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    Yesterday, 07:40 PM
    Double-sided forks are stronger, hence that's why the single-sided forks are not an option on TiLite frames for users >300 lbs.
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    Yesterday, 04:08 PM
    stephen212 replied to a thread Insurance and wheels in Equipment
    Interesting, I've never had anyone order a shorter frame depth before.
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    Yesterday, 02:53 PM
    stephen212 replied to a thread Insurance and wheels in Equipment
    As others have already said, yes they still generate CAD drawings. Many DMEs don't share them with the customer which makes no sense. At Bike-On, we...
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    04-16-2019, 10:47 PM
    metronycguy replied to a thread Spinal cord stimulater in Pain
    there is a new one that is suppose to work on the ganglion nerve roots , after 2 implanted SCS with no success, i prefer the probable success of the...
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    04-12-2019, 01:02 PM
    dnvrdave replied to a thread Torn Fingernails in Care
    No, I use a power wheelchair. As a quad I cannot wear gloves. I used to use push cuffs with a manual wheelchair; they have no fingers.
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    04-10-2019, 12:40 PM
    dnvrdave started a thread Torn Fingernails in Care
    I keep tearing the fingernail on the middle finger of my right hand, and I don't know how (since I have no feeling in it). It's been as bad as...
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    04-10-2019, 12:28 PM
    dnvrdave replied to a thread Roho cushions. in Equipment
    Yes, it will work the same sideways. But just make sure it's wide enough too. Personally, I don't even like it when there's a gap on the side and...
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    04-06-2019, 11:42 AM
    Go Joni, go! I love the strength and attitude as God can make anything possible!!!!!
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  • stephen212's Avatar
    04-05-2019, 08:54 PM
    Some of you may remember Chris Uzal (CC: radio_buddha) as a prolific contributor to the Equipment forum some time ago. I just came upon a post on...
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    04-05-2019, 06:08 PM
    Oldtimer replied to a thread 44 Years Today in Life
    Keep on doin what you been doin, it's never easy!
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    04-04-2019, 02:19 PM
    I owned a Zoid many years ago. While I never had any pressure issues with it, I recall feeling (or fearing, anyway) that I was bottoming out in it....
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  • stephen212's Avatar
    04-04-2019, 02:16 PM
    The Stimulites compress -- conform to your butt -- over time, and not usually a lot of time, so something's softening. Perceiving it is another...
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  • dnvrdave's Avatar
    04-04-2019, 12:09 PM
    I've been using E&J (Everest and Jennings) shower commode wheelchairs for over 30 years. I just bought a new seat from MedEx Supply (mail order,...
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    04-01-2019, 01:52 PM
    For sure, fresh out of the box the Sport model will definitely be firmer than the Smart of Classic (with XS top top layer) BUT after a few weeks of...
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    03-29-2019, 07:50 PM
    Oldtimer replied to a thread Faking a High Injury in Life
    There was a Mark Pals on here, seemed like his whole family was ailing from something or other, all fake and got caught.
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    03-25-2019, 09:53 AM
    Oldtimer replied to a thread 32 years. in Life
    Keep on making memories and God bless your mom!
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    03-23-2019, 07:58 PM
    In post #1 the OP states, "I was on the intermittent catheter. I want to go to SPC." Want, not must. I have quad paws and have been doing self cath...
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  • GoTWHeeLs's Avatar
    03-23-2019, 01:13 PM
    Any updates from the people that were pursuing surgery? I’m looking for a surgeon...I have HO in my hips and riddled through my back...and it’s...
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    03-23-2019, 10:29 AM
    You will be far less prone to bladder/kidney infections by staying with intermittent cath. I don't understand why you would want to risk that with...
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    03-19-2019, 10:11 AM
    Has anyone else noticed that the bottom seal is sometimes not sealed, around the valve? I've tested with water when the bag is new, and it sometimes...
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  • dnvrdave's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:32 AM
    I use them for 2 weeks. I never have a problem with them leaking due to usage (even when I let them get too full). BUT sometimes they are defective....
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    Hey! How are you?!
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    Hey Betheny,
    M son is stationed at Vance for the next year. What's OK like?
    My goal is finding a handicapped camper to rent and visit him.
    Cheer, Steve
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    Hi Betheny...I like your knowledgeable and insightful posts. If you're bored, feel free to message me at KP1996 on Yahoo Messenger.
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    was trying to send you a pm, wrong place,
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    you're totally cool, love all your posts. You're like the big sister 'round here.
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    Hey Beth, Just wanted to say hello. And that I care. We miss you here and on FB. I'm hoping to see you again in October in Irvine. Take care,
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    Hope your feeling better.
  8. love your attitude

    peter f
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    i'm new to this site and saw it's your b'day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    i am looking for females to share stories with. i'm a c4/5 . whats your level? if you feel like it give me a line.

