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  1. Looking for spinal cord surgeon/expert to read MRI for a cost for second opinion

    Dear All,

    I am looking for an experienced and a very good spinal cord surgeon/expert who is willing to read MRI for certain cost to get a second opinion for my Dad's condition. This will be done...
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    Thanks Smashms and SCI-Nurse. My dad is taking...

    Thanks Smashms and SCI-Nurse.

    My dad is taking 6 doses of 75 mg of Lyrica each day after further question to him on this matter. He is gaining weight because of this, now his weight is 176 + lbs,...
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    Inquiry on pain relieve options for My Dad

    Hi Dr. Wise Young,

    my Dad has a tumor removed from his spinal cord in 2009. It is a benign tumor but due to the removal it causes damaged to his spinal cord system and he is experiencing pain...
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