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    Where to meet SCI friends

    Maybe the wrong place to post though living in upstate NY we have no ScI groups. Everything seems to be downstate. I never really though of a support group until I got involved in a study. We did the...
  2. Any chance I will get reimbursed for medication from denial and appeals

    Hi All

    It has been 20 years since my accident and things get so bad with the insurance companies and then the state programs that I now say I work for the state when people ask. :) I have been on...
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    If you get the brand name you can call and they will send you lay over covers for free. The brand name seems to stick much better with little itching at least for meso I rarely use the covers though...
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    Duragesic patch brand name vs generic

    Can anyone tell me if they use the generic brand duragesic path made by Mylan verse the brand name? I used the brand name for over a year and had vey good relief from it though the insurance will not...
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    How to reduce from IV DILAUDID/Pain Control

    How long does it take your body get use to taking IV Dilaudid? I have been on IV Dilaudid 4 mg for almost 8 days till today at 1:00pm and then after moving to rehab they put me on 5 mg Percocet and I...
  6. Reduce meds 4 mg Dilaudid to 5 mg Percocet Update on rehab

    First does anyone imagine how poor the care was at Jackson to have to leave after surgery. 2nd I was advised of my surgery and again DrWang and Dr Green never mentioned the untethering of the cord...
  7. Update to surgery and finding rehab locally

    I did go over the procedure the night before and wrote everything down with the DR at Jackson. They were going to remove scar tissue and from the CT scan there was not that much, that is why I would...
  8. Update Still waiting at university of Miami

    Update to your questions I came to Florida to have scar tissue removed and I was supposed tobe back in NY with in a week. However when I came out of surgery I was told then that the procedure to...
  9. Trying to get to rehab

    Thanks for the advice I am trying ny best. I guess I fall through the cracks again. I cant travel by myself in a wheelchair even with a nurse because if I do then I am well enough to go home. I am to...
  10. Help finding rehab near Miami


    I am from upstate NY and am currently at Miami University Hospital. I am looking for an accute rehab somewhat local though I refuse to go back to Jackson. I can not return home right away so I...
  11. Pain surgery Untether spinal cord Extreme pain common

    Hi all

    2 questions

    1- Has anyone had the untethering of the spinal cord done before? I had 2 previous operations c-5 c-6 fusion then another surgery to fix a synix and replace harware last...
  12. Hi Polett

    Like I said I am from upstate NY with no family here right now. I am trying my best to get the Doctors to write a referal to rehab at Kessler in NJ. Problem is that withthe untehering of the spinal...
  13. HELP My care at Jackson Miami after surgery?????

    HELP my hospital stay at Jackson Miami after surgery


    Hi All

    not sure where to post or where to turn I am...
  14. HELP my hospital stay at Jackson Miami after surgery

    Hi All

    I just want to know without going into great detatail if anyone had a bad experience after surgery at Jackson memorial. My care was so bad that after surgery that was going toremove scar...
  15. Cooling spinal cord to 92 degree during surgery


    Need sugestions on surgery. Not sure where to post this.

    Has anyone gone through recent surgery where they cool your spinal cord down to 92 degrees and they keep it cooled as you wake...
  16. Cooloing your spinal cord to 92 degree during surgery


    Need sugestions on surgery. Not sure where to post this.

    Has anyone gone through recent surgery where they cool your spinal cord down to 92 degrees and they keep it cooled as you wake...
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    Manage pain after surgery in ICU

    I am having surgery Thursday to untether the spinal cord at Jacksonville Memorial in Miami. I swore I would never go through another surgery due to the extreme pain after surgery in the ICU. No...
  18. Any sugestions for care during /after surgery

    Hi All

    I am scheduled for surgey Thursday to untether the spinal cord. I flew down from Upstate NY to Jackson Memorial I was told DR Wang and Dr Green were the best doctors for this specific...
  19. Places to stay

    Thanks for the advice and for the place to stay during my surgery. My surgery is set for this Thursday I hope I am in the best place for this surgery (untether the cord) Dr Wang and Dr Green will be...
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    Pain increases spasams and tone????

    Can anyone agree with me that when there pain increases the tone and spasams increase? I find that no matter how much valium, bachlophen or Zanaflex I take it does not help other than making me...
  21. Lookink for place to stay in Miami Re:Mami Project

    Hi All

    Not sure best place to post this

    I should have posted this days ago.I am from upstate NY and found myself in the hospital all last week from side effects from my SCI. I have...
  22. getting rid of Spasams and tone

    Thc thanks I do hope to here from other because I cant understand why pain adds to my spasams and tone and then the pain meds get rid of them completly. There must be a study out there reguarding...
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    Pain from bone donor site for surgery

    Hi all

    I forgot to ask in my last post I have had pain from where the doctors took the bone from in my back left rear illiac crest area. I have described it to my sureon for years as being bone...
  24. Pain RE: surgery site, pain meds to control spasams

    Hi all

    It has been awhile since I have been on this site and was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem I am experimenting. I had surgery c-5 c-6 June 99 and most recent December 2007...
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    Duragesic vs Mylan generic Fentanyl patches

    Can anyone tell me if they are using the Mylan brand Duragesic patch for pain relief? I have been on the brand name Duragesic patch for years then it went generic to Jansen and was almost identical...
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