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    How are you DA, miss your posts on carecure forum. Take care
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    Hey DA
    Wondering how you are doing, if everything is ok with you?
    Take care
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    waddup DA!!??!! you alive and reasonably well? cc's a sinking ship w/o you, take care.
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    i feel sorry or you. may god have mercy.. you have given up and all. a quitter.
    if you were stronger you might never have been injured. but its not to late. change your attitude and maybe youll walk again.
  5. very true...
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    Whats up DA, its good that people are optimistic but its better to be realistic. I like your style DA, 4 real.
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    Hey....MSN ok?
  8. actually you could get in if can stand for a hour and do rehab. however the cure will
    require 4 or 5 therapies and this trial is only testing 2 of the 4 therapies needed.
    not good enough. actually there isnt any trials that excites me at the moment.
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    I see you have a C4 injury like me... Wises trial starts at C5.... Rendering us ineligible for the initial trials. My question is: to whose trials are you looking forward to?
  10. if you had on a pink tank top and pinky tights, well that is a different story.
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    Thanks. I wasn't sure what you'd think/say... I half expected you to harass me for wearing pink.
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    Hi DA, means yes in my language!
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    I saw the question what's with you and pot and I was curious. Used to endulge myself-seems like it shouldn't be such a big deal. Even if it doesn't solve the budget problems for CA, millions of people probably won't care.
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    Tryin to stay up, u know how it is. Just workin a lot lately so I don't visit the boards much....that's not the reason, just got impossible to be here u know the same 'ole bullshit. If I do come i'll read or post a few jokes but thats it, i try to keep up with a few people and hit some up from time to time like I did to you just to say hi and see how u were doing. Glad to see all is well. Stay healthy.

  15. View Conversation u been lately?
  16. I am neither... C'mon, I support equal rights for gay ppl, I though Hillary was the best choice, I don't support the death penalty, yet they call me a far right neo-con.
    So who are the real radicals on cc? obvious....
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    Da, I used to think you was crazy, but the leftys out do you by a large margin. I really used to think it was only republicans who stood by their officials no matter what. But, I'm not left no more and not right, where is you?
  18. No, ofcourse not. I want loons to be loud. They do a better job of proving my point than I.

    Happy New Years my sweetie pie....
  19. Have a good holiday Snookums? Have you held down the Political fort over Christmas?

    Happy New Year DA,

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    Hey, just wanted to stop by and say hi. Hope u have a Happy Holiday season.

  21. Yeah, its all in good fun. Like a complex game of chess.
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    I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you, shocked!!! I come here to say howdy to da, and what do I find?
    Brian writes:

    I think I coming to your way of thinking. Some of these liberals are driving me absolutely crazy. You're right, some are mindless zombies!
    Tsk Tsk Tsk...kissin da butt on the sly Brian? I thought you were a liberal
    rdf's page:
    Don't get me wrong, I am a liberal all the way through my body. Talk to you later friend!

    Hope you're doing well da, keep up your rabble rousing in politics. It truly wouldn't be as enjoyable to post there if you weren't around. I consider you my good friend, and am a more informed man for having gotten to know you - whether you like it or not


    Merry Christmas Brian, you're still my buddy. But realize that everybody can view everybody else's profile page and the comments posted there. I promise I won't tell Fay Wrinkle on you
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    Welcome back DA,

    I missed you yesterday! Not be sarcastic.
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    I think I coming to your way of thinking. Some of these liberals are driving me absolutely crazy. You're right, some are mindless zombies!
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    stay strong my friend
  26. Sending a smooch your way.
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    You get the last word in that thread DA, but we both know it's not truth, clarity or understanding you seek. Nuff said.
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