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    Hi. How are you?
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    Hi Jody,
    I am wanting to try playing the Mandolin, but don't know how difficult it might be to learn. Have some,but not much musical experience; mostly percussion. Was it tough to learn to play? Correlate to the guitar or banjo more? Hope to hear your thoughts.
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    lol. I feel like it's to be admired, not eaten.
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    Morning Jody! Apple cider vinegar is the traditional 'Eastern NC' base sauce and it's super simple. I don't have an exact recipe, but it's basically, AC Vinegar, red pepper flakes, black pepper, salt and a little sugar. Do everything to suit your own taste. Depending on the area where you live, look for Scotts BBQ Sauce it's the best on the planet! If you can't find any or can't tweak the recipe the way you like it, let me know and I'll buy a bottle and send it to you.
  6. it was fun too. thanx.
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    You are the cutest kitten I've ever seen
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    Thank you Jody
  9. hey thanks jody!!
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    Just wanted to say Hello a positive Hoffmans caught my eye
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    Anban beat me to it! The cow avatar is awesome.
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    I just have to smile every time I see your cow avatar. LOVE IT!
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    Hi Jody
    I havn't been on here much unlike I was in the past. Nice to see your still on here. Just wanted to say Hello to you. Are you still in I think the Carolina's or Georgia?
    How long have you been a moderator?
    Take Care Jody !
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    happy bday!!
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    My mom lives in Warren, OH.
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    Hey i know most think im cruel and a bitch but i just get very frustated by some post
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    No complaints is good yes?
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    Hey, not sure sweetie. Hope all is well.
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    Sorry i didnt see your message until today,here is the web site and you can get them there. It is funny the way people ask about it when i wear mine.
  20. Just have to say this
    Your bunny pic is just lovable

    Kiss Kiss
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    holy shitwhen are these sanjaynewid persons going to frigging give up ?
    I am running 100% and they lose imop lmao

    Friggin nuts

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    hiyaz wanna shoot the breeze on the phone ?

    You can call me

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    Lol whaz new ?
    I am just up late tonight goofin around
    Figured i'd say hi there
    you cracked me up when you replied to thar15 yr old kid wearing Diapers lol youre a hoot
    Loved your replies to him

    Thx for the laugh
  24. well I havnt done anything yet. thanks, I hope I dont mess it up.
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    Hey just saw you are a mod now!! congrats!! I sure don't think I'd want the job!!!!!!!!!!!
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    lol. just saw your visitor message on ilikeflowers or whatever, and I almost, literally, spit my beverage out. caught me as funny today. jodyjodyjody. keep on keepin on, girl!
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    Hi Jody-I'd love to hear you play your Uke. Too bad we are so far away.
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    Ha Ha!!!!!!!! the only reason I haven't changed it was one lady just gave me hell over it and told me to take it off.............well me being hard headed I just told her NO-WAY and it's been there ever since. Glad to hear your doing ok!!!!!!!!!! good old aurthur really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I been having problems with my feet really hurting but other than that doing ok!!!!!!! Yes I do look up Doug Earl I'm sitting with a tobbaggon on laughing was at a show where the boy's were playing one kid came up stole my hat and put his on me I had a funky little hat on, told me he HAD to wear it for a while!! but go add me!!! I'm there everyday now.
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    Hey Jody! How are you doing?
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    Nice you got the tie dye gig for next year.
    It was neat to "walk" over there and see the action even though I had no ticket to stay and hear the music.
    I'm in pain right now, but was passing by the web site so thought I'd write some more to you.
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    IT was nice to see you.
    I walked over there with my housemate.
    I felt like a VIP when the volunteer escorted me to the tent where you were working.
    He said he had to get back to his post and didn't want me looking for you to say goodbye.
    I spent a lot of money for two CDs and shirts for my brothers (twins turning 50).
    Did it get muddy the next day?
    You might be there still as I write this?
  32. thanks for the support hun i feel that im getting it together! im grateful to u reaching out, i love you for that......
  33. hi, im ok, I hope you are too. I don't live on the east end now, I moved to south carolina.

