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    Hey! ck and I live on opposite ends of the world (canada) unfortunately, but montreal sounds like an amazing place to visit during the summer.......when are you going?
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    haha niiiice! ty
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    Thanks! I had a little growing up to do myself. School's cool. Pretty much a student for life at this point, I figure. Figuring out a way to use it to make some money Hope life's being good to you these days!
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    o rly.
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    Tnx about the pic joe, if you could do 10 minutes now, just think what you'll be able to do after all your super duper working out and eating right etc, you might just be able to go 11 minutes,
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    Thanks, Joe! Same to you.
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    You're sweet, thank you! Ya! Have plenty of bad pics but not going to share!
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    lol he hardly ever gets jealous. but i will keep it in mind ;p
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    your funny lol I like you
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    Hello! Lol yes I am married.
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    Hey Dude! Give Me Holler!
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    My musical history being what it is, I really thought your quoting Counting Crows. Any reality to that? Keep your chin up fine Sir. You were a charmer when we had lunch. I hear it happens when you'e least looking for it. We women can be overrate anyway.
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    well usually.
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    yes I hope all is well for you too. no complaints here.
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    when do we get another ask Joe? miss you being around.
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    I'm so sorry. That's just heartbreaking.
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    Hi Joe. I hope it's okay if I ask about this:

    I have two older sisters (had) and they would cringe.
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    It's all good, man. You're one of my favorites here.
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    How's come your not in my friend's list???
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    Hey - we don't want to double post the video on the site - would you mind putting "Icon" in the title of the thread? It's only had a small number of views compared to our other posts, and I'm wondering if it might be because the title is a bit generic....

    Thanks, and good sleuthing on finding it on YouTube!!

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    Back atcha, Joe! Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays!
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    Hey dude,
    Are you getting ajusted to Winter?
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    Hey Joe,
    I didn't buy any tickets this year, I'm a fair weather fan and they're playing like shit this year. Maybe next year if they make some adjustments.
    Talk at you later!
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    Dude - you've still got that comment on your signature about "fitting into a size 38 pair of jeans" - how's your health? (not that it's my business, I suppose - just concerned...)
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    how do you like your eggs in the morning... scrambled..........or fertilized??? wait! that doesn't work so well when a girl says it!!!! bwahahahah
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    Start some "hottest chick"/adi style threads and it'll explode with activity.
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    I'm waiting for someone to claim Big Wheel in that car thread.
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    Hey Joe,
    If you want to come over for a Bengal game, let me know. Or go to one, I'll have Pitt/Brown tickets. Who Dey!
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    Men Only? I wanna join. I love knowing the male mind... where do i sign up
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    Status? My Boss when I worked For The Port Authority of NY&NJ....Thats would be a whole another post by it-self.
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    Well baby I am from Guyana, South America.. Are Irish eyes smiling at me?
  36. Done!
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    Will do. Give me the weekend to think on it. Current thought: "Be asshats here--not in the forums."
  38. All I see is "create a new group" so I am sure I'm in the wrong zip code.
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    You gotta accept the invite, first.
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    Do you see a "Post New Discussion" link?
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    You Are Just Way Funny...I love your posts
  42. I'll put it here lol


    Oh, you mean like this guy 'eh Kate?

    Sorry, CCers, the nation is HEAVILY trending Republican. Evidently you are in the 38% that think the nation is heading in the right direction. 61% believe otherwise.
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    Yeah, know what you mean about getting outside. It's great this time of year. I'm doing well, thanks for checking in.
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    Joe, how ya doing buddy? Stay tough friend, let us know how you're getting along.
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    Haha, thanks Joe How've you been?
  46. Your too cute! I love your posts! No decaf HA! Im with you on that one!
  47. You REALLY didn't KNOW!?

    C'MON JOE!!!

    But seriously, how DID you miss that one!
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    Well done, my friend, well done. =)
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  50. Yes we did sir! I don't want Corzine near Obama though, we need better nerds at each post.
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    We won!
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    I seen your post about Salem Hardware. I could meet you down there Tuesday afternoon.
    What do you think?
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