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  1. Steven, is there a way that I can access all of the photos that I uploaded for use in my posts? Bob
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    Sorry I posted the new thread in the wrong forum. Thanks for moving it
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    Hi Steven,I cannot seem to find my old sent messages and received ones in the new(old)system.Help!
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    Hi Steven, I may leave for a while and I never forget. There are a lot of things that interfere with life. Hope all is well with you.
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    Have I been banned?

    See qqfklzou, who is not me.

    zagam, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be
    due to one of several reasons:

    1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this
    page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative
    features or some other privileged system?

    2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your
    account, or it may be awaiting activation.
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    someone from quam is posting some really wierd post i this its spam
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    I would like to join a group about finding employment...getting help modifying my shower and remaining independent with spinal stenosis
  8. Happy Birthday!
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    ...sheesh..!!, time does fly...
    I can't believe I haven't been here since [You last visited: 12-02-2009 at 06:32 PM]
    Belated thanks for the birthday wishes.
    I'll try to be a bit more regular, although 2010-2011 have been real crappy for me and 2012 isn't very promising either. It is so easy to dilute oneself between bowel problems, pressure sores and the price of gas making it almost impossible to take the van out except for necessities.
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    Where've you been?
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    whay you delete my post?
    i'm not i spamm
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    ( )
    Hello, I am cythiaabure,
    How are you? hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health. Please I went through your profile and i read it and took interest in it, please if you don't mind i will like you to write me on this ID ( ) hope to hear from you soon, and I will be waiting for your mail because i have something VERY important to tell you.
    Lots of love
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    Hey Your Most Geekiness! How can I copy my avatar to my pictures in Win7? I'd like to be able to send to others and get a real print of Reg when she was all of 8 pounds or so. Hope you're feeling well. Sue
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    I had just missed it! try again please....
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    Hi Steven. It doesn't look like there's a way to post a private message to you. Is there? If not, would you make a Gmail account I could use to talk to for minute? That would be just divine.
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    Hardware Platform: PC
    Processor Socket: LGA1155 Socket
    Processor Maximum: 1
    Form Factor: ATX
    Chipset Type: Intel P67 Express
    Ram Memory Maximum Size: 32 GB support for 3-d games
    Video Output: None
    Networking Feature: Network adapter Supports high Bandwedt
    Width: 12 inches
    Depth: 9.6 inches
    Technical Details:ASUS SABERTOOTH P67 LGA
    The video input is DVI,VGA ,display port.
    It enables Intel Vpro management.
    The support is from SATA 6Gbps support.
    DIGI+ VRM Herald the Arrival of a New Digital Power Design Era TUF Thermal Armor.
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    Sorry I didn't make things easier Steven. I can only hope you know where my heart is as far as this site and those who contribute.
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    Time to hand out red cards Steven...
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    I would very much like to join the Men's group. Thanks, Doug
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    oh wow! did this just post?
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    hey steven,
    it has been a while since I last posted. I just got a new computer and I am not used to the new set up. how do I post?
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    Can any one help me to have best spinal cord surgery near houston or Texas?
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    would like to join the Men Only .....thanks
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    Whats R&S? Not sure, I am just observing ppl's characteristic over-all. I am new here so, but I pretty much figured out who's confrontational. I've learned to stay away from the religious forums. It would be great if people can respect others....
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    yea, that would be the one we're on now. I love this site! I may not post much, because I am afraid ppl may lash out at me...I get hurt easily. But over-all I enjoy it. I've gotton ppl at Mt Sinai reading....well, remember women can give great advice to men we see thing different... Thanks for your time Steven
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    lol, I know I know didnt hurt to try...ahhhhh now all the good posts are gone...Can i spy
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    Hi Steven hows things ?
    I am just in a good mood and wanted to say a friendly hello
    Keep smiling
    Sincerely ;
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    Thank you! i feel so badly that i didn't know that i should have done this sooner.
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    hi Steven!
    how r u?
    i am moderating the "mobile women" site but i have never received any instructions. women keep posting that they'd like to join but i don't know how to let them in. pls advise with any other directions that i may need.
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    plz invite me to the man group!
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    I would like to join,thank you.
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    THANKS BRO! hah fixing it
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    Dude, it's not a hit. At least not yet. I hope it picks up. I feel responsible somewhat for its success.
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    HA! Yeah, that pic you found was definitely the best. The original I posted didn't produce anything, so thanks! You?
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    Steven, any way to get the word limit extended for each post? 1000 characters isn't much.

