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    I like your new b&w pic.
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    It's difficult to find a good acupuncturist who has experience in SCI in both the USA and China -- but a bit easier in China. I know for certain that it works for stroke patients. As mentioned, for spinal cord injury, it works better with lower-level injuries than high-level injuries such as my Dad -- much to my sadness, my acupuncturist was not optimistic about my Dad. He told me that the most he could do is to help strengthen my Dad's body and to help with the swelling in my Dad's body (not the spinal cord) -- so, he didn't feel that he could do much help due to the "metal" in his neck and missing bones.

    Frankly, to do a good treatment, it requires treatments every 2-3 days apart.

    I can recommend a good acupuncturist to you if you're ever in China.
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    Hi Mr. Coffee,

    I read that you visited the acupuncturist -- did you have good results? Just wondering, cuz I wanted to get a good one to see my Dad.

    I know of a very good acupuncturist in China - he and other docs have had success with paras -- much to my grief, it's less optimistic with higher level injuries on vents. It's difficult to find experienced acupuncturists in the USA.
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    Hi Mr. Coffee,

    Sorry for the late reply. I'm not very forum-literate.

    It is now almost three months -- I will tell my Dad what you did. Did you put your hand on something and try to move it? Gosh, anything else?

    Just wondering, did you have any flicker of movement during the three months? When I tell the doctors that others (I spoke to another woman who claimed that it took 3. 5 mos) have moved after three months (prior "nothing"), they don't believe me -- and claim that there was probably a bit of movement.

    Were you in a rehab facility?

    I've been trying foot massages, range of motion... I recently got a little toy with wheels so that he can roll it back and forth.

    Thank you so much for your kind advice.
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    Dear Mr. Coffee - I am also in San Francisco. I read that you regained function after two months. My Dad had a compressed spinal cord C3-C4, and the Doctors are saying that if he hasn't moved in three weeks, that he will never regain any functionality. Sorry to bother you, but is it possible for me to contact you and ask you about your recovery so that I can tell my Dad.
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    Happy birthday !!
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    ahem. new grime beats @
    and new dubstep beats @
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    Hmmm? saw you visited my page...dont know why or when exactly, but just wanted to say hello. You seem like a cool ass cat Stay having fun, and friend me if ya want...
    lol Mr. coffee. Cool screen name.
  9. tee hee
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  11. <3
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    fyi: the facebook link in your sig fails.
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    Can we make love, via my new membership to menz grope?
  14. that made me violent.
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    i need to get the back and cushion for it, been super busy ...sc2 w/ wise, etc...
  16. haha
    Turd Ferguson.
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    hi, im new, just passin by and your username appeared on my screen, what does this mean?
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    BTW, got my chair. How are your anti-tippers going?
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    They see me creepin', they hatin'.........
  22. Appreciate your posts here, you're a good egg.
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    I am in Fresno......u r in the bay area right???? Looks like u found u a CA beauty....she is lovely!
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    Hey how you been?? howz CA treatin ya??
  25. ooohhh Imma creepin'!
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    I'll run you right off the track, kid.

  27. Eight...TEEN!!!
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    scale of 1-10; how mad?
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    hey dude..
    seems like ur pretty popular on ccc! haha

    u seem to be enjoying life... i gotta get my self to do so as well
  30. You're a good egg, man, thanks for your posts especially in the current thread.
  31. U + Donz = one cute couple
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    ED med fueled sword fight in our future
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    you caught me. lululululul. pznerd
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    Hey, I was looking around and noticed your post for a while back about what therapy place to go to. I was just wondering if you ever did go to one and which on you went to? I go to Project Walk now and have for the past 2 years give or take and its right in Carlsbad. I remember you saying that you were somewhere in Cali..I memory is horrible. anyways, let me know,cause if you were to go to PW now they would LOVE you.
  35. Merrrrr.... HARROW. Jupitah says, "Merci pour le poisson."

    Thats thank you in french. lolz
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    you's a trollin
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    I have not been to Japan, but Japan is the island, it is definitely inconvenient for wheelchair there, and I live in Qingdao, as is the Castle, wheelchair inconvenient! But it can conquer the difficulties, I could not even go to China in Tibet, it was a mountainous area about 5,000 meters above sea level running, so I would like Japan to the road infrastructure should not be too many obstacles, I support you travel!
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    My pleasure and you become friends
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    Hello Mr. Coffee, Thx for the tip, I just went to and will look more closely. I updated my profile and have a lot to learn. I noticed you fitness pursuits and applaud them. Since my injury I to have worked on walking, swimming, and cycling (recumbent). I am also on what may be an eternal quest to complete 20 Pullups in a single set, I've been working on it for 3 years now and am at 18.
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    Hey Corey! You married that girl yet?
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    Aww @donz pic been wondering where he has been. You have grown up to be quite the cutie..just want to pinch them cheekers of yours!!! Nintendo all the way baby!!
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    i just got new stickas for mah helmet
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    Not yet, we are in May.
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  45. Mwa!

  46. Hunnie DO NOT.
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    it's a turquoise boarder btw. get 1 nigga
  48. lol Haskell can't be worse than C++ can it? Sad thing is I actually took C++ way back in my first year of university like 10 years ago. Apparently I either have a really bad memory, or I obviously learned nothing the first time around haha. I worked on a stupid electrical bill assignment for a week and it still wouldn't compile. I just said screw it and handed it in full of bugs. Prof won't be happy. But in the battle of the wills, C++ slew me.

