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  1. Help! Bright read foot and headache for 2 days

    His ankle on that foot has had a recurring bed sore but as of the past 6 months, its just a litle dry scab. I was thinking headache was ad due to possible bladder infection. He has had a flu shot....
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    Quickie GT. used.

    We are selling a used orange quickie GT. Me and mike want to put
    On Ebay, but I am no good with the particulars.
    Rigid frame, 18 1/2" wide by 15 quick release wheels. J back
    seat. The handles...
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    I just added the lemon juice thing. It sounded good. lol... You know, I don't think he has ever cleaned his wheels. Maybe once a week he can clean them. I know he does clean the casters because...
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    Wheel marks on laminate floor

    I have hesitated to post this because it seems so petty, but here goes. We have laminate floors and dogs (argh!!) After I vacuum, swiffer, them clean, as soon as Mike comes through wheel marks...
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    Thank you

    Looks like the 3rd one is perfect! :thumb: Wow, why do they have to be so expensive!?
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    Need shower chair/commode for BP!

    For the second time we got a "Drive" shower chair. First time, it looked same as e&j so we got it. Wrong! Now we bought what was advertised as E & J and it again is a "Drive" and there are bars on...
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    Shower Chair and dig stim

    What self propelled shower chair works for you? We have a falling apart E & J one and all the ones I look at including the DRIVE (E and J) have a bar on the side so you cant get your arm through.
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    Caster question

    How/Where do we find replacements? The diameter is about 4 inches and they are for a Tilite . Thanks!
  9. It is still healing and it is all distorted. He...

    It is still healing and it is all distorted. He hasn't been able to even get in the standing frame so not he has to take medicine for osteoporosis etc. etc... Also, his leg doesn't rest right in the...
  10. Not Cruel at all

    Thanks for the laugh :drunk: I am just glad I am not getting bashed for not being more informed on the laws. I did post here when the broken leg happened and it was almost a year ago now...
  11. We have a lawyer and this is what he is saying......

    We have a lawyer and this is what he is saying... and this is what he sent me.... Where can I find the cruel and unusual punishment clause?

    What I am looking for are 2 things:
    1. to file a...
  12. Where to find ADA laws for incarceration/Jail

    Mike broke his leg in jail. He was in a cell that was not ADA compliant. They would not get him a commode. His leg has ro heal for a year They would not listent o him for 3 days when he said he...
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    New shower/commode chair for sale

    chair listed on ebay. If you have questions PM me. Thanks!
  14. he doesn't take any meds anymore, not even...

    he doesn't take any meds anymore, not even bladder meds, but he does smoke.

    So, are you saying that as a result of a spinal cord injury that sperm can be damaged? I mean, if they looked under...
  15. ?? becoming pregnant - husband incomp T6

    Hubby can cum on his own, but not just with sex but, it the sperm healthy? I have read that they swin slower, but what else? Basically we would have to do the cup and syringe, but without expensive...
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    Desperate for help!

    My husband is in jail and he belives he broke his leg and it is swollen to twice it's size. He said he heard the break. Ok, so even if it isn't broke it could be a clot and NO ONE IS HELPING HIM!!! ...
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    Colours SawBlade rims for sale

    email me for details
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    Yes, I am sure.

    I don't have a charger at all so I need to buy one.
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    Ferticare Question

    I need a new ferticare charger. Can I get one at radio shack that will work?

    Battery: rechargable ni/cd 6/1.2V/o.35Ah

    Charger :100-120V / 200-240V
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    How do I know if these will fit

    We have a tilite tr but I don't know how to know what will fit as a replacements?
  21. Oh my gosh, SOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo much better. ...

    Oh my gosh, SOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo much better. Thanks for the comment!
  22. We were at a strip club too!! jk.... The...

    We were at a strip club too!! jk....

    The building was probably built before 1994. It just has stairs, no other access. It isn't the first I have seen, I felt like saying something to the...
  23. Business' with no wheelchair accessibilty

    So what do you do when you go somewhere with only stairs? What about the ADA act?
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    The hub and the rim. The whole thing. The extra...

    The hub and the rim. The whole thing. The extra rims we have don't fit so I am not sure what tro order.
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    Wheels for TiLite

    How do I know what wheels to buy for a TiLite TR? What sizes do I need to know?
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