
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    Connor is not back in school due to PT & OT 3...

    Connor is not back in school due to PT & OT 3 times a week plus strength training once a week. He goes and visits school periodically, but I have reached out to the school and they have said they...
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    The power chair Connor is in is almost 450 lbs. ...

    The power chair Connor is in is almost 450 lbs. This limits his ability to go places due to limited accessibility. This is frustrating to him and he wants out of this power chair which is a loaner....
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    Van, car, SUV??????

    Question about transportation and wheelchairs. My son is C4 complete but will be able to get into a manual chair because he has good arm and should strength---and hopefully those triceps keep trying...
  10. How to empty pee bag without any finger function????????

    My son is 6 months post injury. He has wrist movement with a pinch but not super strong-yet. Does anyone have any suggestions on how he could empty his own bag? He has a SP and since he is not...
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    Loss of motivation- help

    I need to write this somewhere and I think this is a safe place. My son was injured 8/23/18 during gymnastics practice. He added difficulty to a trick and landed badly. Now a diagnosed C4...
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    Hotel Management as a career for my son

    My son who is 16 would like to look into hotel management as a career. He is newly injured C4 complete 5 months post but has most arm muscles except triceps. He would like to go into hotel...
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    Drink holder for Power tilt chairs

    Would some of you be willing to post pics and brands of the type of drink holders you use for a power wheelchair that tilts for weight shifts. We are still struggling for the right solution. Thanks...
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    Medical Supplies

    Not sure if this is the right spot, please move if not. I am curious where everyone in the US purchases misc. medical stuff. Bed pads, magic bullet, lube, drainage pads, tape, etc. Just curious to...
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    Underwear question

    My son is scared of pressure sore (rightly so) and won't wear underwear that has any lines on the back. His wheelchair cushion is a roho. What is the best suggestion and do lines in the back...
  16. Connor has said he wants to go but is worried...

    Connor has said he wants to go but is worried about his care and that they don't really listen to him.
  17. Grandparents are not helping financially and no...

    Grandparents are not helping financially and no ramps at their house. They want him to stay in a hotel which is actually fine with me as he normally sleeps on the pull out couch and I can totally...
  18. Connor is a strong young man who was very...

    Connor is a strong young man who was very independent prior to the accident. He loves his grandparents, but acknowledges they would be totally unable to help him. I recommended a lift similar to...
  19. Grandparents want newly quad to visit Florida 11 months post accident

    I don't know what to do here. My ex-inlaws want my 16 yr old son to visit them next August. Connors accident was 8/23/18. My ex wants to " rent" an accessible van to drive the 14 hours. I bought a...
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    Have you managed to set up the controller? I...

    Have you managed to set up the controller? I bought one for my son to use on his computer as well as the xbox that he is running through his computer. He has had a hard time programming it. Any...
  21. Thread: FES Bike

    by dee1843

    FES Bike

    Does anyone use an FES bike at home? We are hoping insurance will approve for you newly quad 16 yr old son Connor. He had his accident 8/23/18 C4 complete, but has biceps, shoulders and wrists seem...
  22. Connors surgery was done at Texas Childrens...

    Connors surgery was done at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston, Tx. They did not do the posterior because they initially felt the surgery went well enough. They said the second surgery was always...
  23. New C4 complete 8.23.18 additional surgery needed now

    I am new to the group. I joined due to my son's gymnastics accident which was a C5&C6 compression fracture. Fused C5&C6 anterior. Healed for 13 weeks, now surgeons want posterior surgery to...
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