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    Spinal cord stimulation...

    I had an infarction in my spinal cord over 30 years and can walk but have spotty strength in my leg. I suspect lower motor neuron injury.

    I use the neurocare 4000 electric stim for my legs and it...
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    Would this also help ischemic paralysis..

    Dr. Young,

    You had mentioned in the past that ischemic paralysis affects the gray matter. Would this clinical trial from StemCells also help with this condition.

    Thank you.
  3. Any update on this

    Any update on this treatment. Clinical trials were scheduled in 2008 and now it is all quiet.
  4. Thread: 4-ap

    by findacure

    My experience with 4-AP

    Dear Dr. Young:

    I had ischemic paralyisis about 25 years and have been taking 10mg 4AP in the morning for almost 1.5 months. I can tell you that the spasticity has significantly improved.
  5. Thank you Dr. Young for the message. Can you send...

    Thank you Dr. Young for the message. Can you send me the contact information for the stimulator. I currently use the Challenger 2000 (this is from Dr. Petrofsky) but that is almost 13 years old. I...
  6. Thank you Dr. Young. Your diagnosis of my...

    Thank you Dr. Young. Your diagnosis of my condition is absolutely on the dot (it is as though you have seen my condition). I have flacidity of muscles that are weak that are weak (electric...
  7. Dr. Young - Stem cell for ischemic paralysis...

    Dear Dr. Young:

    Can you suggest who I should go to for stem cell treatment for ischemic paralysis. According to Dr. Xiao, there is a higher likelyhood that the treatment will work in my case. He...
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    How about the work by Dr. Martin Marsala...

    Dr Wise:

    You mentioned that very few researchers were working on the motoneuron regeneration.

    How about Dr. Martin Marsala's work...
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    Thanks for the information. The main symptoms for...

    Thanks for the information. The main symptoms for me are:

    1. If I put my head down (even for a couple of secs... like touching my toes) my face swells up almost instantly. I can feel the pressure...
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    Facial swelling

    I have an incomplete spinal cord injury (a stroke in my spine) a while ago. I am able to walk, however, one thing I am seeing is that my face keeps swelling up if I am on my feet. If I put my feet in...
  11. Dr. Young... Question on clinical trials on spinal cord ischemia

    Happy New Year Dr Young.

    Do you have any updates on clinical trials related to spinal cord ischemia being done by Dr. Martin Marsala at UCSD. There was a lot of talk about this in 2007 here
  12. Electric stimulator for denervated muscle...

    I wanted to find out if there was any specific electric stimulator (FES) for helping with denervated muscles. I currently have a Challenger 2000 from the Petrofsky center. It works great and I have...
  13. I just finished the 3 week treatment at USC...

    I have just completed a 3 week treatment at USC and I can tell you it has been great. The staff is amazing and very dedicated. The therapy is 3 hours of intense physical therapy which includes 1 hour...
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    Creatine Ethyl Ester...

    I had a spinal infarction due to a constriction in the aortamany years back and have partial paralysis in both lower limbs. I can walk, however, some of my muscles are very weak (resembling lower...
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    Doctors in BayArea...

    Dear Dr Young:

    *** Thank you for your message. I am moving this message to a public forum. ***

    The injury I sustained was in the T4-T9 region as a result of a constriction of the aorta. One of...
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