    How come you aren't on my friend list already? I sent ya a request. Feel free to refuse the request
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    look at this vagina
  50. Hey Cory, I haven't been on here very much for the past few months but I wanted to say congrats on the big cross country move and starting your job at Cisco. You rock
  51. you guys are swell ha
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    beautiful couple
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    you and and julie are really a cuutttee couple.. all the best to the both of you
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    Mid-Cal, LOL. I just moved out to Santa Cruz. If I am not mistaken, you are in the San-Hoe area. We should hook-up for a bite or a coffee.
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    Ha!!!!! Oh Man Corey, I had one gal rip me for it and told me she would NOT be friends with that picture and I said "Sorry Mam it stays!!!" I don't know whats worse having it like that or having one you can see and know it is just dead...... kinda like mine!! Lol
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    Exactly what you think!!!!!!! yeah it's a guy's pecker after he pissed on some live wires. kinda gives a new meaning to taking care of it know what I mean!!! Good conversation piece though! Lol
  57. "So again I will reiterate I'm getting a mac so I can get a sticker and talk about my mac to julie. We can discuss how compatiable we are and how uncool our other friends are for not having a mac."

    Your post made me laugh so hard. THAT is why I wuve you.
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    for my boyfriends work and to say that lived in LAS VEGAS!! Can't complain
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    how long did it take for you to learn to walk on the crutches.
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    Hey, I never noticed that you were hurt 8 days after me! Crazy!! And I lived in socal about 10 min from you. I was Oceanside I sure miss Cali, the BEACH, and the kick ass weather..
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    medical marijuanna is legal in cali........ ur a walkin goldmine for that,,, its proven to totally relieve spasms , plus its an alternative to pain meds, and cheaper,,,, some doc`s dnt approve but alot do.... id call a doc in u closest major city,,,, scedule an appoinment for pain management and say ,, i have pain,bad spasems, and i moved here for herbal treatment... just dnt sound like a young trouble maker and u`ll be good
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    thats y im planning on moving thee after school
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    i mean legally..... obv. not legal to sell
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    i dnt wanna cause trouble,,, but in a hesrtbeat u could smoke weed.. or sell it for some serious money
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    how waas the move?
  66. <3 You make me smile!
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    hey.......just checkin in. did u ever make it out to Cali??

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    thanks for friendin my ass
    i didnt know u can get chicks on this site.. i gotta get on more...
    but,,,,,, im from pa ,scranton(home of the office)
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    Just logged-in and saw you thread. Congrats, stud. I'll keep in touch with you when you get up into the YAY Area.
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    hey mate, im shane how u going. Im a walking quad too. longer distances i still need to use my chair a fair bit. Noticed a few pics of you on one of the forums? what do u do to keep fit. I swim three days a week that helps me but id like to improve my abs more. do u have facebook?

  71. Julie-Bug + MrCoffee= eternal love
  72. Nom Nom Nom, Nom Nom Nom!
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    If you want a big city feel you can look at San Jose...most likely you'll be right in Silicon Valley and San Jose is the biggest city around there. If you want small town, the closest you're gonna get is Milpitas. That's still probably bigger than you had in mind. It's all good, though, if you can get by the high real estate prices, everything out here is pretty cool.
  74. Cory Sanchez JR. will be here any day now. So save your hunger!! NOM NOM NOM
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    San Jose is nice. There's going to be a lot more choices as to what to get based on your budget. Shit man, you can always buy a house if you got a lil nest egg saved up. What's the city like where you live now? Are you going to want something similar to that out here?
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    Hey fucker, you movin to Cali anytime soon? I'll be moving south to Santa Cruz in July or sometime before...I'll be finishing up my PhD at UC Santa Cruz. Did you say you're looking at the San Jose area or somewhere around there?
  77. So nice of you.
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    Just sent you a request on 360 sorry I took 4 ever I forgot you sent me your gamertag I should get CoD4 back today and Halo soon my brother-in-law can't get off of it lol
  79. Rooooaaaa! My little fluffy face lover muffin!
    DONKAY! I would MOST love to gives you a polar bear outfit! Try this one on for size! Note: Will aid in cushioning when falling from broken crutch.

  80. BAAAA

    i IS a muffin of love!

    ...but YOU are a DOZEN MUFFINS OF LOVE!
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    I am playing GOW2 now I let my buddy borrow halo 3. I was thinking of getting World at War is it really good?
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    I got and xbox 360 to dogg so hit me up what games do you play online? I am always down to get down on the box just hit me up. Latez
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    I think they yanked might have to watch it in halves on MegaVideo (it's one of the links on there).
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    Hey bro...if you haven't seen it yet, check out Gran Torino:
  85. ummmm....
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    Happy New Year!
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    Merry Christmas
  88. Merry Christmas Cory!

    Now get Halo up and running and we shall battle!
  89. mhm we shall! Until our eyes dry up and we fall asleep with the controllers still in hand!
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    hey man, just wanted to wish u a Happy Holiday season. Look me up when u get to Cali n good luck

  91. oh em gee cory we are bff's now!!!
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    depends were u movin, i live in lemoore. 7 miles long, and its not. im movin 3 vegas its a lot better in the bigger cities... were u movin?
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    Thanks Cory. It's from a while back but it always makes me smile so I use it.
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    Hey Cory, I'm Nat. Got any pets yourself. 1 dog 1 cat here.
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    its different out there but very accessable. and good public transportation. I cant wait for you to tell us about your new adventures.
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    no, I dont know where that is. I moved from San Diego to Montgomery county pa in 91. Iv always hated it here and im kinda jealous your moving to cali. I cant wait to hear what its like out there now. when I moved there were no jobs, and the gangs and homeless made it impossible to be safe.
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    wheres Brockway Mr coffee?
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    owis the empi focus?? have not looked into that 1 yet
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    hey did u ever look into the L300 bioness to help with yr walkin, was readin up on it last night and saw some of yr posts on it. thanks

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    Hey baby
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