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    Check out They profile wheelchair...

    Check out

    They profile wheelchair accessible lodgings, B&B's and hotel rooms, and show pictures and list details. It's not every hotel chain yet-but it's better than nothing:-)
  2. The site is new and still being loaded in with...

    The site is new and still being loaded in with content. A series of travel articles are coming soon. Sorry to have posted so soon, but there's still a few things very useful in it.

    And, if anyone...
  3. try accessible website for travelers

    it's full of photos, and detailed descriptions of various accomodations, even a 76' yacht.

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    Accessible Travel website!

    Check out

    It is a place for hotel/location/travel listings, gives info on all details of a room, facility and surrounding amenities.

    Soon will have some city listings, too-

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