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  1. DME refusing to accept BCBS negotiated rate, has anyone gone through this before?

    Good morning,
    BCBS approved a custom wheelchair back for me, after demoing several, I decided on a custom Roho Agility back. My DME informed me they don't feel they're being reimbursed enough...
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    16"Roho Agility attachment height

    I'm sorry, I made a mistake and can't edit the title.
    I'm about to order a 13", (16" total after padding) Roho Agility and I want to ensure the back fits on my angled rigidizer backrest. Would...
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    Gloves for snow?

    I'm headed to Canada on the 31st. coming from Arizona where I wear Hatch 1/2 gloves. Suggestions please for full finger gloves? Preferably avail. through Amazon because of time.
    Thank you!
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    Carbon Matrx Mx2 questions

    Thank you @fuentejps for pointing me to the Mx2. I thought I had researched every carbon back out there, but this is the first time I've heard of it. I have Reflex Sympathetic Pain Syndrome in my...
  5. DME woes continue...Matrx viscose reviews?

    Anyone have experience w/Matrx viscose foam? BCBS approved custom back, DME won't write off cost of Agility custom back.
    The saga continues...
    They don't call me Murphy for nothing...
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    Roho Agility Demo, severe back spasms

    Quick sum up, 1 1/2yrs. ago my DME screwed up my chair in too many ways to count, one being that an 16" back was put on my 17" chair, which meant I had a "wheelchair corset" for 1 1/2yrs. BCBS...
  7. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. I had a...

    I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. I had a long-awaited neurologist appointment yesterday and hoped for more insights. My neurologist of 8yrs. retired while I was in the hospital and their front...
  8. Reclining chair backs manual chairs? Avoiding AD triggers chair tollerance

    I am trialing an Agility back in a few weeks. I have a T 5/6 lesion, discovered 6mos. ago and my blood pressure has still not stabilized when I'm in my manual chair for more than 6 hours. A bit of...
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    Thank you NW-Will, that's an ATP right? Other...

    Thank you NW-Will, that's an ATP right? Other than booking a seating eval. in a hospital would you suggest another way of going about finding a seating specialist?
    The ATP I called asked if I had a...
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    Solid seat measurement question

    My ZRA is 17"x17+1. I thought it my dealer had ordered a 17"x13" active ADI back. Since day 1 the back digs into my ribs. I told the dealer, he said for $75 he'd adjust it. I was a part-time M.S...
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