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  1. I don't know, but would love to find out! Please...

    I don't know, but would love to find out! Please report back if you discover a good website/info! Thanks!
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    Sticky: Nicotine gum?

    [QUOTE=SCI-Nurse;1147815]Smoking and the use of other tobacco products (snuff, chewing tobacco, etc.) is one of the most unhealthy habits possible for a person with SCI.

    Hi, I successfully quit...
  3. Sticky: umbilical cord blood?

    I am wondering what the "real" benefits/potential may be in storing umbilical cord blood (well, first having a baby!) in terms of eventual cure? It's a mighty expensive undertaking, but if there were...
  4. Sticky: Decompression?

    I am 25 years post-injury, and really trying to get a clue, get myself as best as I can be, after years of just "living" with SCI...This concept of decompressing the spinal cord - where do you go to...
  5. Please help!

    I am 25 years post-injury and still trying to get a clue (!) (By the way, I'm the gal that rode my handcycle across the US in 2000 to raise $ for the SCIProject - I've been married,...
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