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    02-11-2020, 10:07 PM
    Does anyone know of any way in MS Word to reset the default width of the navigation pane? The current default is too big and takes up too much of my...
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    02-11-2020, 07:34 PM
    CareCure ever abounds with heroes. Thanks guys!
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    01-29-2020, 01:01 AM
    Forgive me for forgetting. I think I’m on SSDI? The one you get after working enough. Does that revert to regular Social Security at age 65? It seems...
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    01-27-2020, 09:59 PM
    MikeC replied to a thread Just got a Suprapubic. in Care
    JJ5389 what was the procedure like for the suprapubic? How long did it take, how long was your activity limited, was driving limited, etc. I?ve...
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    01-27-2020, 09:46 PM
    MikeC replied to a thread Sudden Urination in Care
    Thanks nurse. I take 6 docusate sodium daily (2 at each meal) and fibercon daily. I’ve had an enlarged prostate for many years. Thanks for the...
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    01-22-2020, 10:15 PM
    MikeC replied to a thread Sudden Urination in Care
    Thanks drutland. I only took dulcolax once and don’t plan on taking it again because it caused diarrhea. I was taking something to help me sleep -...
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    It went fine. I've ben on and off them several times, still can't say that they work more than 4 aspirins.
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    Hey Doug, hope you had a good time in Myrtle Beach. I'm originally from Wilmington NC so used to go there a lot. Of course it's changed a lot since I was a teenager. I'm doing well - working alot which I guess is a good thing. How are you doing? I'm due for a colonoscopy but keeping putting it off - have you had one? Let me know if you are going to be in Florida next year.
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    Thank you Duge! I can't believe it has been 18 year! I'm doing fantastic. Hope you are doing great as well.
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    No Pokes on here like So i am gonna Poke you-----> POKE!! lol
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    I always think about my CC friends from time to time. I haven't been on here for a while. ... I hope u had a merry Xmas & happy new year...
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    hey Duge, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii how are you. I am really back to my normal self again. Who would have though..... I hope your doing well
    xo, Deb
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    yeah, I have noticed there is alot of good info on here!! and no I have never even heard of that park! ha
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    Hi, sunman is a small town.... Its about an hour and fifteen min from indy and 45 min from cincinnati!
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    Hey Doug, saw your visitor message. I guess this is the right way to reply. I'm getting over a round with a herniated disk. Couldn't walk for a few weeks - was using my wheelchair. Hope you are doing well. Has your wife fully recovered?
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    Hi! We have Black Australorp hens. We got four of them last year, for the eggs and also for the kids. They're like big not so bright pets that poop everywhere... we finally had to confine them to their coop because were getting so tired of cleaning up the poop. How many chickens do you have? Do you eat them, or use them for the eggs?
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    Yeah, it didn't do much here at all. Are you by Bedford? I have a friend there and that's where I heard that there was a tornado. Glad you're okay!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! Have a nice holiday weekend.
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    It's not doing anything at the moment, but I guess it's supposed to get stormy throughout the day with chances of tornadoes later on today/tonight. I'm thankful we have a basement but no stairlift yet, so that means Ryan has to butt bump down which he's only done 3 times so far. Hope you don't get hit with more nasty weather!
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    Are you taking the piss? lol x
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    Hey babe, this place is boring lol xx just been to a wedding, how's you?
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    Dugeeeeeee....I love Jack &, I hope your feeling better........I am walking on my own and almost off the pain killers.....yea yea yea
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    12-15 inches duge, but it's powder, not like the blizzard.
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    Yes hun xx
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    Mobility scooter? Sounds like fun. What's that
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    no duge, not till tonight. Will be around 12 inches i believe if not more. Havent heard the update yet today. Not looking forward to it.
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    Duge.......Happy New Year my friend!.. Yea, I am doing much better. hopefully 2011 will be kind to us! How did you spend the holidays?? I roasted a duck..hmmm too much I also started to sell on ebay. just trying to keep busy. Whats new with you?
