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  1. could be wrong but i was told oxycodone is...

    could be wrong but i was told oxycodone is generic for percocet. ???
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    Thank you for your suggestions. Hopefully not...

    Thank you for your suggestions. Hopefully not planning on surgery. Only reason i asked is i thought most SCI injured people probably had one that kept up on their backs, changes, possible rod,...
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    I drink a lot of water, so need to cath often. ...

    I drink a lot of water, so need to cath often. Many times 8-9 times a day. I have had to resort to daily enema's, a definite pain if i want to go somewhere. But….. i feel better this way. I have...
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    Need help with suggestions on pain, plus a great neurosurgeon in california

    I need advice, badly! I have SCI L-2, going on 10 years. I woke up from surgery (10 years ago) in pain and it hasn't let up since. In fact, it's getting worse. I take zanax, Norco Macrobid and...
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    burning butt

    I have also had the "sitting on the burner" feeling since i was work up from surgery, on really bad days it goes down the backs of my legs and my feet. has been almost 9 years. For a while zanax...
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    urinary tract infections

    Hello, has anymore heard of the long term problems that can go with being on Macrobid for years. My urologist just informed me my kidneys are likely to stop in 10 years! I have gone back off the...
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    cannot have natural bowel movement

    To Sci Nurse, or whomever can give me some information.
    (i have a call in to the Dr today)
    I have not been able to have a normal bowel movement for 3 weeks.
    I have been using a enema daily (home...
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    to dark eyed daisy

    I wrote in a while back looking for info on neurostimulation. Aside from not reading a single good review, no one wrote back. I have a compression fracture at L-2, have harrington rods from L-1 to...
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    i attempted to come off Cymbalta cold turkey. I have never experienced withdrawals until then. Pretty horrific. I'm back on them, plus they have upped the dose. (i made it one horrible week)...
  10. neurostimulation

    I have been reading all the posts on neurostimulation. So far i am deciding against it. My pain is getting worse throughout the 8 yrs i have been injured, compression fracture at the L-2. Major...
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    stem cell treatment in Switzerland

    Hello, I did post a note to the Doctor on the research site, am anxious to see what he says about stem cell treatments in Switzerland. The treatment is 30,000. I don't know anything beyond that, ...
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    valium versus zanax

    personally for my body, there is a HUGE difference between Zanax and Valium.
    I have taken Zanax for 4 years, could still function, drive, ride, not spend so much time in bed, but i took my first...
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    i got on care cure tonight to read up on Valium...

    i got on care cure tonight to read up on Valium (i just began taking the generic today) 2mg tabs, I broke the two pills i have taken so far in half and am feeling very nauseous. I have NEVER felt...
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    what are the old school drugs?

    i take zanax, norco, approx 6-900 mg neurontin per day, don't like it for the tired feeling it gives me. The other two drugs don't do that. They just take the edge off, make me less nervous. I don't...
  15. microcyn now puracyn (animal version Vetericyn)

    Somewhere in the care cure posts i read of a urologist in MA who had 100 success rate with UTI's using "Microcyn". I can't find the letter, don't remember if it was a link, but if someone could let...
  16. puracyn (microcyn) now OTC

    Just to let you know, i have been using Vetericyn sprayed onto my catheter, gloves, myself, before cathing. I am going on my third week without Macrobid!! This is a long time for me, having a...
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    shoulder surgery

    Thanks Bonnette, after much delay, i did finally go in and find out there is significant damage to my right shoulder. But..... am still going to get a second opinion at Sansum Clinic in Santa...
  18. Thanks Arndog, i didn't even know i had the drop...

    Thanks Arndog, i didn't even know i had the drop down menu! Good to know.
    I hope you are in a bit of remission from the pain. It sure seems to have a mind of it's own doesn't it! Do you have the...
  19. Hi Arndog, when i replied yesterday i was in the...

    Hi Arndog, when i replied yesterday i was in the worst funk i have been in since my injury. Not all from physical pain, but the realization, like you, i have changed, my friends and family have...
  20. spammer "Eternity" visited my private msg

    Hi guys, i got a response yesterday in my private messages that seemed different, i asked all of you what i was missing BEFORE i researched google and saw this person is a spammer. Did i mess up by...
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    question about newbie

    Hi guys, i received a private message yesterday from a new person to the site named "eternity". She said something to this effect "I was remaining ignorant by not looking at myself without the...
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    To Arndog

    Springville girl here. I haven't been to care cure for weeks, since we spoke about the Sidestix. I won't be able to use them until i get shoulder surgery. They were awesome for the few days i...
  23. walking with cane and forearm crutches

    I saw you are interested in finding out about users of crutches. I shattered my L-2 six years ago. Although originally diagnosed as complete, and had absolutely nothing below my hips, i am now...
  24. i am not a marijuana smoker, but just lately,...

    i am not a marijuana smoker, but just lately, with the pain, i have tripled my meds, not good, and i'll run out quicker also. So.... tried smoking, coughed a lung up, hated the "feeling" i got. I...
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    M77, I came across a thread this morning about...

    M77, I came across a thread this morning about shoulder surgeries! Good thing i did before next Thursday. I read about some complications, (2 months in hospital) and others who are still hurting...
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