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  1. Response from U2FP

    Wise’s points are well-spoken on the critical need for the SCI community to become more visible, vocal and persistent in its advocacy efforts. Perhaps I can shed some light on U2FP’s decision to...
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    Working 2 Walk News

    We’re happy to announce the addition of some exciting speakers to the W2W schedule. Dr. W. Dalton Dietrich, Scientific Director of the Miami Project, and Dr. Edward Wirth, Associate Medical...
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    Rally Reflections

    Hey folks,

    We're updating the u2fp site daily with pics and stories from the Rally, as well as news about upcoming events. Check it out here (follow the Working 2 Walk link for event pics), and...
  4. AMEN :applaud:

    AMEN :applaud:
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    Press Release for Rallyers

    jOE did a nice job on his press release - way to go! There is also a template up on the Media Center page of the W2W site for people who are going to W2W to use with their local papers. Many folks...
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    Order Deadline for W2W Shirts

    The deadline to order Working 2 Walk souvenir shirts is fast approaching. We must submit our order to the vendor on April 10. Even if you can't attend W2W, consider buying a shirt to display your...
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    The W2W Symposium Speaker Lineup

    Three more speakers have been added for Sunday's Symposium: Drs. Andrea Behrman and Susan Harkema on the Rehabilitation Research Panel, and Dr. Wise Young on the Clinical Trial Infrastructure Panel....
  8. Thanks Scott, I'll post this on the W2W site...

    Thanks Scott,

    I'll post this on the W2W site (after rotating :p ).

    Organizers are staying at the Radisson as well as a few others we've heard of. Also some at the Hampton.
  9. W2W Souvenir Shirts Now Available to Order

    Souvenir Shirts for Working 2 Walk can be ordered here. They are $10 each and available in men's, women's & youth sizes. The logo is really going to look sharp on a bright white shirt. Here's a pic....
  10. Susan Sarandon to Host, Brooke Ellison, Dr. Young to speak at W2W Rally

    Lots of great news from the Working 2 Walk Organizers:

    Susan Sarandon will host the May 2 Rally in Upper Senate Park, stepping in for her close friend the late Dana Reeve;
    Joining Susan on...
  11. Sally's Mom and others, Just a reminder that...

    Sally's Mom and others,

    Just a reminder that Working 2 Walk is much more than the Tuesday Rally & meeting with legislators. The 2-day symposium preceding the Rally features some of the finest and...
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    They don't make very many like Chris & Dana. We...

    They don't make very many like Chris & Dana. We were fortunate to have them in the SCI community for a short time. They illuminated a path of hope and persistence to guide our journey toward a cure....
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    Faye - you are wrong on this, as well as in your other statements. CC is NOT helping to put an event together in DC. CC is a forum for discussion and has no organizational structure to sponsor this...
  14. Dr. Naomi Kleitman Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Naomi Kleitman, Program Director for the Extramural Research Program at NIH/NINDS, has been confirmed as the Lunch Keynote Speaker for Sunday's Symposium. Dr. Kleitman's primary area of expertise...
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    Drs. John McDonald, Hans Kierstead and Oswald Steward headline the speaker list

    Do check it out everyone. We are thrilled that Drs. John McDonald, Hans Kierstead, and Oswald Steward are coming to Working 2 Walk! This is going to be an extraordinary opportunity for the SCI...
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    Working 2 Walk Lodging

    Hey folks,

    The Lodging page on the W2W site is now up. Best to book early as business in the DC area is booming.
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    Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. I didn't...

    Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. I didn't realize Care Cure had such a major security breach that revealed not only my birthday but my age. :doh:
  18. Rental Available Near Project Walk & Awakenings

    I am a 25 year-old male looking for a roommate to share my spacious, 1600 sq. foot home in Lake San Marcos. I have a C-7 injury and have worked out extensively in the past 2 years at Project Walk...
  19. Thread: SCI Stamp

    by toots kazoo

    There is already a petition in motion to create a...

    There is already a petition in motion to create a "Paralysis Awareness Stamp" here.
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    Fax Congress Today

    Today is National Fax-In Day to alert your legislators to the urgent need for passage of the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act. This is one of the most important things you can do to help your own...
  21. Bruce - I'd be interested to hear more of what...

    Bruce - I'd be interested to hear more of what you learned regarding knee problems from hyperextension. My son Noah has a lot of knee pain - he has intense spasms and has never used braces when...
  22. Stem Cell Debate in Senate - Conservative Strategies

    An article in today's Washington Post explains the stem cell source of "flawed embryos" being proposed by conservatives in the Senate subcommittee hearings. It is one of several alternative bills on...
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    Rallies Past & Future

    All the expenses from the April 12 Washington Rally have now been paid, and we are happy to report a surplus in the donation fund of $2000. The Steering Committee unanimously voted to contribute any...
  24. This is confusing. Weldon is a Representative,...

    This is confusing. Weldon is a Representative, not a Senator, right? Thus, the letters should go to his peers and bill sponsors in the House, right?
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    More pics and memories from the Rally here....

    More pics and memories from the Rally here.
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