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  1. Rigid Wheelchair choices (Brands (tilite, KI), models etc)

    So, I had a KI mobility Rogue on order. After a few mishaps (their order mistakes, wrong front frame angle) and the dme not confirming with me and ordering the chair on their terms without my...
  2. Thanks, I checked over those links before I made...

    Thanks, I checked over those links before I made this thread.

    I know most are pertaining to tilite (DME ordered a KI mobility Rogue)

    Performance sling position (by their drawing it looks like...
  3. Front frame angle? Rigid Frame (75 degree vs 90 degree)

    Pro and cons of a 75 degree rigid frame vs 90 drgree frame?

  4. KI Mobility Rouge, Or KI Mobility W/C in General?

    Hello, first post here.

    Have any of you have/had or any experience a KI mobility rogue rigid chair? (or even KI chairs in general) if so how do you like it? pros and cons? What do you not like...
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