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    We are here to help!

    Hi everyone!
    I'd just like to take a few minutes of your time to show you what Push Nation Fest was this year and what it does for the paralysis community.
    The video, that you can find with the...
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    Push Nation Fest Event in Tampa, FL

    I am with Push Nation Fest, which is a funand fresh event designed to bring the paralysis community together in oneplace, as well as pushing one another to dream, learn and achieve more thanever...
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    What is the ABLE Act?

    Hey guys! We wanted to share this little blurb of info we collected on the ABLE act. For some of you, you may be trying to figure out insurance and benefits. This may help:

    When something...
  4. Celebrate September as National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

    In a mere 48 minutes, someone in the United States sustains a spinal cord injury (SCI) and becomes part of the millions worldwide living with paralysis. The month of September is acknowledged as SCI...
  5. That's pretty exciting! Now if the rest of the...

    That's pretty exciting! Now if the rest of the world could get on this gravy train.

    Maybe Uber too. ;]
  6. We're also excited to have United Spinal...

    We're also excited to have United Spinal Association as one of our lovely sponsors for the event!
    Read all about it and get in on the movement: United Spinal Association.
  7. Uber And Accessibility: What's Going On And What's Next?

    Uber has recently been under fire for its services? lack of user-friendliness after a collection of wheelchair users were poorly treated by the taxi service. With the ADA reaching its 25th...
  8. Unlocking the Power of Adaptive Sports

    When we think about sports, the thought even makes us tired? But the long term benefits of sports is unwaivering. We decided to write a little schpeel about adaptive sports for you folks to read....
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