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  1. Hello everyone, just a quick note to thank those...

    Hello everyone,
    just a quick note to thank those who responded to my post regarding adjustable bed recommendations. I ended up buying a Leggett & Platt S-Cape 2.0 queen-size adjustable base from New...
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    Sticky: Hi all, I'm thinking about going with NuMotion...

    Hi all,
    I'm thinking about going with NuMotion in CT when I order a new power chair. I was a customer of ATG Rehab in CT for many years but after a few service related issues and after they moved...
  3. Please, need recommendations on an adjustable queen-size bed base

    Hello everyone,
    I'm looking for recommendations on an adjustable queen-size bed base. The head motor on my 20-year-old Leggett & Platt bed is dying and because the bed is so old, I can't find a...
  4. permobil m300 Problems, right rear caster FELL OFF! Also, status lights flashing

    Hello everyone, I was hoping someone here could help me with a couple of problems I'm having with my Permobil M300. A few days ago the status lights started flashing 8 LEDs which, according to the...
  5. CNA broke my laptop, how would you all handle a similar situation?

    Hello everyone. Just curious if anyone here has had a similar situation I recently had with my CNA. Every evening, one of the things my CNA does when she first arrives is to move my laptop computer...
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    I love Ramens too but hardly ever eat them...

    I love Ramens too but hardly ever eat them because it can be so messy. I don't have any suggestions for the noodle cutting but one thing that can help with the mess are these bibs with crumb...
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    I've been using Telestiks for years now, they are great because when they're collapsed they don't take up much space. I have one in a drawer in my night table and another in a Fanny pack I use for my...
  8. Quad friendly hotels in either Toronto or Montr?al (Romantic getaway, hopefully!)

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm planning a trip to either Toronto or Montr?al in the near future (within next month) and was wondering if anyone had tips on quad friendly hotels and also activities in these...
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    Congratulations! I had my pump implanted back in...

    Congratulations! I had my pump implanted back in 2006 which has baclofen and Dilaudid. Prior to getting the pump, I was having leg spasms that kept me awake pretty much all night long every night as...
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    Yes, winter sucks! I used to love wintertime,...

    Yes, winter sucks! I used to love wintertime, that was a lllloong time ago, before my accident. Now, every winter the pain seems to get worse, more severe and more of it. One thing I found that helps...
  11. BBC - Without Limits: Vietnam Series (Disabled Group Travel in Vietnam)

    Thought y'all might find this torrent interesting...

    Without Limits: Vietnam Series 1
    Six people with different physical...
  12. Need Advice Please on Hiring a New CNA, Placing Ads in, Craigslist Etc.

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm looking for advice on hiring a new CNA. I just fired the one who had been working for me for past 4 years, finally! I found a temporary replacement but she can only work for a...
  13. Thanks for the reply. I had a lot of bad...

    Thanks for the reply. I had a lot of bad experiences each time I went to Dr. Green for my surgeries. Going back to Green isn't out of the question but I've gotten a lot weaker since then (last...
  14. Recommendations Please for CT & NYC Area Neurosurgeons Specializing in SCI

    Hello Everyone,
    Just a follow-up to my 6/25/17 post regarding AD and sweating. The neurosurgeon I met with regarding this suggested I follow up with Dr. Barth Green
    (he performed my last two...
  15. Is sweating always symptom of AD? Please Help!

    hello everyone,
    I haven't posted here in a while but was hoping I could get some questions answered. I'm a C4 quad from a 1981 motorcycle accident. About three years ago I was diagnosed with a L4...
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    treatment for stage 1 pressure sores

    hello everyone, I have a stage 1 pressure sore on my Right rib cage that's been driving me crazy for several weeks now. I've been trying to stay off it but it's hard to do as I have a lateral support...
  17. Does medicare Cover Invacare Gearless/Brushless motors?

    Hi All,
    I'm in the process of getting a new chair & have some questions. My new vendor says Medicare won't cover Gearless/Brushless motors on my new chair. I forget the exact reason why but I...
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    Anyone deal w/vendor RehabCo in Bronx, NY

    I'm switching vendors as I'm not happy w/the service of my current one. Anyone here deal w/RehabCo? How do you like there sevice dept.? It'd sometimes take days for my current vendor to return my...
  19. Thread: FES bike

    by Quadzilla

    Hi, I'm selling my TAI Ergys bike, asking $5000...

    I'm selling my TAI Ergys bike, asking $5000 OBO. Contact me off list if interested.

    Dan in CT
  20. TTI Ergys FES Ergometer bike for sale, asking $6,500

    Hi All,
    I'm selling my FES bike as I no longer use it. The bike is approx. 15 yrs old and in excellent condition. The bike hasn't been used for the past 5 years. Includes all cables and accessories....
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    Info Please on RTI300 FES Bike

    Hi All,
    I just read the posts at on this forum and am trying to get more info on the RTI300. I've owned my ERGYS bike for about 15 yrs now (damn...
  22. Managing Pain Before it Manages you book on ebay

    Please see
  23. Does Medicare cover Shower comode Wheelchairs?

    Hi All,
    I need to get a new shower commode wheelchair but was told by several vendors here in CT that Medicare does not cover them. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
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    '92 Dodge Grand Caravan ES w/Ramp For Sale

    Please see for a description and pictures.
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    Meningitis after intrathecal pump trial

    Hi All,
    Back on 11/1/05 I was admitted into a New York hospital for trials to see if an intrathecal pain pump would alleviate some of my pain & spasms. I was hooked up to several large pumps at...
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