  34. hey Jody how are you hun???? when we gonna hang out lady
  35. thanx, I'm feeling kind of fat and aging today, so you gave me a boost.
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    Damn Jody I must apologize. I make it a point to hit on every hottie in care cure and I must confess I let you slip by. Consider yourself harassed. MEOW!
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    Hi Jody,
    I hope someone answers your questions about the pump. I didn't post there because I want someone to see You there with a recent date. Maybe, you will need to start a new thread to get some responses. I was hoping to see their answers too. I asked my surgeon who recommended a pump for pain, similar questions. He said, acquired tolerance to pain meds would not be much different, oral -vs pump, and would be managed similarly, by rotating drugs. I havn't had any advice from patient's who acutally use a pump for pain mgt. primarily. I asked about pros & cons pump for pain mgt a few weeks back on CC and got a few responses. Bollofen got pain relief during trial but could not proceed because of B&B. Everyone else seems to use it mostly for balcofen. Best Wishes...
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    hi jody
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    How did you get injured
  40. cali, but lived near philly for 19 years. moved on thanksgiving day, because could no longer afford to live there. now sticks in south carolina. no connects. ;(
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    I see u miss that OOH Wee (LOL) where u from Jody
  42. Detweiler family medicine in lansdale took care of me. they are at 1970 N Broad st. 215-368-1900. I was their only sci patient that I know of, but they gave me referrals to specialists. and are a decent place.
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    I still need a local Dr here. I've thought of going to Grandview Hosp. to see if I could find one that's familiar with sci. I have a doctor at Magee.
    I hope you can find a doctor that you like.
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    Thanks Jody. I may give him a call.
    It sounds interesting to be in a totally new place. Have you lived in the south, before?
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    Can I call you to get the number of your friend?
    Do you have the same phone?
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    Sure, we may be able to arrange that. Staying with friends downtown or something?
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    I've wanted to change the photos for a while now. I'll try to think of a good name for your cat.
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    I could use either of those in one place. It has wierd nooks and crannies all over that need to be checked out by someone who knows about insulation. The hard part is finding people that actually think and know what to do. I called a handyman I found in the paper. He wasn't very talented, though. Plus I don't like people coming over unless I know I can trust them.
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    Nice that it's a little warmer there.
    It's freezing here.
    I hate that my place isn't well insulated.
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    Went to mom's for Xmas. One of my brothers was there, too.
    Sleeping more than usual. Watching TV and surfing the web. Not too productive, right now. How's SC?
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    I doubt it Jody, I'm on medicare already. see I'm just where you make too much or too little.
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    Jody, glad to hear you are ok!!!!!!!!!!! I don't get on here much anymore, been going to facebook more. I don't know why people act that way!!! It really does say alot about their character though! I only keep that picture up because there was one that told me "TAKE THAT PICTURE DOWN" or I won't be freinds with you.......Well Sorry LADY!!!!!!!!!! I just got a MERRY CHRISTMAS present from my former employer where as of 4/1 10 that my health insurance is GONE..... down the tube,.....flushed!!! but I will survive! Hey Hope you have a MErry Christmas and keep in touch!!!!!!
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    Good for you Jody, that makes me smile. The friends not spaying or taking care of their cats makes me angry though. So, when you say the SPCA came, I hope they took all that you didn't find homes for, including the adults. I just don't get people like that. A spay/ neuter clinic can do 25 surgeries a day & the #'s of unwanted animals are still rampant, I hate it! There is no excuse these days either, esp. when there are low or no cost options in most every area. Can't wait to see the pic of the new baby either, it was a perfect Christmas & house-warming present. One can never have enough cats long as they're cared for imo.

    Btw, I never knew what you looked like before coming to your profile. You're beautiful!
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    Just somehow, huh? lol!
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    Give your kitties a hug & tell 'em I'm happy they have a home!
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    Jody how are you doing? I've not been here a whole lot lately so have you found anyplace to live yet?
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    Jody wish I had time to catch you in chat tonite, but I gotta zzz for work. Take care and hope to chat soon! Let us know how you are doing!