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    Happy New Year Duge!
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    merry christmas to you and yours as well duge
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    Merry christmas
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    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I was injured in 1994 in a car accident. Ejected about 70 feet and broke my back at T-10. It's been really smooth for the 16 years post injury until I got a sore on my ischium. It is now about 1 cm wide and 8 cm deep. Flap surgery on the 7th.
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    Nice to meet you duge! Thanks for the message.
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    hello hello I got other issues.......what to do ablout my home health aide
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    thanks, its just something i took awhile ago to use a reference photo for a drawing.
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    just stopping by to say I'm still around...still in some pain with this weather changing as's bad in the mornings but once I been up and work it out, it gets better...sitting still too long causes it to act up...and that's what's happening now, so see you to get moving or else the pain catches up with me...
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    duge, was reading through some of these, i was afraid to ask what the picture was (:
    When i came across Jody's questions, i haven't had that good of a laugh in a long time!
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    Glad your wife is better, and i REALLY get doctors missing things.
    I was diagnosed complete as soon as i was flown into the trauma, my spine was pulled over to the side with a huge lump, i needed immediate surgery, was put at the back of the line because "someone" decided i was toast. I was hugged by family and friends (should not have been touched) moved, layed on my back, for 30 hours! No ice to the site, no hypothermia, no care until the neurosurgeon came back from his dinner meeting and golf game next day.
    wished i could make a change!!! This is why i have not seen a neuro in 4-5 years! I am going to try Arndog's doctor, just called today, am waiting for a return call to set up a appt.
    Maybe i do have nocioceptive pain, would it not be awesome to get some relief, anything, to come down from a 10 or more like 20 down to a 15 or so. (: Why do you have such foot pain, hypersensitivity?
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    hi friend
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    Hey Duge, I hope your feeling better. I am still having krazy pain in my back, hips and leg area. I was hurt on my L1 and there are parts of my hips, butt, left leg down to my knee that are numb. My pain feel like ive been beaten up and some burning on my left leg. I have been taking Oxycodone, and taking too many pills - i am very constipated. I have tried gabapetin and lyrica when I was in the hospital but stopped it out of fear of getting hooked. well, well I think I am hooked on these freggin pain killers. I cant even sleep without taking them. What do you think I should do?
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    oh yeah...I'm spending way to much time on facebook too...can't get enough of
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    well the one screw that was on the "head" of the ankle bone made wearing a shoe painful since that screw had a way of setting the nerves off in my foot...couldn't sleep much at night...soon as I would doze off, electical for pain killers, they don't work for me at all...went without them...
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    Hi, Well I am glad your walking! tell me what do you takr for pain? I fell in the bathroom ( dont laugh, and thats how I got hurt. I remember screaming with pain, and never stopped since.
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    My husband was flown to U of L, too. Thankfully for him, he had a good experience there. They saved his life (a few times). He was there for 5 weeks and then inpatient at Frazier in Louisville for 6 weeks. He still goes to Frazier for outpatient therapy now and will probably be going to Nortons to have his hardware removed from his spine.
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    hey got your msg...nothing much...just had surgery on my leg and had some of the hardware removed...feeling much better now that the four screws and plate is gone...they left one screw saying it is a "support" screw...???...yeah long as it doesn't bother me like the plate and such...I'll be happy...hope you're doing well...haven't gone through this website yet to play catch-up...sorry, I don't know nothing about what's going on here...
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    Thanks! We're in Southern Indiana - really close to Louisville, Ky.
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    Oh sorry to hear about your feet...I my-slef have my days with serious back,nerve and leg pain. I hope you feel better. Nah, the picture is fine, and if your happy with it then that's all that matters...or maybe you can put a picture up of your-self...
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    How are you doing Duge?, that pic
  42. View Conversation