    Thanks again!!
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    It's wonderful Steven. Thank you! Could you please set some, if not rules, guidance so we can still beat the hell out of each other but not get anyone in trouble?
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    Steven, how do I start a topic? Is there a visible link to start a thread? Thanks.
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    if I remember correctly, you were going to give us some news yesterday. May I ask what it was?
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    Always willing to help.
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    I know you've been a part of or at least know about previous rallies.
    Just by looking at the site, is there anything crucial I'm forgetting, besides a more specific legal agenda.
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    Failure is not an option Mr. Bond. Where's my PM!
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    Hi Steven, I managed to delete a PM before opening it, is there anyway I can retrieve it or at least find out who it was from?
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    I e-mailed the Wounded Warriors, Paralyzed Veterans of America, the USO, SCInet,, cure paralysis now, I think that's it.

    I told them what I'm doing and that I'll have a website up soon.

    I'm making this all up as I go so if you know of any other organizations I should contact or important information I should have on the website, let me know.
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    I'm trying to organize a Roll on Washington 2011.
    Is there anyway to flood the site with a giant posting? People need to wake up.
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    lol - when I put one up you better follow with one of you and your beard and don't tell me you shaved it off
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    seen man. no worries. i wouldnt go so far as to call myself a good guy, but im not spam.
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    wht did you delete a message on my board as spam, buddy? not particularly cool, especially as i hadnt included any links to anything. just wondering. if you took issue with my talking about piano and strings, you could have just gone somewhere else. please explain yourself. thanks
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    yeah i've never watched glee. i'm not a drama musical type person. i know there's comedy to that show, but i'm ok with not venturing down that road.
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    they'd definitely think i'm high if i ever introduced myself as that
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    i think you've been sampling some funky elements of the fungi kind, but i thought it was funny and it made total sense to me. maybe i'm sampling the same things!
  52. Steven, sorry I didn't reply sooner. I've researched it years ago and I thought it was a great program with lots of benifits for being able to work. You must be on SSI to utilize 1619b. those on SSDI are not eligible.
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    I don't use word-wrap. It's just a habit that I got into. Sort of like
    ending sentences with prepositions. You're very observant, Steven.
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    IE7. I've heard too many bad things about IE8 to change. Why? You?
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    im assuming the surfing online link,,, ok no prob thnxs..
  56. Doctor in Soroca hospital,Beer-Sheva,Israel.
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    Steven, Ok. Thanks for letting me know about the accidental deletion. At least you didn't think that what I wrote was actually spam. hehe! That's a good thing! :-) No worries. :-)
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    you deleted a msg on my profile page from brooke, marked as spam...what's up? i haven't been here in several days. thx.
  59. ice cream
  60. blue eyes crying in the rain
  61. These are the days of our lives.
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    Thanks... I'll check it out when I have the mental capacity to process it... been a long day.

    Hope you're doing well man.
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    Yea I mean talked to her quite a bit and unfortunately shes addimant about not returning. ?? Shes a writer though so she plans on reaching out communicating different ways but CC's the only place to find the most relevant talk on SCI.. Hope yer doin well brutha ..
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    no man just chat and phone, shes genuine very kind and the forum seemed to break her. poor girl, she needs support
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    Is there a way to keep Le Type (Todd) from using foul and vulgar language in each of his posts? It is completly unnecessary. I have no problems with well placed cuss words, but the vulgarity he uses is totally useless and does nothing to enhance his posts.

