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    Yesterday, 04:07 PM
    Back in June, I shared a screenshot of some of the early comments in this thread with my urologist and asked whether she thought I should consider...
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    02-15-2020, 01:17 AM
    I think my first in a chair was 20 minutes, two or three times a day if wanted; depended on the skin check after getting back in bed. Gradually...
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    02-14-2020, 10:38 PM
    Jim replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    I just watched before, doesn't work in google chrome. I don't even know if that patient was a part of any trial.
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    02-14-2020, 08:22 PM
    Jim replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    Denied, for years, Paolo has been attacking Dr. Young and myself on this site. Actually, he has been warned several times that if it continues, his...
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    02-14-2020, 05:53 PM
    Helps me bigtime.
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  • Patrick Madsen's Avatar
    02-14-2020, 04:28 AM
    Been with the same chiro for 21 years 2x's weekly. Now just getting one. I used to go to the gym and work with a trainer, head to the rehab to ride...
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    02-14-2020, 02:09 AM
    I was adjusted for several years after my injury, by a chiropractor that actually adjusted sci patients in med school. I moved and haven't found...
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    02-14-2020, 12:35 AM
    Jim replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    Paolo, you accused me of misleading this community, again, and I explained why you were dead wrong. As usual, no response, don't have the integrity...
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    02-13-2020, 02:25 PM
    Jim replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    Rehab facilities can't do 6-6-6, agreed to 5-5-for six weeks. After the six weeks, they goto places like Push to WalkNJ/Project WalkNJ.
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    02-13-2020, 12:49 PM
    Jim replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    I feel your frustration Anthony, we are frustrated also. Getting all the principal investigators together at one time is not an easy task, even...
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    02-13-2020, 11:04 AM
    Jim replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    Paolo, once again, you have no idea what you are talking about. The Phase II Trial that has been published took place at the Kunming General Army...
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    02-13-2020, 03:33 AM
    I had one done last year. I think it took less than a month for the turn around. Dealer screwed up and had it made into a 14" drop rather than the...
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    02-12-2020, 10:50 AM
    I was able to throw on a pair of Kenda Nevegal Black Knobby Tires (24 x 2.1, 54-540) without issue (on 24" Spinergy Spox). You will need a longer...
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    02-11-2020, 08:16 PM
    Jim replied to a thread California Open House in Life
    I assumed that everyone hits the New Posts button when they visit and all will see it.
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    02-11-2020, 01:58 PM
    Jim replied to a thread California Open House in Life
    Yes, Wise is doing Grand Rounds there. We hope to have the Open House there but haven't been able to find someone to help organize.
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  • Jim's Avatar
    02-10-2020, 12:34 PM
    Jim started a thread California Open House in Life
    Wise is going to be in Downey CA, (near LA), on March 26th and wants to hold an Open House. Anyone live near there?
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    02-09-2020, 05:50 PM
    I'm a longtime user of the Peristeen as well. I've never come close to getting 8 years of service from them. The Peristeen has vastly improved my...
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    02-08-2020, 09:00 PM
    Jim replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    Do you know what the ASIA Impairment Scale is?
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    02-07-2020, 08:41 PM
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    02-07-2020, 06:00 PM
    Jim replied to a thread self-medication in Cure
    This is exactly what you are not allowed to use this site for. Your account is suspended.
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    02-07-2020, 12:38 PM
    Jim replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    Paolo you haven't seen all the videos, stop misleading people. Mark, only patients in the clinical trial received cells, anyone you saw at Tongren...
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  • stephen212's Avatar
    02-06-2020, 04:53 PM
    I received an email this morning from Tom Borcherding formerly of ROHO with a message he asked that I pass along in response to Ironside's inquiry: ...
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  1. I have a tennis friend who had that, he beat it too. Glad your OK
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    Wow, that's scary stuff Chris, glad your ok now and hope Becky will be ok.

    Thanks Curt! Yeah, Stage III, metastatic melanoma. I do not recommend it . I'm "cancer free" for the last two years -- whatever that means.

    Becky getting a feeding tube? Does not sound good.

