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    02-09-2020, 04:13 AM
    Zeus replied to a thread Seborrheic Dermatitis in Care
    If your Seborrheic Dermatitis is mainly in your scalp, looking like a severe case of dandruff with itchy red patches and flaky skin (dry or oily), I...
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    happy bday
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  3. No problem, I saw it on the sidebar and knew you hadn't seen it! Have a great day!
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    hugs, haven't forgotten you..think about u & pray every night actually. gotta catch up!
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    I hope you surgery goes well and that the recovery is quick and pain-free. All the best.
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    ....and the dr said what????
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    Great talking the other day. Hope the dr. had good stuff to tell ya. Now, don't forget my # again! Call whenever you're down friend!
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    Sorry, been wanting to get in touch every day..always something & never a huge lump of time for a covo. I hope your christmas was good!
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    zzzzz....Sorry, these pills are making me sleep all the time! Call me & wake me
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    Thanks sweetie, I posted about it. Damn it hurts bad. I think about you every day, promise. Now my bandage is coming off & I can't find anyone that carries the product I need--zeroform? guess I'll be going to hosp. for dressing change--ack!You'll be hearing from me tomorrow.
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    happy birthday
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    I called the other day. Your phone was really noisy & you couldn't hear me. I thought maybe it was the wound vac or something. I'll try back soon. Hope things are improving &you're keeping your sanity. Thinking about you & saying prayers.
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    I hope you're on the road to recovery, although it'll be slow. Good news? Thinking of you.
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    I'm sorry. I can only imagine your frustration.
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    Hey, been thinking about you but not by bizzare dreams. lol. How's everything going? Any progress? Hope so!

    Like the new pic..
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    Thanx babe!

    I had the craziest dream about you! You were scheduled to do an interview on the Today show regarding your recent stem cell treatment you. So I tuned in & to my surprise you were working out with no shirt but the kicker is that you had a mans chest & a super hairy body plus a beard. Weird...

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    Ha-Sunday gravy...I'll eat some lunch meat at dinner for ya!

    Yea, that was sad.

    Jersey Shore started last night, geez the drama.

    Have a good one--it's my b-day weekend, yay
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    Hoppe you enjoyed Growing up Twisted..I did. Atleast Deadliest Catch is now over & I didn't need a xanax to get me through the last episode, the others have been tearing my nerves up. I impressioned you last night talking about sauce & gravy & everyone cracked up, lol.

    btw, did you see where that crazy family w/ the 19 kids is starting back up Tues?
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    Good, already from stage 4 right? I'm praying about it, I know being stuck in bed sucks...

    Hope your van got fixed, I hate being w/o mine!
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    Hah-I've run up my minutes talking to out of town peeps about my sick cousin. No LD on the home phone...

    What did the dr. say, how's the bum?

    tried out a Quantum today, loved it & ordered one. Current chair sux!

