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  1. Check your message. Ti

    Check your message.

  2. 1% silver sulfadiazine cream, 1% CCD cream or brand name Silvadene.

    Are your sure you want to put an ointment which is oil base on a burn?

    I burned my leg back in '89 with a hair dryer and went to the ER they gave me a cream based antibiotic. I have one large...
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    nonoise asked a question about a meeting I had as part of telecommute. Part of my telecommute agreements states I must attend all important meetings. I did.

    When your telecommute you don't...
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    Telecommute agreement.

    Part of my telecommuting every year is that I have fill out and get approved by my branch chief a telecommute agreement. One element of the telecommute agreement is you have to take on more...
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    For those who work and telecommute or work at home, share your experience.

    I was 25 years old when I got injured at burst C6/C7 and I made some smart choices back then. I saw there were...
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    NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will be at...

    NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will be at NASA Glenn on Monday to talk to employees. Trump also said he will give NASA more funds to go to Mars. I'll know more on Monday.

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    I telecommute. I am an electrical designer for NASA Glenn and I've earned the privilege to telecommute. NASA last year purchased me a complete computer workstation with 25" flat screen for home to do...
  8. Lacquer thinner

    I use lacquer thinner to clean the rim. It removes any glue left. Clean back side of rubber insert. Use a Q-tip to clean it. Let dry, fit, cut and super glue it back in place.

    As you will notice...
  9. That is a rubber insert. When you pressed on it...

    That is a rubber insert. When you pressed on it and pulled it off the the rim you stretched it. That rubber insert is like a large rubber band glued to the rim. You can stretch a regular rubber band...
  10. Gekko handrims.

    I am in the process of geting a new ZR with CarboLife hand rims where the rubber insert are replaceable. They are like Out-Front Surge LT hand rims but the rubber is replaceable.

    Web site:...
  11. Small tubes of Loctite Super Glue Gel 0.11oz size

    The arcing is you stretched the rubber insert. You did what I did. You have to cut the arc in the center and over lap them. Make a mark and cut the excess off and now use a small tubes of Loctite...
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    Wheel lock mounts

    I like those wheel lock mounts. Are they only for scissors locks? How do you request that on the order form or is that a part of Designs Unlimited?

  13. Zolgensma FDA approves possible cure for spinal muscle atrophy

    PBS Newhours did a story last evening on the FDA approving Zolgensma a one-time infusion drug that sells for $2.13 million dollars that can cure spinal muscle atrophy. Spinal muscle atrophy is a...
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    Just be there.

    My best friend from high school, Terry, was loosing his battle with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. I would visit him in hospital and hold his hand. Sometimes we talked other times we were silent.

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    Mystery disease.

    This Young Man Is One Of Two People In The World Coping With A Rare, Nameless DiseaseMitchell Herndon has a disease so rare that there is no name for it. As one of only two known patients in the...
  16. Under construction

    Here's a picture of the house I designed and had built. It was still under construction. It is in a shape of a "H" with the garage on the left and a front and rear courtyard for extra mobility room....
  17. $60

    I did mine by myself with a 4 inch x 4 inch pad sander, 1 gallon of polyurethane, lambswool applicator, sand paper and pair of ear protectors which I already had. A total around $60.

    Some of...
  18. War room.

    This was my "war room" in my old house. I sanded it with 60 grit sandpaper with a pad sander and gave it 3 coats of satin polyurethane. Floor area is 12 feet x 14 feet. Half it was my...
  19. Best bang for your buck.

    You stated several things:

    Your girlfriend (Usually refers to dating a person)/fiance' (Usually refers to being engaged and getting married) in your thread.

    Fiance' will inherit the property...
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    Saves you width.

    Not only that with the tank in the wall that gives you an extra 7-8 inches of width room especially in a shower room or bathroom for those with smaller facilities.

    Here are two pictures I found of...
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    Duravit Square D wall hung toilet

    I have these types of toilets in my shower room and bathrooms made by Duravit. Duravit Square-D toilets. They are wall hung toilets with the tank inside the wall. Access to the tank is from the flush...
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    Extreme makerover

    My 1988 roll-in-shower shower floor which was made of poured cement cracked in 2006 leaking into the basement. If I was going to sell the house it would never sell with a cracked shower floor.

  23. Out Front Surge Hand rims - Buyer beware!

    This was my first post about Out-Front Surge LT hand rims.

    Yesterday (05.01.2019) I had to super glue another section of rubber strip that pealed off. Today a 1" section has pealed off.

    I have...
  24. Same problem too.

    Out-Front will not sell you replacement rubber inserts for the Surge hand rims. It even states that on their web site. They want you to buy another set of hand rims at $350.00 plus $100.00 install....
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    Kids Say the Darndest Things

    Kids say the darndest things!

    I had to stop by my dental office this afternoon and pick up my occlusal guard.

    I enter the vestibule then main office door was propped opened and I rolled up to...
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