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    Hi Obione, I will be sending same message to Kate.
    Can you please do your part in allowinng 2Mur2 into the private caregiver forum. Our marriage is on shaky ground right now, he needs support from others that are in a similar situation. I am hoping and praying this private forum will help him,he is very confused wants to stay with me in our marriage but at the same time doesn't know if he can handle or deal with the disabilty issues and barriers. He has moved out and is trying to decide where to go from here. He wants to take this time away to see if he can committ to our marriage and situation for the rest of his life.
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    Hi Obieone, I am trying to log into the Private Caregivers Forum. I believe I have checked all the right boxes and would like to know how i proceed from here. I am the Husband/Caregiver for Ibi. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you
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    Hi, his username is 2Mur2, he did check a bunch of boxes but he is not sure if he did everything right so here is his username. Thanks ibi
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    sorry to hear about your loss, obie :/
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    I am a quad level C6, married 30 years, in chair for 24 years. Is there any other couples that are experiencing struggles as to my disability after all the years married. We have overcome so many obstacles and challenges in our lives together. He is sometimes feeling he is done with the dealing with the disability. He still loves me very much but is at a point where he is wondering "what about me" Can he continue living with me and all the barriers for the rest of his life? He misses the able bodied me and still wishes he could do things with me together that we used to do. He has chosen not to do things because I can't experience it with him. He says he doesn't resent me in any way. But he does resent the chair said our therapist. How can I help him. He is so torn he feels he is damned if he leaves and damned if he stays. If anyone can help or your spouse has gone or is going through this we really need help.
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    sorry- will post as pm.
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    ( )
    Hello, I am cythiaabure,
    How are you? hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health. Please I went through your profile and i read it and took interest in it, please if you don't mind i will like you to write me on this ID ( ) hope to hear from you soon, and I will be waiting for your mail because i have something VERY important to tell you.
    Lots of love
  8. Hello hope i am in the right place i was directed to u for a request to join the private caregivers group , i give care to my husband incomplete quad c5 c6 c7, hope to hear soon thanks alot peacegirl_11
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    Thanks for deleting that post for me! I knew it was a spammer and seem's like we had not had that much trouble with them lately but maybe they're making a come back.
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    Hi Obieone -
    I requested to join the private caregivers group around the end of July. My 26 year old daughter has a T12/L1 SCI. I'm not sure if I was approved or how to access the group.

    Thank you for your help,
    Lynne LaJeunesse
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    So what’s 2.5 years among friends? I always have appreciated your kind words in my very first VM, though I didn't realize at the time how to respond to them. One of my life mantras is that it never is too late, so I thought I'd visit and say thanks for your note, and your general contributions to my daily life. I always count on you for both wisdom and a chuckle.
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    Hi Obie - Thanks for adjusting the size of the pic I posted earlier - I appreciate the help!
  13. I owe you a reply to a private message....will write that tonight. But wanted to say your grandson is adorable. I especially loved the fur hat shot I hope you are enjoying every moment of him!
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    Happy birthday!
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    thank you honey
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    Oh my gosh-this bird will outlive us unless we live as long as your MIL! He is only 5.
    I liked hearing about "Cheeky." George is a smart bird,it only took him a couple of weeks to train me.
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    Hi Obieone, I don't know if I'm in the right forum or not. I saw that this was for caregivers so I joined. Please advise if this is not the place for me.
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    Happy Birthday, Obie!! Sending big, big birthday hugs your way! Hope it hasn't started snowing back home yet......
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    Hi Obie - Have seen some of your posts. I like what you say! I am your age and have been caregivers to my twin para daughters for 20 years. Is there a special site for caregivers of para's? Thanks

  20. Hi, as moderator, is there anything you can do as moderator to stop the childish feuding between Rehabrino and Markpals on this thread? I tried a subtle approach without success.

    Help - C5/6 Husband - Relationship

    I am afraid it is going to drive a hurting person away. Thanks. 55
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    I wasn't watching when echo fell from his mothers underside but I saw the seek of it, so sad. I haven't been watching it much today just to sad to watch the parents calling for their baby. You have turned me into an addict also since you posted that link. Since then I have found a link to a hummingbird nest lol. Spending too much time watching birds
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    Thanks for the link you posted in a thread with the eagle cam I have been watching it when I can. I didn't know there were live cams like that.
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    No, thank you for being my friend, and prayer warrior. I felt them going up. I'm kinda busy waiting on a phone call. Again thank you.
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    Hi Obieone,

    All is pretty much OK here. I can't wait for spring. I can see some of my flowers coming up. I just hope they don't bloom too early and get attached by a cold snap or frost. Hope you are hanging in too.
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    Obie, just noticed the thread about bills sore. So sorry that you all are going through all this again. Seems like it doesn't end huh?

    Hang on in there. I know, I know, easier said than done. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sending you hugs and kisses.
  26. Hey you ...... you little .... bug ..... errrrr !! Bundle up it's a gonna get cold again!! !!

  27. Hi MOM!
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    Just saying hi.
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    Btw. please let me know if the link didn't work.
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    Hello Obie, just wanted to check with you at this time. Have been thinking of you and Bill. Hope things are getting better for you all.
    Also wanted to give you this link to check into from our house to yours.


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    Obie, couldn't find your post about Bill from last week...any change and did you get him to the doctor? Been thinking of you...
  32. Thank you so much for the wonderful Pinky and the Brain video you posted for me. I loved it! It made me smile I hope you and your family are doing well. Please also say hi to Julie for me.
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    Obie thank you so much. All that matters is that people saw through it even if he tried to play it off as a joke. Just requested to have mine locked too. It started to get nasty with his replies in there too. That wasn't my point in starting it but I guess I should have known better with him provoking others too.

    Again thanks. Life goes on.
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    Hey, thanks for reply. This is cool. Thanks to Esteban, we got things going.

    Hope things are going well for you and yours. Hugs back to ya.
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    I know, before we just had threads, this is full blown social networking! I don't use Facebook or Myspace, but I like what I see here at CC so far.
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    Roger, roger one-niner. We hear you. You have a go to press the red button.
  37. It's taken me a bit, too, but I'm starting to like it. As Sjean wrote me earlier, CC has gone all Facebook on us. LOL
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    Allow me to be the first to leave a message for the lovely and warm-hearted Obieone. I'm so glad you put up your pic on your avatar - I was sure you had a great face!
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