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  1. I am having similar issues with my indwelling...

    I am having similar issues with my indwelling catheter. I use a latex 18 Fr coude catheter. Prior to my sediment issues I could go four weeks between catheter changes. Over the past four months...
  2. T12 Complete 12+ years now experiencing knee pain

    I'm a T12 complete injured back in 2005. I'm off all pain meds except OTC Aleve. I was formerly on Morphine Sulfate & Gabapentin

    Recently my knees have begun to burn constantly with neuropathic...
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    Costco or Sam's Club Has what you need

    For around $90, you should be able to purchase a 1TB (1000GB) external hard drive that connects via USB. I comes with software to handle the backups and restores. Well worth the money.
  4. Potassium Chloride Gastro Intestinal side effects

    Potassium Chloride 20MG ER is a supplement of my regular drug routines. When I first became a para, it was a regular/day part of my drug routine, one 20MG horse pill per day.

    For a period of...
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    Further on this Proning Thread...

    I've started adding sleeping on my stomach to my nightly routine. I can only make for about half the night and then my body automatically pulls me up on my side.

    Just to drive home the point...
  6. Really stupid question, but here goes...

    I'm a T11/T12 complete (but I think incomplete).

    I haven't received any PT since I left HHH back in March '07. I do have a standing frame which I use practically every day for about two hours.
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    Extended Standing Sessions

    I'm a T11/T12. I have an EasyStand Standing Frame which I try to use daily after working the full day as a telecommuter.

    I just recently stood the past three days for about two hours per day. ...
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    netflix, hulu does not work out of USA

    You could use a Proxy Server and this will mask that you're not in the US.
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    Bowel Routine Frequency

    I actually need to go twice a day. Once in the morning and again around 4:00 p.m. You can set the nuclear clock based on my bowel frequency.

    I do digital stimulation lying on my side. It takes...
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    My follow-up appt after my second cleanse

    I finally had the procedure today after my second cleanse last evening.

    All tests so far are negative. No polyps and nothing obvious he observed.

    So without any biopsy results, my Dr's current...
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    My First Time

    I've been suffering from non-stop diarrhea since the end of June.

    My primary care had three fecal test done, all negative, and suggested I contact an EndoGastro specialist, which I did.

    He ran...
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    Reply to GJNL

    Thank you for the advise.

    I don't wear a condom catheter, so I shouldn't have the "cross contamination issues" that you speak of.

    Thanks for the tip on the Clotrimazole 1%. I do have a...
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    Replies to my replies

    SCI Nurse: I know some people feel sugary type foods increase their chances of fungus infeciton. Are you a diabetic?

    NOPE, I am happy to report that I keep my weight in complete check, to avoid...
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    Constant Rash/Yeast Infection

    I'm a 50 year old late in life SCI. I constantly have yeast infections (it's like a yeast factory down there!).

    It's quite obvious why I get them. My legs are constantly closed as I sit all day...
  15. Thanks Skippy. Correlations are allot...

    Thanks Skippy. Correlations are allot cheaper and quicker than a trip to the SCI Doctor, who would tell me "it's because you fell and have poor circulation..."

    I get smarter and better...
  16. Thank you SCI-Nurse. You are correct, since...

    Thank you SCI-Nurse.

    You are correct, since my sci-injury I do have compromised circulation in the area below my injury.

    I've learned that the best remedy is patience and to elevate my legs....
  17. Lymphodema: looking for your opinion

    I’m looking for affirmation to my theory on why I experience lymphodema in my legs.

    Earlier this month I fell while transferring between wheelchairs onto my cement garage floor. The fall was...
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    SCI-Nurse, I appreciate your knowledge on this...

    SCI-Nurse, I appreciate your knowledge on this matter. I did have a DVT about five years ago in this same leg. Fortunately I had/have a green filter in place and I'm on a daily dosage of...
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    To je nádherný klobúk. (that's Slovakian for...

    To je nádherný klobúk. (that's Slovakian for "that is a wonderful hat")

    If AC might reduce the edema, what about using ice-bags placed directly on the areas?
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    I just have the urge to call you Sarge in that...

    I just have the urge to call you Sarge in that hat...(which is not a bad thing!)

    Yup, I'm already on the Lasix.

    I'm now in bed with my FlowTron boots on my leg elevated up close to my ears...
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    I didn't have an X-ray since it's my modus...

    I didn't have an X-ray since it's my modus operandi way of falling, transferring from one chair to my tennis wheelchair. I know that it might be broken, but using past experience as a future...
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    Edema & Neurontin

    I didn't realize that Neurontin contributed to edema. I just had a spill two weeks ago in my garage. Fast forward a week and my left leg is swollen nearly rock hard. (...and I just had both legs...
  23. You know I should always look for the easiest vs...

    You know I should always look for the easiest vs keeping the proper wheel/axle combination.

    On the topic of sharing, I purchased a "FreeWheel" at the NY/NJ Abilities Expo. Here's a picture of it:...
  24. I solved the mystery!

    I just took the axles that came with the Spox spinergy tires out and replaced them with a flange axle that I had from a set of Sun Rims that I have on my tennis chair.

    With a small amount of nut...
  25. Excellent diagram that details axle lengths

    I found the following diagram on the Quickie site that details axle information

    So in my case I have a Quick Release TI, with an axle width = 5.25"

    The Spinergy Wheel Quick release axle width =...
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