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  1. Thread: Gift ideas

    by BMartin

    Gift ideas

    Hi forum,
    I'm hoping some of you on here might be able to assist me. I'm an editorial coordinator for PN magazine, and we're working on putting together our annual holiday gift guide. I'm looking...
  2. Thank you, SCI-Nurse. This is very helpful. I had...

    Thank you, SCI-Nurse. This is very helpful. I had already reached out to the VA and received some information from them, I was just looking for a second source for my article. I was also curious if...
  3. Questions for article about the flu and people with SCI/D

    Hello forum,
    I am an editorial coordinator for PVA Publications. We publish a monthly magazine called PN on behalf of the Paralyzed Veterans of America. I am reaching out to you all in hopes of...
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