    Take care. See you on the forums!
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    Hi curt I put my chair and bike for sale on the equipment page and it is no longer their could u tell me where it went and maybe u could have a thread for stuff that is being sold thanks
  4. Hi, Curt. Have you ever saw a posting on the site where it says if there is foramenal narrowing that it just means the nerve root and would that contribute to B & B if it's the nerve roots only? Thanks for your help. I don't know if when it's nerve roots does it cause B & B or doe si tneed to compress the cord? Thanks, Ragu
  5. Hi, yes, in this instance it was, no worries though, everything is ok now.
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    Did you edit my post to remove a person's name ? Is using a persons name a no no ?
  7. View Conversation
    I will but the problem is my struggle is continuous the last 2 years, as soon as I finish treatment a new bacteria takes stranglehold.
  8. I haven' theard from you. Don't know what I did. I think my question was about reflexes, if they are always hyper/hypo in the upper if there is no surgery? If the lesion goes away and comes off the cord, will the reflexes go to normal. Thanks for your help. Back to the neuro again. I wish I would hear from you.
  9. Yes Jill it is fairly hard to move around at least for me being a t4 paraplegic. It is very comfortable though and once I'm in the right position I can sleep there all night. It is a fairly hot mattress though as the foam soaks up your body heat and throws it back at you. If I had it to do again I might look into the new Jacuzzi gel mattresses, they claim those are not hot, not really sure how comfortable they are though.
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    I saw on a post that you sleep on the tempupedic cloud supreme. We are considering either the cloud or cloud supreme and are wondering if the cloud supreme is difficult to move around on?
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    can I get you to keep up the q7/helium fourm in equipment
  12. View Conversation
    Curt that is a sharp looking car
  13. View Conversation
    Take a look a the (current) last post:
  14. View Conversation
    Curt Is your Martin 16 still for sale?
  15. Nope its a Martin 16, I really love the boat but I'm thinking about maybe selling it and getting a bigger boat, a Jay 24, there are a lot more fleets to race in with that boat also.
  16. View Conversation
    Hi Curt -- I saw the photos of your truck & boat -- can't make it out... you racing 2.4m?
  17. Hi Cory. They are not cheap @$3600 but well worth it. The Top End Force is around the same price. The FRH is a much better general rider than the Force imo and the Force is a better racing handcycle. Definately no regrets in buying it, infact I have two of them, one in Florida and the other R.I, one is Orange and the other Yellow. Mike at FR will spray it whatever color you want. I like having the shifter and the brake on the right grip and the disc brake is great. The stock wheels are good with decent tires. You should really consider this handcycle. I know people who have got cheap and bought handcycles (wont say any handcycle names) under 2 grand thinking it was a deal and are generally sorry later. Check out all the handcycle posts on the equipment forums. You could always save money and get a top end XLT used or something just not as good a handcycle as the FRH or the Force. The other Testimonial by Joe G is my best friend, he has a FRH also and really likes it.
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    Curt! So out of the blue I decided I want to buy a hand cycle, I checked out the FRH-1 and I read your testimonial! I had a few questions, like how much did it cost and do you have any regrets with it? This would be my first hand cycle if I bought it. Thanks!
  19. Hi, I'm in Venice.
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    where are you in florida? I am in basically tampa
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    Hey Curt,
    My # is 239-353-3132
  22. Hi Duane, I'm interested in your fes bike, can I give you a call. Please PM me your phone number. I had sent you a couple emails, guess they did not go through for some reason.

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    Hey Curt,
    I never received your email about the Stem Master.
  24. View Conversation
    Thanks, Curt! I think I will wait (and train!) a little more before upgrading the wheels... ;-)
  25. Hey there Dado; Velocity makes a pretty good solid rim and the phil woods are pretty awesome too. I dont think you'd gain all that much by making a change and its a lot of $$$, might be best off just sticking with what you have unless your a real serious racer. I think I go just a hair faster with my Spinergies on in the rear and the carbon fiber 404 up front, but to tell you the truth I like the feel and quietness of the stock mavics better.
  26. View Conversation
    Hi Curt! I got a Top End Force and I really liked it! I´m thinking about upgrading my velocity rims/phil wood hubs to Spinergy, Hed or another aero rim. What can you say about your spinergies?
  27. Hi, yes, I just email you back, hopefully you got that email. The site to contact is www.musclepower.com, they should able to help you out.
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    Hi! I emailed you about the elctrologic FES bike... did you get it?
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    Last year you were considering having a laser spinct(spelling) done. Did you have it? Were you pleased with the results?

    many thanks,
  30. Yep, 1965 GTO, it was my first car back in 1973. Wish I had never sold that car, maybe someday I'll get another one, they are big $$$ now.
  31. That looks like a 64 or so GTO, is it? ... luv 'em!
  32. Thanks for the well wishes everyone during this time.
  33. No problemo Mike. I think I'm going to be uptight for a while to come, the last 3 weeks have been a nightmare. Glad your liking the guitar. Didnt leave today, had a bunch of paperwork to do hopefully be able to leave on next tuesday. Not really looking forward to the snowstorm tomorrow.
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    Hey! How was dinner? I hope you are a bit more relaxed. Thanks for the great deal on the guitar, Curt. I really appreciate it! Let me know if you are still in town next week.
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    Curt...sending my deepest sympathies your way.
  36. Curt, I just saw this. I'm so very, very sorry.
  37. Thanks guys, not a good Christmas, my father just passed away yesterday.
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    Merry Christmas, Curt. I think you NEED Florida!
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    Hi stud, how ya been?
  40. How'd it go with the bagpipe playing PT who loved animals? Second/third/fourth dates? I'm a little out of the loop after being gone.

    Sorry your house fell through for Venice. If you decide to go there are places for rent all over the place. I think the economy has left much of the vacay market wide open for anyone looking last minute and you might even be able to negotiate a rate.

    I saw a guy riding his handcycle in Seaside as we rolled back this way on Turkey Day and thought about you.

    So fill me in on what's been happening with you.
  41. Wow, I just looked at your profile knowhill, you sound a lot like me. I'm a avid Nascar fan too. Your about the same level as me too. Do you ride Handcycles? Where do you live. I've never seen you on the site before, are you new here?
  42. Yes, good point Knowhill. I actually have a multizone temp monitor that I've built a prototype of and fully tested and its ready for the market. I should probabley put that on the site. I think I'm going to ask about $20.00 more for that unit. It can do 2 rooms or 1 room and outdoors or just 1 room and repeat the announcement.
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    Good luck on your product. I just had one though. Do you have a second product in the works yet? I only say this in the fact why not give a choice. I know my buying habits are better determined when I have a choice and why not the choice is between two of your products?
  44. Wow, snow, unreal. Guess its worse there than here. It rained most of the day and is around 50 out. When are you going to Florida? Sounds like the sooner your there the better with that kind of weather. I still dont know if I'm even going to Florida this winter. I had a house reserved in Venice Florida but it just fell through the other day, its a friend of friend and I had a feeling it was not going to work out so no big surprise.
  45. Get this Curtis ... We're having December temps here and it snowed at the cabin this a.m. That's 15-20 minutes from me. What's up with this weather? :-o

    Hope your Tuesday is a great one.
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    hey thanks for stoppin by and the kind words. hope 2 c u around.

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