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    betheny i am deeply sorry for your recent tragedy. i was popping into cc over the summer but was not on for long and didnt read a lot if any of the posts. i just found out about it, dont know what happened, just saw a posting where your father was calling you a widow wife. like you needed that and very hurtful and inappropriate especially considering the very short time frame. you dont need tough love, you have been there. i am deeply sorry, with the graves and everything else in your life, this i am sure floored you as it would any of us.
    peace and keep writing, i wish i could write , but i seem to have lost that focus , i have to learn to talk on the phone more as i know few locals that have a clue.
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    Hey beth, sorry to here about your bubby passing a while back. I hope you are doing good. it has been a while since I last posted but I do check in from time to time. I have a new computer and am trying to learn all it can do. the screen looks a lot different than my old one so I have no idea of what I am
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    Beth, PM me
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    Thanks for the advice
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    Thou hast a game waiting at Facebook.

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    Just wanted to say that I love you, lady. Please let me know if you need anything.
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    Hey Betheny! Please call me asap. Phone # is in private message I just sent.
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    so is it bass you want to play? that is cool if so, I am hoping though you will start with dulcimer or ukulele. look on youtube for beginning dulcimer and let me know if you are interested.
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    A friend and his wife have just been in laden with fish and chips, after the four of us had eaten ourselves silly there were still a couple of portions left. I thought of you but couldn't work out a way to ship them to OK still warm, sorry:-(
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    Your "spoon theory" is amazing!! thanks for sharing it!
  20. hi Beth, happy super souper lol late birthday and still looking good
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    hey betheny , happy birthday! sorry i am late. good to see you back,
  22. Thanks for you post in the thread about my friend's son. I really appreciated it.
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    Thank's for the donation Betheny. You're awesome!
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    I was not sure if you read my reply to my salad recipe but you can use any kind of meat. Pork chops would work well. I hope you try and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know
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    Hi Beth, it's a minute past midnight here 4/11/09 so have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  26. I think I'll ask Steven if I can write one and they'd make it a Sticky. Need to do it before summer travel season gets here. And I need cspanos to write up that awesome island he stayed on, where he was sitting on a deck and looking at the Great Barrier Reef.

    Flying to Australia...There's a Great Barrier, if you ask me. I keep telling myself "If Dogger could do it, you can too." And Dogger made that flight solo. But he was a great deal tougher than me. That Barrier Reef is taunting me. "Here I am, but you've never seen me, nah nah nah nah nah. And you call yourself a scuba diver..."

    I wish Dogger was here to egg me on. Damn I miss him!
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    Good idea re. the trip report and especially the template for the hard of writing.

    Pictures of obvious bear traps like your corrugated slope and sand pit would be a great help as well, I spend ages squinting at pics. in brochures trying to judge gradients and the like, invariably it's worse/better than I thought, the photographer has to be a wheeler to get a meaningful shot.
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    I can't believe you were surprised when a hot guy hit on you, look at your avatar and "study more" (I do miss him sometimes)!

    Bummer re. the diving but the island sounds heavenly and I can't wait to see the pics.
  29. PS Timaru-A hot guy macked on me in the Atlanta airport. Said "You are a DOLL. Do you ever go to DC? Would you call me?" I said I would, if not for that pesky husband. He was a gentleman so apologized profusely. OMG, I needed that! And I think I need to wear more halter tops, senorita skirts and suntans-Age be damned!
  30. Didn't get to dive, as Jill was poorly and it was windy as hell. It was Mardi Gras Week on this little Caribbean island, just a village really, 8 miles off the coast of Cancun. Island name = Isla Mujeres. It is 1/2 mile wide, and 4 miles long, and the residents look like Mayan Indians. (Because they are!) Little English spoken, got to practice my Spanish. Lots of community parades, and bright colors (the theme was Cubano!) The MOST relaxing vacay ever. Photos coming soon!
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    Hey - you're back, I've missed your posts, rumor has it that you've been diving in Mexico, if so where are the pics?