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    Jody...I'm going into flashchat for a me if you want...
  59. Good luck Jody, I wish there were more to say or do.
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    LOL Thanks... How are things by you?
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    Jody, hang on to hope...
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    Jody, you are upbeat and in good spirits, even tho I know you are in dire straights. Prayers for you, from here, hope you find somewhere soon.
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    you too jody
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    thanks for the good wishes and prayers, Jody. Hope things clear up for you too. Will keep you in my prayers too. Am so sorry you are going through such a hard time. Just keep in mind that He is always there with us and though it at times take time, things do get better. Plus thus far you have shown so much strength that there is no doubt you will make it. Just hang on in there.
  65. Keep making phone calls. Don't give up, but easier said than done. Wishing you the very best. Keep me posted.
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    Thanks for the message Jody, I think my head just got a little bigger! I hope this sh1t gets sorted soon I can tell from your posts you've got the strength of character to see it through.
  67. I hope you can put this in perspective soon and not feel so useless, that's a horrible feeling I know. All the best, and keep us posted.
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    Keep your head up Jody. What you wrote today was beautiful and I hope you know that there are people all over the world who are reading your words and riding along on this wild ride with you.
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    hope you're in better spirits today, if i can help in any way, let me know
  70. Hey sorry about your situation... I'd offer you a place to stay, but I'm like twice your age, an your so cute. Dont know why anyone would want to break your heart. If I didn't live so far away... all the best, and good luck.
  71. i have a friend in lansdale she from thailand owns salon there on east main..
  72. i wish i still had abs lol the truth is my opinion im a complete, 2yrs and no feelings or movement. lucky that we dont live forever without that promise GOD has instored for me. got to have faith.. free life insurance and cant beat that!
    takecare Jody
    Sammy GOD BLESS YOU!
  73. lol hun im a t7 in that picture of me standing is me holding myself up, iim t7 with no sign of recovery at all in 2yrs that i been injured..
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    very true
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    Hi just read your post you should have no prob. finding anyone to make love with you are beautiful
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    hi jody how are you , saw you writing about thre meds and such, drives me nuts, i have good pain control now . i just want my brain back,ant decsribe it but i think you know what i am saying
  77. cool that you use the train. Ill be able to travel soon. I was wondering if you want to come see the band I am bassist for. I dont know when we will be out again next though. we were in philly a couple weeks ago.
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    Hi Jodi,
    We do live pretty close to each other.
    If you want I could meet you for coffee or something.
    Is there a place you like to go in Lansdale?
    I've been to Starbucks, there.
    Sometimes I take the train from Lansdale into Philadelphia.
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    yeah, I have my own place. If you don't mind me asking, what happened to you? Me? I hit a wall at over 100mph and the rest is history. I think thats great you can walk a little and stand. Initially a Dr. told me it would be "unprecendented" if I ever walked again. I did go from complete to incomplete and I long for the day I can walk into his office...when he said that, I never cried so hard in my life, but then I got angry and vowed to walk again no matter what it took. I still hold onto that, don't know why I'm telling you this. lol
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    I know you wrote me in November, sorry I haven't been on here in a long time. Yeah I get out sometimes. I live in an apt. with an elevator. Plus I have a wheelchair that stands up so I can stand up at bars and stuff like that. You?
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    Oh yeah, Isome things ya don't forget, lol. I'm listening to a lot of the hip hop tops now, I have a couple of 1gb mp3 players I use to play over my truck radio when out and if I'm tooling around I wear one of them.
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    to alot of Foghat & Areosmith, rockin!!!!!!!!! Did I tell you my 2 boys play in a band? The oldest took after Dad and plays drums, got a really nice set and the other plays bass, but he's one hella of a 6 string player, plus mandolin he loves to paly different things and he's a perfectionist when he does it. I been coming down of my patch now so been listening to alot to get my mind of it, Byt the way I LOVE that Cat outfit you got there!!!!!! Hope your doing OK!!!
  83. HAPPY B DAY TO ME N UR DAUGTHER! LOL hi JODY hope all is good with you. GOD BLESS!
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    thanks so much for the info 7 help Jodi....what did u mea by this:

    as the stipulations, and associations to the drug are pretty big to get past especially around here.

    i dont know much about methodone other than it is used to help people kick a herion habit.

