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    Sticky: Hi! I know of a current article that was done on...

    Hi! I know of a current article that was done on assist cycles including the ones you've mentioned in Special Living Magazine, Summer issue. There is also a motor-assisted stationary cycle for arms...
  2. Experiments on Bone Loss in Space

    If I'm not mistaken they did a study on bone loss on the astronauts who are aboard the Space Shuttle and the big thingy hanging up there between us and the Moon. The longer the astronauts are out in...
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    eVO Link

    Sorry, didn't even think about putting a link in ... I was trying to figure out how to load my own photos of David from last weekend.

    eVO is the adult model made by Assistive Therapy Solutions in...
  4. Could we have a Section on Conventions/EXPOs?

    If there is a section on Conventions and EXPOs I haven't found it yet... new here and searching around. If there isn't one, could we get one? It would be nice to know where you can go for...
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    Left side paralysis exercise therapy

    I have an eVO motor-assisted therapy cycle that has a seat which turns every 90 degrees to lift into and has reciprical motion (arms and legs being assisted at 5 speeds by remote control). It is...
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    and have 2 pairs... one drying and the other...

    and have 2 pairs... one drying and the other already dry to wear the next day!!
  7. Doing Research on (Continuing Therapy) Cycles

    Hey All! I'm new here and have gone through the threads seeking out information, which I'm finding either something is wrong with my computer or some sites are now closed.

    I have found...
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    I Second That, Dan!


    I agree with everything that Dan has said and will also suggest that you give up on taking your brother to the AA meetings... you need to step into the Al-Anon rooms and enjoy listening for...
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    BESLC Did you get your 2008 Sprinter van? How...

    Did you get your 2008 Sprinter van? How is it?
    My cousin is looking into getting one for his business and said to mention something about the double wheel model (Dooley?, Douley?) which has...
  10. Bunkalar, From what I understand Christopher...


    From what I understand Christopher Reeve used tens units all over and he, too, began to get sensations back. I would contact the Christopher Reeve Foundation to ask about it. I'm quite...
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