    Is that your penix? I applaud
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    oh that thingy again. damn duge if you would change that thing, I would drop in more. ew. anyway, Im doing pretty good. major artritis probs that suck. adventures over the summer though, an a great fest despit tragedies here and there.
    How are you? I have a facebook, you have one?
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    Hello Mr DA,
    Law enforcement has always been my thing.....Always glad to have a new friend.
    ummm whats that pic of above? do i even wanna know?
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    I don't know what transplants are being used to treat foot pain. I am skeptical. Wise.
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    Hey Doug. I haven't tried Facebook - my wife does it all of the time. Do you find a lot of SCI stuff there or just keep up with friends? Have you seen the posts by Dr Xiao on carecure - he sure makes the nerve rerouting sound promising.

    Right now it looks like the oil is going to hit the east coast of FL and not us. It really is a disaster - with no end in sight.

    Take care and stay in touch.
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    We're actually going on 3 years! No bells for us. Just having fun being in other peoples weddings for now. Not even engaged, but I do have a veryyyyy pretty promise ring from him..I'm bling bling lol
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    Hey duge man! How you be?? Good to hear from you.
    How are things?
  49. Dear mother of GODDDD! That will teach ya, and as a mother of 2 boys a good scare tactic to get em to use the toilet right HAAHHA
    I friended you. (Andrea)
  50. Oh FB is a great site! Im on there also.
    I dont mean to invade, but whats the pict of above? I cant seem to figure it out ..Looks painful LOL
  51. We have the same birthdaY
    Im Andrea, nice to meet you
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    im having a similar problem duge. two patches left and on this dose years. I do have an appoint tomarrow to see if I have options. like adding plan D so that I can get meds and steril supplys before Im out. my insurance going defunck had a lot to do with moving to sc. how will going to strait medicare affect you?
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    im trying to get medicaid. cay you apply for medicaid?
  54. View Conversation
    oh duge that damn picture makes me jump n shivver every time I want to say hi or reply! ew! anyway, thanx for thinking of me. things are better than last month, weird starting over in another state. it was interesting being homeless. not as bas as being a gimp, but being both sucked most of the time. wow poeple I have known for years acted like it was gonna rub off. you would think id get used to it.
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    Enjoy hunting.My husband has only gotten two so far w/ gun & bow.We're still waiting for them to come back,then it's tenderloin in mushroom gravy time,yum.
    So sorry about "your guy",that has to suck big time.I'd be one hell of a bitter crip if I were a guy,lol.Oh well I'm sure you keep the wife happy making you happyBe careful hunting.
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    Can't use it?I thought it started working or was that just one time or am I imagining things?Ah man,you poor guys

    I'm sending the cold your way,I need a break already.Between it & the rain,me hurts.
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    omg,I guess he regrets that!I don't blame you though,keep it up & piss her off.Hell you can't tell it's a penis anyways.

    I'm glad you're doing good then,just had to check.I'm about as great as a gimp girl gets,lol.No,life's really good.Just hoping it stays that way through the dreary weather.Take care duge
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    hey,I hadn't seen you around for a bit but I see you were on recently.Just checking on is that picture of,a stoma?^
  59. View Conversation
    Just read your msg...haven't been able to get to a PC lately...laid up with a broken leg due to the Harley falling on me...which sucks...five screws and plate in leg...need I say more?...hope you're doing better than me...My body and life seems like it's falling apart...can't do much...
  60. Thank you Duge! No wedding bells yet, but have no fear that CC will be the first to find out if ever!
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    I would def. have a penis like yours than something that looks like that! god damn
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    hah christ, i bet if you changed that picture you would get more visitors to your profile
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    Dude what the hell is that thing in that picture?
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    I've been alright... I can't seem to figure out what I want to spend my time doing. My priorities are all messed up and I feel constantly overwhelmed. Otherwise... I'm A-Okay. How about yourself?
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    Umm... I'd say so. I assume it's not yours.
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    Forgive me but... What the... is that picture? Looks intense.
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    I'll definitely do that. Is it dad's guitar pickin' debut? Interesting title, I'm guessin' its not about sewin' and soup. I'm thinkin Neil Young.
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    i got hurt playing on my snowmobile, should of gone to a doctor my back was hurting, instead hit the bar loop on the sled and loosened my back up with a few was so out of alignment i shattered my vertebrate on a landing. watching doty at eldora was a highlight of my racing for sure, and that little punk sammy hit him! lol. wolfie was out and sitting there burning. stuff nightmares are made of for sure. i can't wait to show my buddy an electrician your picture. i can't make myself look at it again :-)
  69. View Conversation
    send me an email to i envy that you got to watch doty. i only got to see him at eldora when they put the hand controls in.....gary gave him the number to my hospital room when i got hurt and he and forbrook......kind of saved me to say. i have a good story about doty riding around eldora...shoot me an email
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    when i first worked for stanton the kid i worked with (married a kinser and lives in kinser turmoil in bloomington area now) was buddies with wolfies daughters and of course wolfie worked for gary, soooooo when i first went to sioux falls...races,drinks,:-). wolfgang was my hero....and i know he lost a lot of fans with the lawsuit but if you ever met this guy and knew what really happened you would think of it in a different light. he is definitely a stand up guy. he sued because he had no money (think of our med bills) he was in a coma while his wife had a kid. if Mark.....think about that....if Mark had not ran out there and pulled him out he would have sat there and fried to take a chance riding to work every day if you are a truck driver or postman but to not have some kind of safety crew at a race track! come on now. i was there when gobrecht died too....parked next to him and i watched the 1964 ghostbusters look alike ambulance park at the edge of the road and wait
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    hey... cold shoulder?? Maybe...if you say pretty please with a snowcone on top? (can this get any cornier?? )

