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  1. lyrica for relief

    My husband had to double his dose of Lyrica and it does work to some degree. It makes him rather wobbly and he has fallen down several times. I don't allow him to drive while the effects are the...
  2. to rgeebee on lyrica

    Without Lyrica, my husband probably wouldv'e committed suicide from pain..He's also on morphine tablets and an antinausea to take with it. They just put our oldest on Lydicain patches for her pain...
  3. wow that's alot

    I have cubital and tarsal tunnel syndrome that cause tingling and burning in my hands and feet. I also have had arthritis since I was 40. My husband has spinal cord injury and does lyrica,...
  4. lyrica

    your lyrica dose is really low. you can take more safely. call your doc and explain pain and no sleep. ask about taking amitryptin with it also. combination of drugs can bring relief. good luck. karen
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    lyrica vs neurotin

    My husband tried neurotin(gaba) and got very little relief from chronic low back pain due to L4 L5 injury. He's been on Lyrica for 3 years now and he feels that it works better than the other dispite...
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