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  1. Parent of SCI- The new "normal"- Google Hangout

    Monday, May 19th BACKBONES is hosting a Google Hangout for parents of those with SCI.
    Click here for more information:

    Facilitated by: Mona Pinon, mother of a...
  2. Parent of SCI- The new "normal"- Google Hangout

    BACKBONES will have a Google Hangout on Monday, May 19th
    This is geared towards parents of those with SCI. It will be a discussion between several parents and they will share their experiences.
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    BACKBONES Board Recruitment 2013

    BACKBONES is looking for people with SCI, family of those with SCI and healthcare professionals to join our board in 2013!

    Apply here:...
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    One-on-One Support

    Just wanted to tell you all about BACKBONES!
    We make 1:1 connections for people with spinal cord injury and their families. Check us out at
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