    Thanks for your consideration.
  66. I felt bad about my first post in that thread; wrong post, wrong thread. Thanks Steven, gave me a chance to clarify.
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    Thank you so much, Steven, I appreciate the thought. I will definitely look into them as you know I love biblical literature and theology.
  68. No...keep procrastinating...that is awesome! I meant to get back to you about it but have had a bad case of ADHD lately. It gets worse the closer my coursework deadlines loom. Funny how that works lol. I want to pick your brain about this stuff
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    Thanks Steven. I don't go on facebook much, 'case you couldn't tell, heh.
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    I am actually AB, Tman9513 (also in Goose Creek) is my boyfriend.
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    Hey! I live up in Goose Creek, work in North Charleston.
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    That IS beautiful. But we have plenty of trees like that up here, especially in old growth forests. Check out this most recent protest:
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    I'm glad for him Steven. It was great last year. I didn't miss a game, no matter where it was played. And the video was great, no interruptions or technical problems.

    A few times when I could get a game on tv, I did a comparison. Often, the p2p4u website's game video was actually a few seconds ahead of the network broadcast. ha.
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    hey steven just stoping bye to say hey
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    You'd be the most handsome bridesmaid I know. I imagine Charleston would be an awfully romantic place to get married. Even saying the name exudes romance if you say it with a slight drawl........sigh.
  76. Are you a Tron fan? Have you seen this? Not sure how I feel about it. Guess I will have to wait until December before I pass judgement
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    Sure thing Steven. Thank you for taking care of the community. You did good.
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    Hi Steven, He is gr8. He just became a grandad! First time. Little girl, Callie Ann, she was a little early, and only weighed 4.2 lbs but doing fine I think. They should be back in town in a couple of days. I will let him know, ok?

    Take care, Mark
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    No, unfortunately not
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    Hi Steven,

    Can you tell me how to get back to my signature editor? I see in on the about me page but unable to edit it. I don't see another way to do it.
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    How to buy advertising at your forum? [-image deleted-]
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    I imagine it's not too difficult
  83. Thanks. Almost 30
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    Tres cool on the stay in rehab to get more independence, mister. Let me know once you're there, and we'll catch up.

    In the meantime, it's almost 4 am, I'm feeding off a sugar high from mass consumption of sour patch kids and I have simply a single page of a case analysis due in a matter of hours, staring at me. HELP!!!

    In other news, simple carbohydrates are NOT brain food.
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    I am running explicit congestion notification (ECN). It is safe to treat ECN packets as normal, but doing something stupid with those packets would be bad.
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    I'm entering Pre-Panic Phase, where that urge to run is resting in a subconscious state but will quickly shift into screaming reality mode in approximately a week. One small problem. I can't run.

    How's life on your end? What crazy shenanigans are you currently involved in?
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    He unfortunately falls under the category of "The Good One Who Got Away"........but dinner was great =) I'd admit to the fact that I like to cook for my men, but the feminist in me would shriek in horror at the thoughts of domestication.
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    Site was slow, but now up. Off-line for maintenance?

    Is your PHP segfaulting?

    I know you are running lighttpd, but in apatchy2 mpm worker I now have:

    <IfModule mod_actions.c>
    Action application/x-httpd-php /cgi-bin/php-cgi

    On a dual core machine I lock PHP to one of the cores with /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php-cgi:

    exec /usr/bin/taskset -c $(($$%2)) /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php5 "$@"

    No more segfaulting.

    Don't have any probs with python or perl which can run as modules, but many apps are php which only works with this hack.
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    hah nice shirt!
  90. so I came to chat but you were gone


    hehe maybe another day...
  91. Nobody is forcing me. Unfortunately a graduate program I am interested in applying to requires it. That's all. Am supposed to be working on an assignment right now. Doing that real well as you can see
  92. C++ is evil
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    I don't have the PM function anymore. Is is just me?


    Andy Cook
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    Hey, it's an Open Call. I'm currently accepting applications!
  95. Pinky I am in serious need of elementary school level math help. Can you help out a dumb friend in need?