    well, Mr. D... how you be??
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    What type of injury do you have?
  73. View Conversation
    Back at home. Weird not working tho
  74. View Conversation
    ...going all right...had my 2 year SCI anniversary about you?
  75. Hi! I really am. Cory's visit was the perfect way to start it.
    How is yours thus far?
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    i posted some pics of the build in my album, took two years, but i learned to weld by doing the trike
  77. View Conversation
    oh you know braswell......may be jumping in late in the game....i just love my nights off when i can drink a 12 oz. of cranberry juice mixed with a 750ml bottle of vodka. my first taste of dandelion wine came from a good ol' boy in indiana now i am trying to make a living off cash sales from that :-) carlos taught me sumthin ha ha ha and i am not talking about whores
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    i'll meet you half way and we'll go to charlotte for the dirt nationals......found a guy here that broke his neck racing sprint cars the same time i was out on the road.......3 of us meet in charlotte with brad doty live telecast.....i worked for carl....i know where to find whores and booze down there....smell what i am rolling in? :-)
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    A guy here in town wrecked his racing go-cart on the catch fence and messed his feet up real bad. He could not walk for a long time and still barely gets around now.
  80. View Conversation
    pissed on a live wire? are you kidding me....just puked in my mouth a little brb....sorry for the wave of non sense messages the other night. i finally had my first night off in weeks from the wife and kids and fired down a bottle of jim beam and stayed up all night lol....feel better now
  81. View Conversation
    thanks definately is...I appreciate the welcome! Have a great Sunday!
  82. View Conversation
    if you know gerkin and steve....damn we must know a lot of the same people...gaines and his kid hung out in the shop a you know "whizz bang" i think his real name is jayson that drives truck for danika now? he used to work for steve and lives around there. i miss rusty's in bedford and the close relationship our driver had with all the local strippers :-)
  83. View Conversation
    There very well could be bells in the future, but I'm not one to rush anything!
  84. View Conversation
    He's not new Been with him for a year & a half now. Your profile pic creeps me out!! Owie. Hope all is well.
  85. View Conversation
    Pretty much that same happened to my husband and I in 02. Lady not paying attention attempted a left in front of us and we broadsided her. We were luckier than you I see....sorry about your T12 burst fracture, hope you are doing better now. I'll go look at your bike. I'm praying that my hubby will be able to ride again.. his injury is the result of a surgical accident by a doc in too big a hurry!
  86. View Conversation
    part 3: I have been feeling "better" lately and last MRI showed the lesions is shrinking. So, it's a wait and see game for now. Another MRI in 5 months.
    I've been trying to read as much of these forums as I can, but damn, some of it just breaks my heart, and makes me feel guilty that I was freaking out about what's wrong with me, where in reality, I should be thankful.
    Wow, sorry for being so long winded, but thanks for listening/reading. This shit is very scary.
  87. View Conversation
    part 2: Sent me for an MRI and low and behold - there it was. Nice sized lesion in C2-3 area. I had an LP (spinal tap) that turned out well, but back in the tube for 2 more MRI's - brain and thorasic. Nothing there. Ok, I do have a brain, but no other lesions. An EMG showed demylenation on my left side. My left ankle is very "slow" but doesn't bother me too much I can deal with that. I have TM, but was/am extremely lucky. I am fully mobile. My left chest and shoulder area constantly feels like I have bugs crawling and then every few minutes, it will feel like someone stuck me with an ice pick. That sucks. Some spasming in my left shoulder and arm, but that only happens about once or twice a day. My right side is hyper-sensitive to cold, left side loves it. Talk about frayed wires.
  88. View Conversation
    Part 1: Came from an effin' cold and me not resting, we think. I got "sick" in July 2008, and let it go. Was down in Evanville 1st week in August and felt pretty good. Then I got really bad, I went to 2 GP's who helped less than my dog did. After a severe reaction to antibiotics, developing tremors and just not feeling well, I went to the ER on Sept. 1, 2208. By that time, I had parathesia in both hands and both feet. I thought I was going to die. Any who, the ER did a CT, EKG, chest X-ray and sent me home with a "see a neurologist." Luckily, I hooked up with a great team in Merrillville who are associated with the Cleveland Clinic. They believed me.
  89. View Conversation
    Hey hoosier - how's it going? I'm at day 2 @ 225, and so far nothing. Neuro said 3rd day should tell me if I can of can't stay there. We'll see.
  90. View Conversation
    You can see extra "bony" material (calcium deposits) between the vertebrate and the spinal cord. Especially, in the "yellow" one, you can see where the bony material is compressing the cord. My SCI was caused by a fractured calcium deposit at T8-9.
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    Yes, what do you think?
  92. View Conversation

    I am sorry that I haven't been checking my visitor messages every day. In my opinion, fentanyl does affect neuropathic pain, such as the "burning" that you describe. So, since you have reduced the Fentanyl, it would not be surprising if you get back some neuropathic pain. I have not heard that Fentanyl affects spasms but the spasms may be a result of the neuropathic pain. On the other hand, Lyrica should reduce spasms. So, I am not sure what is going on.

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    what the? is that a pee pee? oy! thanx for the request, im rather shaken by that poor peepee. it must be a peepee, what else could be? hung like a raisin. what the heck happened to it?
  94. It's a picture of a guy who pissed on a live electric wire, kinda brings back memories of pissing on a electric fence!! kinda roasted it wouldn't you say?
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