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    Legbag and bed bag recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a leg bag that allows a nighttime bag to be connected to it, rather than disconnecting and connecting at the catheter? Bard makes such a system for overseas, but not the US...
  2. I looked for a forum on research studies, but...

    I looked for a forum on research studies, but there weren't any, so this seemed like the next closest thing, since my post had a lot to do with how people approach finding a cure. I really wish that...
  3. Has anyone studied how attitudes of high-profile SCI people effect newly injured?

    Has any study been done on how high profile-SCI individuals and their public attitudes towards recovery and a cure affect the rehab and attitudes of the newly injured? I often wonder if the public...
  4. What other major/niche manual wheelchair companies are there?

    I'm going to be in the market for a new wheelchair soon, and I've been using a Ti-lite manual chair for years, but I want to get a frame that's more tailored to me. What other companies are out there...
  5. Would a neurologist actually not know what dysreflexia is???

    I went to my neuro who manages my baclofen pump to discuss the first two bouts of AD I've ever had (in 10 years as a quad) last week, in hopes of getting an rx before my next bowel program that...
  6. I guess my big question is, after 10 years, this...

    I guess my big question is, after 10 years, this starts happening, will it stop happening and then I get back to life as usual? Or can a SCI patient injury "evolve" even after 10 years, and I'll...
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    One of the coolest customs I once saw had a...

    One of the coolest customs I once saw had a central living room, kitchen, dining area, and then had adjacent rooms that were all connected. No hallways. It seemed quite spacious compared to the...
  8. Thanks for the info, everyone. I'm not sure what...

    Thanks for the info, everyone. I'm not sure what is going on. Last night, I had another occurrence of AD while doing my bowel program. My stool wasn't hard or impacted. In the past, even when...
  9. First episode of dysreflexia 10 years post injury

    I'm a C5/C6 incomplete quad with a fair amount of sensation. I use a suprapubic catheter. Over the years if it has kinked or my bag was full, I could feel pressure in my bladder, giving me time to...
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    Did you ever manage to get a diagnosis or...

    Did you ever manage to get a diagnosis or treatment? Don't ever give up. I've been starting to experience similar issues and went to my neurologist today. He ordered an MRI. I'm looking to talk...
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    I'm a C6 quad and I'd never heard of a syrinx...

    I'm a C6 quad and I'd never heard of a syrinx until today. I went to my neurologist for muscle weakness, fatiguing muscles and diminishing function. I was fearing ALS or MS... now I'm worried about...
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    Can anyone recommend a good legbag?

    I feel like the legbags I use, hollister, don't allow for good urine flow into the bag and my catheter ends up blocked. Can anyone recommend one that has good flow and a flip valve?

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    Baclofen pump set too high. Help!

    I recently had my baclofen pump settings increased and it appears that I'm getting too much of the drug. My hands are weak and feel very restless and uncomfortable. I won't be able to get in for a...
  14. Using an iPad to control your PC - better than a trackball

    For any quads out there using trackball as I have, you may want to consider using an iPad as I just began doing. It is amazingly easier and more precise to use and with the application, Air Mouse,...
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    How do you see yourself in your dreams?

    I'm curious to see how other SCIs see themselves when dreaming. Are you in a chair or walking? Or both?

    Since my injury 6 years ago (at age 29), I've had dreams where I'm in a wheelchair, but...
  16. Interested in participating in a documentary?

    Prior to my injury 6 years ago I worked in film and video as a videographer and editor. I gave up on it following my accident, but am looking to return to it.

    Since my injury, I've found it...
  17. Q for SCI Nurse: Increasing stiffness over the past few months

    I'm a C6 incomplete with a baclofen pump. My legs and back have never generally been tight. Over the past 5 months, my entire body from the chest down has become very stiff to the point of...
  18. I'm looking for a better legbag! SP catheter keeps clogging!

    I've been having a lot of problems with my suprapubic catheter clogging when I'm up in my chair - almost never when in bed with a bedside bag. I feel like the issue is where the tube meets the...
  19. using nerves that control the toes to control the fingers?

    I'm a C5C6 quadriplegic and have very good control and strength in the toes and ankle on my left foot. Call me crazy, but I would be willing to trade that function for some hand function. Are there...
  20. Are your wheels still for sale?

    Are your wheels still for sale? If so, I can buy today.
  21. using healthy muscles to control electrical implants to stimulate muscles

    I'm a C5C6 incomplete. I have the typical function of a C6, as well as excellent movement of my left foot and toes ( why couldn't it be my fingers!)

    Lately I've been wondering if there is any...
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    Re: C3

    He's at Shepherd Center, which is my rehab alma mater, he's off a ventilator and seems to be getting good care.

    He's finished high school and was taking a year off before going to college. I...
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    Question for a C3

    I'm a C5/C6 and have learned about a new quad who worked at the local bike shop that I go to. He's 18 years old and a C3 complete. I was injured when I was 29, so I had an education and a career...
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    Nifty new Ti-lite, not so cool.

    I should preface this by saying, all the able-bodies in my life dig my new ti-lite... the way it looks, pushes, etc. Except I'm the one who needs it, and I'm miserable in it. I'm a c5c6, 4 years...
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    I think it is irresponsible of the "TV medical...

    I think it is irresponsible of the "TV medical community" to report on Everette's progress so early in his recovery process. So many able-bodied people wrongly believe that if someone can move their...
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