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  1. Wheelchair Accessible Jetta Ute "pickup" for sale in Nashville, TN

    I'm hoping that this works:

    2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS VR6 Automatic
    Odometer: ~202500

    I purchased this car, and have spent a ton...
  2. I have looked at the Nuprodx chairs. It appears...

    I have looked at the Nuprodx chairs. It appears that they only offer soft foam seats, which I can't use very effectively.

    I checking the chair at the cubr most of the time, it's easier that way....
  3. Shower Chair/commodes keep being destroyed by airlines.... what can I do?

    Hi all,

    I am currently either looking for a compact AND rugged shower chair that meets some specific criteria, or some form of a hard case or other ideas on transporting my shower chair/commode so...
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    Any interest at $250?

    Any interest at $250?
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    Fs: Go-anywhere sport tub bench (spt)

    Hi, I have a GO! Mobility Solutions SPT chair that I purchased for travel, up for sale.

    I used it for one shower, and realized I was going to struggle with my legs sticking to the cushion. If I...
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