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    Tee hee. Oh really?
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    Happy birthday, my love!!!!! I am sending you big, big hugs!
  98. Happy Birthday Steven!
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    Thank you very much Steven, I'll def use it.
  100. There's either a spammer or just pure nastiness - Home Design - "New Platform" Teensm. Pure filth!!
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    g, day steven, introducing myself 46 year male had motorcycle accident january this year result is dead right arm.Time to get computer savvy, i am a dinosaur regarding technology though on the learning curve!i typed bachial plexus forum on google and shazzam here i is this how i introduce myself to you all or am i at the rong place?? regards jon
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    i like it . probably not as much as todd would like it...hehe
  103. Hi. Hope you are having a good summer
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    Pondering how it got to be July 2009?
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    Hi Steven I changed my profile pic for Canada Day . It seems to still show up as the regular (old) profile pic. Any suggestions on how to change it to my Canada day pic? Cheers, Bill
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    Steven are we ever going to get notifications again? I'm still not getting them and I'm missing threads I've asked questions on, etc. I can't remember all the one's
    I've posted on, read and wanted to stay up with. Can you please, pretty please fix this? thanks!!!!!!! Mona
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    Thanks I miss them alot. Mona
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    Steven sorry to bother you but I'm not getting my notifications again. I never did get all of them. Back to none again starting 3-4 days ago. Do you mind fixing it so I can get them all every day? thank you Mona
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    Thanks Steven I'm getting them again. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate your hard work. Thanks Mona
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    Hi Steven, I haven't gotten any email notifications from CC since Thursday last week. A few other members said they weren't getting any either. Are you aware of this? I really like getting the notifications that someone posted on a thread I subscribed to. Thanka Mona
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    If I understand you right, it is not illigal
  112. Awesome link! Thanks This reminds me that I am working on a copy of a book for you. you remember we talked about it once in chat? I have a scanned copy but I am working on getting an audio file.

    (PS I can't believe the name of that website! Terrible! lol)
  113. Hi Pinky I hadn't figured that out. My signature just starting working magically on its own!

    I swear it wasn't working last time I logged in and now it is. And I never touched the check box. So...who knows what was wrong...probably just me being dumb

    But thank you very much as I shall know to look for that check box next time.

    Stay well Pinky!
  114. Pinky my signature doesn't seem to be working. I can see other peoples...and I can see mine when I got into my control panel to try to edit it. But it doesn't show I know you are busy so its not a big deal but it you have a few minutes sometime can you look at it? Thanks a bunch of grapes! (I don't know what that means...I just had an urge to say it lol).
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    I used search too, but the threads didn't come up, which was weird. But I found one by remembering it was started by MrCoffee.
    I didn't watch Primeval! But I've seen adverts for it, and Hannah needs to go longer. Yes she does!
  116. Happy "Pi Day" my mathy friend Pinky
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    Your bet with DA and his new avatar is too much. I hadn't followed it for a few days, so I clicked on your avatar poll thread and the first post I saw was DA's with that avatar. One of the funniest things I've ever seen on CC. Well done.
  118. No not yet. How are the blogs and wikis and projects? Staying busy?
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    Lol no. Women have to be strong to be on CC.
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    Y/W Mona
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    Ah, are you thinking of chikara = power, strength?
    The kanji in my avatar is onna = woman (kunyomi).
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  123. It was nice to chat today, however brief it ended up. My laptop is a piece o' crap and kept freezing up. But too lazy to look for a new one. Anyways hope you are doing well
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    OOPS! I meant to say "(in Serenity)", but I think you got it (as a good nerd should). Kaylee was a cutie. You not want to see River's?? Ok, she was monotone and pretty blank-faced and vacuous looking (basically the same as her machine in terminator chronicles), but nothing beats a dancer's butt!

    Hope your holidays were fun
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    Oh, I forgot to tell you...

    I liked the show better than the movie. Serenity (in Firefly) was too clean!

    I want to make one thing clear, I decided to give Mal and the crew a shot, even before his bare butt grazed my screen. I swear!
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    Pretty good movie, if you have the time to watch it...
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    Happy New Year!
  128. View Conversation
    Merry Christmas
  129. Merry Christmas Mr. Edwards!
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    A bit earlier I think but ...

    Ojala que tengas un buen dia y gracias por todo lo que haces para nuestra comunidad.
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    just wanted to say hey, n wish u a Happy HolidAY SEASON

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    hey steven i need to talk you.. you still have them help tests to learn calculus? i will call u im confused on life.
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    You were a busy man.You do a great job.THANKS
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    Hey steve whatz happenin
  135. View Conversation
    You da man!
  136. View Conversation
    I'm doing well also.A little stiff due to the weather changing.

