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    Hey Jeff,

    I just came across your profile and was wondering what part of GA you live in. My fiance and I are moving a little north of GA and would love to have someone to handcycle with, or just hang out with . Write back when you have time.

  2. View Conversation still here on CC???
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    hi babe,,, how been ya?? i've sent u lots o jokes. i have not gone to the joke wall yet, is it still up? i might start postin again. E
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    Hi 2jazzyjeff
    Please lend me your support in overcoming the odds.
    With gratitude
  5. Ha.. I may still frequent some here and there.. too busy reconnecting on Facebook. CC has just gotten where the Politics thread spills over everywhere.
  6. Whadaya mean yer not missed...i been wonderin about you. Love your profile picture lucky dog.
  7. Yeah, my User CP is fine as I'll receive about 1/2 the threads that I'm subscribed to.. no biggie. Some concerts do book the smaller bands part-time and it's mostly conflicting schedules on the opening bands part. You just wait!!! Come back and comment after it's over... Don't know Dear Agony...?
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    Very good! Lol about the avatars tho, I love annoying the peeps too
    So I see I'm not a real, I get it. I loved fb too but very addicting esp finding/getting old connections & keeping up w/ everybody.
    I'll check about the concert..I thought it was the 4 according to BB's site, but the venue site just lists the 3, idk? I was really looking forward to Shinedown so hope so. I haven't seen N-back but I hear it's a loud crazy show. Weird the first part is a BB tour & then turns into N-back's tour. Did ya get Dear Agony-f'n awesome!
    Anyways is ur user cp turned on to receive email alerts? I heard some people say theirs was going to spam. Mine is off so idk..
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    Another thing, isn't it time for the annoying avatars to go away & perhaps Hawaiin shirts come back? You know the chicks here miss them.
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    That f'ing sucks Jeff! I'm sorry, I was really happy for you when Anty told me too. Boo! Oh well, better off without her if she wasn't true..but what have you let your disability stop you from doing? Uh, NOTHING ,so if she can't deal- see ya! Gold diggers, lol, I'm surprised you don't have more of those at your door-considering the view & what that door's attached to! Yea things are good for me, no whining these days Nickelback is coming to NC in April, so not that far. I CAN'T wait since Breaking Benjamin is my fav band of all time! I was hoping Shinedown would be with 'em but the Sick Puppies are instead. They're ok. Out west got Rev Theory, , another fav, but can't have it all. I bet you're missing that boat until spring but hope all else is well.
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    Hey, haven't seen you around much. I asked Anty & she you were busy these days w/ someone special now. I guess that's her ^ there? Glad you finally found someone & you're doing great! I'm sure it had to have taken so long due to pickiness on your part

    Are you going to see Nickleback,Shinedown & Breaking Benjamin? They're coming south in the spring, tickets on sale now. I can't wait!
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    Hello,I finally managed to get registered this evening. If you can think of a good place to start let me know. Looking forward to learning and contributing something!
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    Damm Jeff, Can't tell if that's you or adi!!
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    jeff, did you follow those links to see if the legrests will hang on your chair ?
  15. Hi Jeff! Your avatar's always make me smile. You have the best collection of anyone on CC!
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    Great stuff. Laughed my ass off. Thanks, keep 'em coming.
  17. Hey Jeff,

    Hope you had a great Christmas! Was Santa good to you this year?

    Happy New Year,

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    Merry Christmas
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    yup yup i cracked up on da 50cents blacker than black money one ;0)
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    hey goof....i just lovin seeing all the "questionable" jokes i send u on the joke forum hope all is well. been gone for a while so i have 76 emails to go thru

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    Ha great minds think alike.We have 3 gifts to get.After thanksgiving I don't intend on being in the crowds.
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    Hey bud,

    Just seeing what's up?
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    hey man...the joke deal has been slow lately 4 me, thinks at work r pretty crazy and will continue that way till dec. thanks 4 all da cool jokes
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    Have a good weekend.
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    Not much here either.Tomorrow we are going take Christmas pictures Lauracis 15 weeks today.
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    What's up buddy?
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    Well at least it is not that you don;t have friends.
  28. Hi Jeff! Thank for asking, I would love to be on your "friend" list. Love the Adi look!
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    If you sent them at the same time, you might want to go again. I never saw yours, and while I could have missed it, I know I saw others. wONDERING IF (oops) there was a glitch in the first days? Also I know Eileen has posted about having trouble with the friend screen.
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    No, I don;t think it ever showed up. I must have missed it!! Didn't know I was the one you meant when you asked if anyone had theirs ignored, I almost posted a reply to you. LOL.

    Hope I didn;t hurt your feelings ..... I wouldn;t have ignored ya! Even if you are wearing that silly bandanna and beard .....
  31. He does, but what's he going to say? His avatar changed, BTW.

    Yours is classic. ;p
  32. I'm still laughing Jeff.
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    Love your avatar!How's life there?I'm changing to hermit mode-too cold for me
  34. He probably won't. It's not that. It's just that you have such a good time no matter what you do. The pic is funny 'cause look you like you're oh, so serious and I know you're sooooo not.

    I loved the pics from your reunion. It looked like you were right at home in the midst of all the women. It seemed there were lots of blondes. I think that's your preferred flavor.
  35. I expect your Hawiian shirt looking all tan with the blonde streaks pics and THEN ... there's this PIC of you all cheesey bikered up.
  36. Jeff. Your avatar is totally cracking me up more and more. The more I look the more I laugh.
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    You really do look like Adi in your avatar! That was the first person I thought of, no joke.
  38. Of COURSE! D'oh! Although I'm trying to go for a kinder, gentler me. I really am.
  39. Jeff! I really thought you'd gone all Halloween biker on us a week early.
    I like the S.W.A.G acronym
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    OMG! Are you trying to look like the person you look like in your avatar? If so, you nailed it. LMFAO!
  41. Is your new avatar what you're doing for Halloween? You can soooooo go biker.
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    Hey baby
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    This new format is great.
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