    what r u using if not fentyny?? ps i like your little froogie and you in the background is really cool ;0)

  85. Thanks for the link! Very cool group you've got. I can tell you must practice a lot. I've been working on some guitar arrangements of non-guitar music. It's fun. Some cello and violin stuff, mostly. Last night I worked out a guitar only version of Morphine's song 'Cure for Pain'. They are/weren't very popular so most don't know them but I really like listening to their stuff. It's only a bass guitar, sax, and 5 piece drum kit. Simple but very groovy! I hope all is well in sunny NC!
  86. why did you lose coverage? you cant just stop taking it. I hear the withdrawal takes weeks and is misery. contact the drug company, I did that with the duragesic, and they paid for it until my insurance was straitened out, almost a year. Id love a moter trike too. you were riding a moter cycle. I remember.
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    I don't know what they did but WOW!!!! I mean it's probably not much different than some of ours! lol I mean NOT working! I hated those damm fences I live on a Farm my dad just sold all his cattle so I don't have to worry about then now but I been bit by them so many times I don't even remember anymore. I don't know I just thought it would be a nice conversation peice!!! does get them going! . Yes my foot Dr put me on lyrica and it has been GREAT! not all of it is gone but alot of it I don't have now , but I lost me prescription coverage on 1/1 so I am going to have to go off of it because I can't afford it. I don't know how long this would have lasted with helping the burning pain. but No I never have had a trike, I would love to have a motorcyle trike. but can't afford one of those either..... sucks!!!!
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    I don't know what they did but WOW!!!! I mean it's probably not much different than some of ours! lol I mean NOT working! I hated those damm fences I live on a Farm my dad just sold all his cattle so I don't have to worry about then now but I been bit by them so many times I don't even remember anymore. I don't know I just thought it would be a nice conversation peice!!! does get them going! . Yes my foot Dr put me on lyrica and it has been GREAT! not all of it is gone but alot of it I don't have now , but I lost me prescription coverage on 1/1 so I am going to have to go off of it because I can't afford it. I don't know how long this would have lasted with helping the burning pain. but No I never have had a trike, I would love to have a motorcyle trike. but can't afford one of those either..... sucks!!!!
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    Yep Jody, It's a pee pee, After a guy took a pee on some live electrical wires, guess he thought it would be kinda like peeing on a electric fence, but I beleive he got a bit more of a shock!! burned that poor little feller plumb off!!!
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    thanks for the compliment. i was from around your way. bought my bikes at montgomeryville honda. wish i could hear you play. hey, post a youtube video!
    anyway go eagles and yeah Phillies world champs 08'
    PS my daughter loves the bunny costume
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    just wanted to stop by n say hi....i enjoyed your album n pics, take care

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    My son lives 5 minutes away from me, walking. I haven't spoken with him since my father's funural 3 years ago. I have seen him once, I met him in the street and he didn't speak to me. He is 26, I wait for him to grow up. I don't even know what's his problem is. So this is not even polite. His father lives in Greece and hasn't seen him since he was three. So he has nobody except his girlfriend. My daughter she is nice, that's good.

    I can't imaginate he should live in the same house and not speak to me. What are they afraid of? Do they think we are going to eat them from challenges for help?
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    hey jody. I heard back from the surgeon today. He left the two old catheters in my spinal canal, said it was too risky to try to fish them out. Now there are three counting the new one. The Medtronics rep said it's rare to have so many as I do, but not unheard of. Supposedly there isn't any risk of damage to my cord.
    take care
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    I play a lot of blues. I like the older stuff by guys like Muddy Water, Robert Johnson, and Willie Dixon. I also like the harder blues from bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and the Stones. I've spent many pleasurable hours working out riffs by Jimmy Page, and Joe Perry.

    I also like acoustic music, and have been influenced by John Denver, and Don McLean, among others.