    Your public awaits!
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    Hey you been hiding? not seen much of you lately! Oh Merry Christmas freind!!
  33. View Conversation
    hey bethany, i have seen yr posts so i know u have been around. just wanted to know i was thinkin about u....i pray for u and your son and family still. Is he doin ok these days??

  34. View Conversation
    dear betheny,
    very sorry for your troubles. If you were meaning adi, I think he has made effort to change in the last couple of weeks. I notice he isnt trying to disrupt threads, and his comments have changed in nature. this thing with jhope will probaly affect him more than you might think.
    ms Betheny, you have been like a shiney little flower in the muddy of field of life. your posts have made a real difference in my frame of mind. Im sure Im not the only one who feels that way. please dont change a thing about the way you post. you have a wonderful personality, and wisdom. please know that you have been a huge supporting stone in the c.c. city of hope. right up there with Dr young and the sci nurses. hang in there. and dont worry so much about buttheads.
  35. I'll have to tell you about my brother's funeral. I know it was funny, because of one of our dearest friends leaned up against the wall of the church, slapping his knee, tears of mirth streaming down his face. Due to circumstances it was hard for me to laugh, but it IS a great story.
  36. View Conversation
    If they make a scene, you'll survive anyway. It was a proud day for me, on my wedding day. Mom yelled across the yard at Dad "Frank, it's good to see you're still an ASSHOLE!" (She had a stroke, has no filters.)

    I laugh about it now.

    And now I'm laughing about it! PRICELESS!
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    Well, f*** that then!
  38. Mimi-Don't attribute it to me, pls. I'm backsliding already.
  39. View Conversation
    "Better humans don't curse." Can I quote you on that?
  40. View Conversation
    Oh just whenever you get around to it. I'm not in a huge hurry. I'll email it later. Thanks!
  41. Sure will! When do you need it by?
  42. View Conversation
    Oh, I love Dr. Drew. That man is a stud.

    Hey, I have a favor to ask. If I email you this cover letter and career goals thing I have to write, will you give me your thoughts? I need someone else's opinion.
  43. Ashley-will do. Pls don't send me crabbs!
  44. View Conversation
    hey betheny...would you mind bumping your send your ex crabs thread? I can't seem to find it, and want to share the link thanks!
  45. PJ Case aka Dingo wasn't invited, to my great distress. But yes, I've been to Minneapolis and got home last night. Whew, that was a lonnngggg drive! Well worth it; we got a lot of organization type work done and I feel great about the progress made. I am exhausted, though! I just got back from taking my lil pajama case to the park. He's working on forgiving me for my desertion. Steve says Dingo CLUNG to him while I was gone, actually slept ON his legs. That made me laugh. When Dingo wants to make sure I can't leave without him, he sits on my wheelchair. Equally effective!
  46. View Conversation
    Are you and the pajama case (sorry Dingo) on the road yet?
  47. Jeff from Taxi is back and more messed up. His g/f Vicki is in treatment after she kicked him in his back five times after his fourth surgery. Total crazy bitch. She's next door in another wing so won't be there all the time, thank God.
    -Gary Bussey is there and thinks he's part of the "staff" to help people. He thinks he's clean and suber, but he's been smoking pot so go figure. Bussey has what appear to be behavioral probs from his head injury. It's that or psych probs or both.
    -Tawny Kittaen.
    -Sean Stewart, Rod's son.
    --Rodney King.
    Some model who's been doing drugs with her Mom. --A season 1 American Idol 3rd runner up who got into substances after AI and hit it hard when her Mom died after they partied together about a year ago.
    -The guy who was kicked out of Guns n Roses for drugs. (Yeah, let THAT one sink in a bit.)

    Bussey's the crazy as hell wild card so far. Dude is annoying and hasn't a clue.
    I love Dr. Drew and especially Shelley. You have to love Shelley. Maybe you can catch it before next week because they usually air it again before the new episode each week.
    Hope you're doing well B. I miss you Girl.
  48. I highly regret missing that. Who are the Drunks du Annum?
  49. Hey B. Don't know if you're on your trip yet, but Dr. Drew hits it again tonight with Celeb Rehab on VH1 at 10 p.m. Eastern. Just passing it along. Hope all is well with you.
  50. NOOOO! I'm your enemy!!!!!

    LOL, of course. If I ever figger out the point, I shall inform you!
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    Yer agreeable to me friend request, me duckie?
  52. LOL, dunno, I'm soooo confused!
  53. View Conversation
    Is there a tutorial we can sign up for about using this new format?
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