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    Hi GJ A quick question if i may. Regarding the...

    Hi GJ A quick question if i may. Regarding the Vetericyn Gel. Do you know of anyone who store their Cath (s) in between each Catheterization. As per Bob Clarke does with his HP mix. My idea initially...
  2. Relief for NEUROPATHIC PAIN Sufferer's !!!!!

    Hi Their To All !!!

    I am new to CC so have only just discovered the "NP" Section. As i read i just nod my head as i like all of you with severe NP can know what this insane pain is like. 30 years...
  3. Thread: New In Town!

    by tbh1961

    New In Town!

    Hi there all. Tim here! This i my first post. So here we go. Like you all i have a repeated / chronic UTI history. My injury was due to a Motor Cycle Road Racing Accident 1983 Amoroo Park Sydney! I...
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