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  1. Shawn, I managed to arrange the Swedish Knee...

    Shawn, I managed to arrange the Swedish Knee Cage, and will be bringing one back with me, for you to try out. You can contact me after the 8th October. All the best, Deon.
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    Christopher Reeve

    I was really excited about logging on to this site this evening, to hear the news and discussions regarding Christopher Reeve. I was suprised not to find anything.

    It has been reported in the...
  3. Knee hyperextention

    Shawn, I am a Physiotherapist in SA, and have previously heard from you regarding the FES trial in October. I look forward to trialling the FES, but if you are looking into importing some device,...
  4. Stretching

    One needs to make a clear distinction here as to what the purpose of stretching is. You are talking about studies done on pre-exercise stretching in the sportsman/woman, in an attempt to avoid...
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    And in humans?

    Dr Young, there is a question of the transplantation of the body onto a quadruplegic head. If the patient is a C4 or higher, and there were no expectations of regaining of movement or sensation, but...
  6. Your Wheelchair

    I am not sure on how KLM deal with their cargo, but I have heard some scarry storries of damaged chairs at arrivals. Make sure that your travel insurance covers the chair aswell. If your chair can...
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    Baclophen pump for upperlimbs?

    A question for Dr. Young: Have you had any success in using the Baclophen Pump for treating spasticity in the upper limbs? If so, up to what level can the intrathecal catheter be inserted, without...
  8. Website

    Joe B, I am interested in the website you meantioned, called? wheelchairjunjie? Using google to search, I found nothing matching that address. Could you pass the address on to us.

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    Seated posture and Coccyx pressure sores

    If the area of pressure is caused by your seated position, then not only do you need to look at the cushion on which you are sitting, but also the posture that you assume on that cushion. The air...
  10. Thread: stretching

    by physiodee

    Physiotherapy and Spasticity

    You have not mentioned your sons diagnosis, so the following is general advice. The Physiotherapeutic approach not only addresses stretching as a means of spasticity control, but also weight baring...
  11. How can I get hold of the criteria for CARF...

    How can I get hold of the criteria for CARF accreditation?
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    Methyl Prednisolone

    I would like to pose a question to Dr Young, or someone elsewith research background. The use of Methyl Prednisolone (MP) has gone through a roller-coaster ride over the last few years, and now...
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    Working using a standing chair?

    Are there any spinal cord injured persons, who have returned to a profession that specifically requires the use of a standing chair? I am hoping to set up a database which other SCI persons can...
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