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    Just to add to the you Padred I had...

    Just to add to the you Padred I had been feeling slight AD symptoms during BPs for years without actually checking my Blood pressure like GINL recommended. So not really having an accurate...
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    Sticky: Bacelfin it right for you?

    I think the pump implant is sort of like a knee or hip replacement. Nobody really wants to have it done unless ones condition becomes so unbearable that you can't live with out it. For me, my...
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    C6 quad: Colostomy verses ileostomy?

    Hello this is my 1st post. I am C6 quadriplegic that was injured 31 years ago due to a off-road motorcycle accident. Bowel function for me has been always a challenge but it has really slowed in the...
  4. Need a pneumatic system...

    Thanks for your reply but I am looking for a pneumatically (air powered) assisted system since I am a quadriplegic and will be using it for a van. It sounds like you have a conventional mechanical...
  5. Looking for a Wells-Engberg Pneumatic Hand Contol set-up

    I'm looking for a used Wells-Engberg Hand Control set-up. Ideally it would be nice if it were complete and previously known to have worked but if not I am still interested. Let me know...
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