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    Yea,it's 100 here..glad I decided to plan a yard sale-ack! I'm doing good, busy the way I like it.I'll give ya a call next week to see about the dr. appt., hope it'sgood news&you're still able to get up
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    How's it going? Been thinking 'bout ya & praying. Hugs............
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    bad, yet good news. just keep an eye on it b4 you're really stuck!
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    Sorry, my cell went dead on ya last night. I would say enjoy the weekend..but, hope you have some movies or a book. I'm SO shocked about Heath & it's killing me we never forgave each other over an argument. Yet another valuable lesson learned, life is TOO short. Much love to you, friend.
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    Bummer, I hope it's healing. Most likely tomorrow.
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    Let me know a good time to call is since the kiddies are out of school. I'm feeling chattier.
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    Thanks sweetie, same here. My health has taken a beating, I'm getting ready to post about it in a bit. I'm sorry I'm a bad friend when it comes to keeping up. Hugs back!How are you & the family lately?
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    I've really been thinking about you & we SO need to catch up. Luv ya sweetie!
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    Thanks sweetie. I hope you & the kiddies are doing too.
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    hi anty, hope your well. i haven't been in here for a year or more. i see a lot of new folks. thats the way it is, people move on..
  31. I am glad your doing ok this new year is shitty....when you feel better call hugs anty
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    Doing better all around...thank goodness! You know what a procrastinator I am w/ the phone, I'm a bad friend. My aircard broke & his netbook crashed so we hadn't had the net for awhile. I hope your NY has been going great, mine started rough w/ the surgery/complications but has since turned into a great one! mwah..
  33. How are you me...
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    Thanks sweetie..I'll feel much better when I don't need so many pills..ick. Otherwise, not perfect but much better. I get my staples out tomorrow-yay!hug back!
  35. Thanks Anty
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    Hey girl, he got it mixed up- you could've posted, however I only told a few peeps here. That was a rough surgery, dear God! I'm finally feeling better, get the pain pump taken 2morrow & may go home on Sat...I'm tired of this place!But so far, everything went perfect but sensory incomplete & spasms too don't make for a good experience. I don't think I'll regret it though, already feel healthier.
  37. Thanks Anty, thats great to know! I was worried. I guess I shouldnt be. But shes so sweet! Im glad. LMK if she needs anything, Thanks, Andrea
  38. Anty -
    Have you heard from Shannon? Just wanted to make sure she was feeling/doing well? Thanks, Andrea
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    You too woman. I'll give you a call in a few..hugs
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    That's great, can't wait to hear more & what ya did. I guess you'll be enjoying the kids home for awhile. Yea, you have a great holiday too & New Year..everybody loves new years I guess you'll hear from me sometime after the surgery..I should be in anywhere from 4-7 days, pray for 4 please, I hate those places but I should have my laptop too. Take care lady.
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    Hey, wanted to wish you some luck on that date tonight. Hopefully he'll be a better fit. I'm sure the single life is getting pretty boring but no need to just settle..again.
    Just a heads up, my surgery is set for the 5th, I go in on the 4th. Clear liquids is gonna ruin my NY eve but oh well, I'm a witts end here! You'll be my contact only if something goes wrong for here, if that's ok. Most of the other sci #'s I have are for people that refuse to come back here again. lol! Otherwise if things go as planned I'll still give you a heads up when I feel like it. Jeffy said he & his gf broke up..sounded like a shallow beotch though. Maybe we can hook up this summer somehow & make a trip to see him for a boat ride atleast...even if you had to stay here in Va a few days then off to Georgia, idk, we'll see...trips ain't easy these days!
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    Whoo hoo on the money..sorry about the guy tho...& he sounded so right!
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    And just how was it? Uh, details needed!
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    Good luck tomorrow, I hope you two have a WONDERFUL time. Don't gamble too much either! Check ur pm, I changed my addy again.
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    hey,it says it's pending?
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    sending again have a great weekend!
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    that was me that sent u the yahoo request
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    thanks, have you ever wondered if queen looks down from heaven ever now and then and yells, "change it, i made a typo!!!!"
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    your signature says ""For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness ""
    but shouldn't you lose 60 seconds of happiness?
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    Hi Anty, thanks for visiting my page. Did not have much info. on it. Working on that. Want to invite you to check out my new social network i started. . Hope you and your friends can join us. Hope to see you there soon. Takecare. Ray...
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    Hey woman.I hope you haven't held your breath for that phone do keep you in my thoughts!I hope all is well w/ you and the kids. Have you started dating again?
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    Yes, alot better.THANKS

    Getting ready for Topanga's b-day party tomorrow.
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    Hi Anty hope things are going well for you in this new year. Some day we will have to play a game of backgammon again. I taught Nevada how to play over the christmas hoildays and just like you he beats me like a drum.
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    hey i'm good you?
  55. Hi Anty thanks for starting my birthday thread! (sorry I am overdue with my thank you). I hope you and your kids had a nice Christmas. Best wishes to you all in 2009
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    hey anty whatsup?
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    I'm hung-over today. ugh.

    Cheers to 2009 sweetie!
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    Hey girl.
    Hope your christmas was good. Happy New Year.. I was wondering what the name of your bike is. I'm trying to get something in my home. thanks
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    Thanks for the Birthday message. Hope you had a good Christmas.
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    Merry Christmas
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    Merry Christmas sweetie!
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    have a great hoilday season and new year
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    Hey sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I haven't been on in a while. Privet message me with your number and a good time to call you. thanks so much.
  64. Nothing really went on at the doctors. Just got a referral to the wound clinic for my foot. I only get to see the practitioner and the doctor had already made the recommendation to see a urologist socially cannot change that to see the infectious doctor until she talk with him. Very little progress but some. Thanks for asking
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    I'm trying to get it together to give u a buzz. I couldn't on Fri. and I know you prefer mid mornings.That's usually when I'm getting Hugs Anty, thinking of you!
  66. Well you found me Tony !!!!!!
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    hey girl Im just here sitting around looking for you!
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    You're welcome,

    I'm happy for you.You and I will have to have a CC
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    Thanks Anty,

    Do you need a quad glove?I got mine through SpinLife.
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    Did u do anythiong fun? I'm gonna call u tomorrow,will u be home?
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    I hope you're doing good girl!
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    Hi Anty,
    I started the 4-ap I'm not sure if it's helping much. I have had some increase in feeling. But not much more. I'm not sure what to expect. What kind of results did you get? It is making me sleep better and that's a plus. I'm up to 30mg a day. Anything you can share would be helpful... Thanks
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    Hello sweetie! Are the kiddies ready for Halloween? I'm going as a girl in a
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    of course i will be your friend
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