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  1. I filed and it will be official 06/01

    I've moved on mentally already. Not easy. I put in a lot of time and effort into the marriage. I gave up a lot. She didn't. I do not want to remain in contact with her or be friends. She hurt me...
  2. My closes friends are female

    I was to nice. Paid the price. I wish she would of told me months ago instead of lying and telling me New's Year Day. That hurts. Trust factor is big. I had situations to cheat but I didn't. I...
  3. Eileen

    Don't feel sorry. Come on. Thank you. I'm doing well. Just have to be more careful. Not 30 anymore. But I will continue working out. I don't want to lose my strength and tone. It's hard to...
  4. Filed for divorce after 16 years and starting over

    I didn't even want to get married (been hurt pretty bad prior). I was asked and said yes. I never had probs with the opposite sex pre or latter SCI. I just wish I didn't sell my condo at Seacliff...
  5. It is what it is

    Just going to live to the best of my abilities. I'm doing fine just back pain which is part of the deal. Still 90% independent God willing. Just stay positive and no auto accidents.
  6. Is stenosis, atrophy, bone spurs and fusing of vertebrae's prevalent in older SCI's?

    I'm s/p 34 years c7-c8. Taken very good care of myself. But the spine is a mess. I was told the worst case scenario. That I can't be in another auto accident or a bad fall. That my neck is weak...
  7. Do they make a manual lift to place a person from a wc into a 4x4

    I was wanting to ride in a 4x4 for a ride/cruise or evacuation. Passenger side. Anything on the market. I'm a c7-c8 quad. Live in the mountains (remote).

    Thank you!
  8. (quads) How many of your drive from your chair or transfer to a seat?

    I've been driving (cars/vans) for over 30 years. I'm in the process of buying a new van. I'm a c-7 c-/8 quad. I've been told by others that my next van should have a dropped floor and drive from...
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    Can you provide pictures and equipment

    I'm looking for a van. If you can email pics and description to

    Thanks Bruce
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    The back of my neck hurts and left side

    Had an MRI done. Trying to see a specialist. Thanks for asking.
  11. Is your experience using a UVL pro or a con

    Just wondering. I have to get another van and heard the UVL's or shit. Any truth to that. I've only had Braun lifts.
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    Looking for a full size van with

    * low milage
    * MPS hand controls
    * Braun lift if possible
    * power doors
    * 6 way power seat

    I'm looking for a used 4x4 van that's setup for a person wheelchair. I found a Dodge Ram 1500...
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    I'd remove the arms

    if you don't need them. There are chair venders who can't adjust your chair (if Ti Lite certified - warranty.
  14. Thread: addicted

    by FreeBird

    I'm not

    Life is to short....:dontknow:
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    When was the last time you had urodynamics?

    You don't want urine be pushed back in your uters to your kidney's. Do you keep tabs on your intake/output of fluids?
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    Your not

    There cutting left and right. I bought my Tilite Tit. two years ago for this reason. Over $4,000. GOOD Luck. :salute:
  17. Thread: Pneumonia

    by FreeBird

    I've had it 3 times in the last 3 years

    Go to ER/ICU. It's serious stuff. I was sent home with antibiotics. Relapse 2 weeks later. Almost ventilated and died. I'm a tough s.o.b. and beat it. Bad stuff. I'm doing more breathing...
  18. Need to be prepared

    spray bottle - check
    ice chest - check
    AC working check -

    Been there. Preparation and staying out of the situation. I do all business in the a.m. on hot days. :shitfan:
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    Anyone on the Forum drive a 4x4 van?

    If you do can post some pics and describe your setup? I transfer to a power seat and drive with MPS hand controls. Thank you. Considering buying a used one. There not cheap.
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    Sorry to hear this

    Hang in there.
  21. HELP - wanting to buy 2 vans in CA or Nevada

    Last Wednesday I was hit on the drivers side of my van. The other driver was passing on a blind curve in the mountains. He was in my lane when he hit me.

    I'm looking for a 80's or 90's van to...
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    My best friend who was driving the VW

    33 years ago has not said one word to me. :sorry: He moved out of state. He's fuc-k-d up more than I ever was or will be. Move on. Life's to short.
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    Wow glad your OK

    Sounds intense.
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    I got hit coming home :(

    I live in the mountains next to Lake Shasta. A camper was passing on a blind curve and was in my lane and struck the driver side by mirror. I leaned to the right before impact. Glad it wasn't head...
  25. 2.5 months off Baclofen (quit cold turkey in hospital)

    Feel better. Breath better. Which is important. :eek1: Still have spasms but deal with it. :eek1: The weiner is happier too. It does affect it. I'm glad I'm off it. For me baclofen caused...
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