    Thanks,that was an honor just being on stage.
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    Errg Arrgh.

    I now understand FIREFLY. SERENITY is now Q'd.
  138. View Conversation
    What's been up?Hope all is well.
  139. Cool Thanks Pinky! I was going to send you a private message about it but you beat me too it. I will get back to soon as I can think of some questions. Thanks again.
  140. Why is it is the closer you get to finishing something, the fast motivation disappears? lol
  141. Ok I am around 83.5% done the paper
  142. Can.Not.Get.The.Paper.Done

    (I appear to be spamming your wall when I see all the recent messages are mine lol)
  143. omg I love the cartoon! Thanks you just brightened my day by a factor of 100 (some geeky math speak for ya). I love the new avatar too. I am just going to eat diner. Will reply to your other message when I am done. Have a good night Pinky!
  144. I fell asleep during Metropolis (not due to the movie) so I am going to try again today to watch it. You know, I loved the first Aladdin and have the other two on dvd but have never watched them for some reason. I just realized that now. Yes Mulan is wonderful isn't it? I haven't seen it in many years. Good idea on the Disney flicks. I have a whole shelf full I haven't watched in years. I even think I sort of forgot about them until now. I need to re-visit them. Aladdin 3 is in the queue after Metropolis

    How is your weekend going? Good I hope.
  145. Thanks on the avatar I was getting tired of the dressed up like a king one but couldn't find a replacement I liked. Then I found this one Thanks for the suggestions. I got Metropolis today and will watch it tonight. Waiting for Avatar to be returned to the video store. I have it reserved to rent next.
  146. Thanks. I was home the next day. Spent some of the weekend watching One Piece an anime about a 17 year old captain of a pirate ship who ate magical fruit when he was a boy and got turned into a rubber man lol. Reminds me a lot of Dragon Ball. It was okay but not spectacular. Any suggestions for something to watch next?
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    Gracias mijo
  148. View Conversation
    thanks for the speedy response, u really r a good moderator. take care

  149. View Conversation
    Hey, jovenaso. Gracias por incluirme en la lista de tus amigo/as. Mil disculpas que no habia respondido mas pronto.

    Oh y gracias por todo lo que nos has hecho para hacer este lugar mas agradable.
  150. Thanks. Except I think I am going to chicken out before tomorrow 9 hours away Can't sleep. Trying to distract myself unsuccessfully by randomly looking up stuff on Wikipedia.
  151. View Conversation
    Ah....getting there I think - and you Mr E?
  152. Thanks for the concern. I have had some very bad AD when moved but otherwise it has not been too bad. Just more of a major nuisance trying to work around it with my care and not really being able to be usefully mobile. Also it has made me paranoid that anybody who touches or moves me will drop me again so some tension there. Oh and yeah I am very grumpy. But other than that, I am fine Actually it could have been much worse. I am okay. Thanks for asking.
  153. Tomorrow night, Pinky, we will come up with a new plan. One that isn't foiled by the atomic weight of gold.
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    Harassing? Harassing??? Potato. Potahtoe. You say harassing, I say tutoring
    But, admit it. You're a masochist.
  155. View Conversation
    I'm still getting used to this new format, but it's great. Thanks for
    adding me to your list. I added you, but I don't think I got your
    permission first.
  156. View Conversation
    when this go into effect?
  157. View Conversation
    how do I accept your friend request?
  158. oops...maybe you should be The Brain instead
  159. Nevermind...I found it. Apparently I was too dim witted to check "contact info" the first time around.
  160. Argh..Pinky I can't find a way to send you a private message.
  161. View Conversation
    Hello... hello ... hello ! Are you there... there .... there ? We are here, we are here, we are here ..... good work Steven and thanks .. you nerd you !!

  162. View Conversation
    Who does vBulletin think they are, Facebook or MySpace?!?
  163. View Conversation
    yay, we're friends. my life is complete.
  164. Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
  165. View Conversation
    Cheers Steven.
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