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    Are they going to be free fights or pay-per-view? I'm too cheap to pay and watch.
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    what!! I didnt do anything!
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    Hi Gunnslinger
    Sky ate a rock that wouldn't pass so she had to have an operation to remove the rock. She is doing well but still has a bucket on. She gets it off on Thursday. I bought a used TiLite ZRc and added the FreeWheel. We got a chance to try it out a few times before her operation. The combo is so nice. Light weight and smooth and safe. I am adding lights in back and a flag so cars won't run us over when we are in parks. My wife and I and Sky are going on vacation soon. We will be near Armstrong State Reserve - it gets very dark in the redwoods even during the day - so I am thinking lights are needed. I'll try to get pics and post them.
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    Perhaps it was stopped early, but Fedor was given an unwelcome gift. He would have been clobbered and possibly maimed.
    I don't really have any mma favorites, I just like good fights.
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    glad to be of some use
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    post! fo'sho! yeah I'm in pain too. I must have slept walked/rolled and sat in some stinging nettles!
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    I assume you mean for the profanities, sorted it. Laters!
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    Bowels: flip you! lmao. Same to you, hope you get to the bottom of it all and have some relief. Have a good day G'slinger sir :-)
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    the one about cleaning? yeah I told jake if he wanted a clean house then he needs to hire a maid. I dont think he believed me
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    You rang?
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    Haha! I'm glad you saw it then!!! (: I'm hoping to get out this season!
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    Do they get that cold in the freezer? Bahaha!
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    Are you needing a 'pass' for the rest of the night? You got it!!!
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    Studying what...this forum? lol I know you needed a mental break...lots of them! Good luck on your exams! Don't forget to study!!!!!
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    It's Sat. night....why aren't you out having fun ?
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    Sup, how's it going? You get my PM?
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    lol dohhhh! i was having a blonde moment. I can now see loads of BB comments lmao. dooofus.
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    No problem! how come it has been deleted though? is it due to the diagram I posted? oh well we know it made a really riveting read though hey ;;; haha
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    Is this experience talking?
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    I just read a post from Simon on FB ...APPLZ has a new server and should be up in a few days!
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    Ha're a senior and I'm just a junior.....
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    I'm glad to see you learned something from me. Thanks for the welcome...but what happened to my friend request?
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    lol well the guy rubbed me the wrong way sense I was newly injured and having issues with my husband. So I just wanted to let him know that the incompletes have some of the same issues.
  24. It ain't over til it's over!!!!!!!!
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    How can I avoid you when I can't even find you???
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    LAV told me about this site.
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    Tcaps it is. I like that. Todd told me why no all caps. But i ain't givin' up.
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    Now I have one more friend...
  29. A little history of SpineWire/Cando/CareCure (since you asked):

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    Hahaha I keep forgetting to check will you find me if you've never seen me in person??
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    How you doing?
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    Good luck man. When i get them questions i just make up a story like, i saved some kids in a cross walk from a runaway bus, they be ok but the bus clipped me and busted my back. Just make some stuff up,
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    Thanks man, i don't think yous crazy.....just really out pluto....just kiddin' man. Keep yer guns, keep yer guns. P.s. Keep yer guns.
  36. Lavender....I can't hear you....there is water in my ears.
    Gunnslinger8 love ya too.
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    Ah...luv you do make a splash don't you? :-) you've been avoiding the
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    Thanks for the compliments. You sound pretty cool too. I'd put you on my list of members I' d like to get to know better.
  39. Something will come through but sure those latinas are nice and I must say, all women have their ways and if you have a chance to travel, go to puerto rico and enjoy. I would love it if I could travel the world not have to worry bout nothing. Have a great day and thx for the support in the drama of what many go through.
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    Hi Gunnslinger8. I'm not sure I am doing this right - so who knows where this will be posted. Re taking a service dog into a restaurant, I am with your friend. I would rather leave my dog in the Van (if it is cool enough) and then bring her a treat from the restaurant if she hasn't already eaten the Van. Of course she is 87 pounds and a wild beast - maybe that is why I don't want to take her into the restaurant.
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    You are welcome buddy, yea for sure we gotta talk
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    There are a lot of tutorials on the web, Gunnslinger. You can learn anything if you have the time and the perseverance. I myself am burned out with coding, and I'm back into construction. Good luck amigo.
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