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  1. Whole new chair...........

    Whole new chair from top to bottom. Including a new Roto Cushion and a new set of Leg Laterals.
    It is my understanding that chairs are usually replaced ever 5 years. I believe that mine was...
  2. Hello Bob:

    The name is Frank.
    Before my LTV I had a T-Bird Legacy on an articulating vent tray hanging off this C300.
    A real clumsy setup. I busted 6 exhalations valves off of the T-Bird at $300 a pop.
  3. Wheelchair Batterers Capacity

    I have run a Permobil C300 with a LTV 1150 attached to it's batteries for more then 14 hours a day, day after day. I charge the batteries each night.
  4. Diaphragm Pacing System ?

    Diaphragm Pacing is hopefully a future aid for some ALS patients.
    However, due to the deterioration of the diaphragm muscle in MD patients, its use there may be limited.
  5. I am the end user

    I am the end user of this chair. I sat in it two days ago and it was comfortable. Well balanced in seating and motion. The "over the arm rest" circuit configuration should minimize "kinking" and...
  6. Replies

    Ohio Medicaid Funding........

    Craig Newbold, District 1 Representative
    Columbus, Ohio

    I believe the Republican plan to cut Medicaid funding to health care centers in...
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    Inline Suction Catheter ?

    Hello Folks:

    The facility where I reside recently started providing a type of inline suction catheter that I find uncomfortable.

    Has you type changed recently ?

    Can you tell me the model...
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