    How about you. What do you like?
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    eww yah I can't imagine moving from CALI TO PA. PA is not an exciting place! I'll keep you up2date
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    Jody, that little Marshall rocks! It has two 10's, and I really think it is the best practice amp out there. Mine is an older one. One channel. My housemate has a new one. Two channels. Clean, and dirty. There is also a fancy Zakk Wylde model. For about $300.00 you can't go wrong. I highly recommend it.
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    Hi Jody. You asked where I was from. I Live in Rhode Island. I noticed you live in Lansdale, PA. My best friend lives there. On Abby Lane, just off County Line Rd. I've had a lot of good times there. Have you ever had hoagies from Lee's Hoagie House, across the street from the air base? Or gone to this big mall, not far from his house? Montgomery Mall, I think was the name. Anyway, thanks for asking about me. Keep playing the uke! Oh, cute frog!
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    Brockway is in a distance place in PA, surrounded by nothing. Its like 10 miles from Dubois PA if you know where that is!
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    Hi jody i see you like the bud
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    Ahh, well thats good. Theres alot of things that aren't white and mushy. How was your turkey day?
  101. the house is most definitely too quiet without my family here. i'm getting some good noodling time in. i have not plugged my electric guitar in for a couple years, at least, so doing that was fun. also trying to get my singing voice in line, which is much better polished alone, IMO. i miss them terribly and i'm hoping to talk this crew into taking a couple days for thanksgiving and driving down to be with them for dinner and maybe the weekend. i figure i'm sitting on 4 wheels all day no matter what i'm doing or where i am. it might as well be sitting down for 10 hours in the car to my sister's house in FL. we'll see.
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    Salad, WTF?
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    sorry to hear that one of your frogs had an accident on your hand.
  104. Aww, thank you Jody! I would like to have tea with you too!
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    I understand your feelings towards the hunting of an animal completely. Just like your music is a passion and a way to express yourself, spending time in the outdoors is mine. It is a life that I was raised in and learned from my father and he from his. If I use the skills that I have learned correctly; just as you do when you make a guitar sing so to speak, I in turn am able to harvest an animal. In the end we both find a sense of satisfaction from something we have a deep love for.

    On another note as I have said before you are one hot looking cat
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    I do managae to eat all of it as either jerky or hamburger, it is very lean and healthy
  107. OMG - I just listened to while my uke gently weeps. i'm hooked. the sound is so interesting. kinda like a banjo - not that it sounds like a banjo but it has the same kind of jangle to it. i'm a fingerstyle acoustic player, by and large, and i'm finding right hand finger patterns with arpeggios sound really cool!
  108. Hi jody! Just stoppin bye to say thats a cute pic lol but anyway just lookin 4 friends hehe!
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    HiJody Thanks for being my friend! We have not heard any results about the MRI. I have a feeling its the same as what you have. Hope all is well with you!
  110. oh is it a tenor? look at the grain! how much was that? ukulele underground is a great site. you can get chords, and see techniques. look on utube lots of rock songs. uke has become very popular again. I have a couple original tunes, that me and one of my band mates is working on. I just started this past summer. its so nice to hold, and just so easy to always have something to play. yours looks like my kala only mine is mahogany and yours is bookmatched koa.
    did you see the post from that dave guy? I think his post is titled am I wrong? it seems like he could use some encouragement from a guy who gets out. I see from your picture that you are into sports and obviously music. he thinks were all mean. could you maybe befriend him? I think he has a distrust of women, and maybe you could really help him out of his funk. I actually live near him, and would like to invite him to band practice, but well there's that woman thing. I don't think hes ready to get on the train yet either. anyway, just a thought. meanwhile back at the ranch, do you know any chords yet?
  111. hey you. yes, i picked one up just the other day. it's not a great one, but i'm just getting my feet wet. what kind of tunes do you play with it? i've got the hawaiian stuff going already. i think it will make a nice complement in folk music - something other than a mandolin i the upper registers. here's a couple pics of it. it's sporting a solid Koa top with laminated sides (eww). sounds OK for my simple needs and is tons of fun to noodle on.

    (I'm from virginia beach, va. born and raised.)
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    Thanks Jody.
  113. hey girl! just dropping a line to say hi. guitar chicks are way cool! you rock. (not to say guitars are all that define you, of course). and happy belated anniversary. cheers to nine more trips around the sun! g/l - dale p.s. thanks for the ukulele tip. what fun!
  114. nine years today
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    I didn't recognize you on the Myspace invite, send me another.
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