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    Really nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!
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    Please do Hope all is great w you!
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    Hi! Our friend was asking abt you, send him a message when you can
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    hey, that blemish could be worse... it could be on your reputation.
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    ty dear
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    hello lets talk soon
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    Thanks for getting back to me in speed of light timing..HAHA Take Care
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    Thought I would say hello.Still waiting on that response.Would appreciate it if you could take a sec.Have a great weekend
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    Hey girl..popping by to say hi. Just can't spend x here like I used 2 but 4 good reasons. Hope ur dirty minded self is up 2 no good lately. Hi 5, I've conquered the flat iron in the front! Whoo hoo! Hopefullt the longer it grows, I can bend over to get the back.
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    Good Morning..I came across your photo from someone elses page and I thought I would take a Look See. I noticed your car. My question to you do you get your wheelchair into your car? Wondering if maybe your chair collapses?
    Have a Nice day
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    i had a very good christmas thanks

    so are you a quad with limited hand function? i ask because you said you have somebody take notes for you but in your pictures it looks like you drive and use a manual chair, i'll have to look into college, maybe i could do it if they have the kind of support here that you get in nevada, i can shrug my shoulders but nothing below that

    what grade and subjects would you like to teach

    just tell me to fuk off if I ask too many questions
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    you had to look up pahrump nv? it was a really small town, don't know now

    so you live in nevada? i used to live in henderson, just up the street from sunset station and worked at the hard rock hotel, i liked nevada but they didn't want to take care of my ass any more so i'm back in california, i have it real good here with my parents and my buddy i've known since high school is my caregiver

    i adjusted pretty quick after my injury, now it's been more than 13 years and nothing has really changed but the years, i'm not going to school, i've taken a lot of online classes and thought about going to school but it seems like it would be a pain, i'd need somebody going to classes with me

    congratulations on finishing your first year, when do you start up again and how many years will you need schooling before you're shaping young minds?

    i hope you are having a good christmas eve and in a few hours christmas
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    hi and thanks, it's not hard to have great pictures when your as good looking as myself, haha, i've been a member for a while but haven't done much on here, was looking around the other day, saw a few of yours, some fun shit, had me laughing, thanks again for the compliment, i'll be around

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    Nice username
  15. nope not right now. i recently shaved it off cuz i was starting to look like i belong in a GEICO commercial (caveman face) lol
    you're still lookin good yourself
  16. yeah yeah, break out the nerd jokes!
    and yes, still very cute. just sayin
  17. I'm taking a certificate program in computer programming. It's mostly jsut for the paper cuz I already have a job as a programmer. Nerdy I think teaching would be a much more fulfilling career. Maybe I'll switch majors and you can do my homework
  18. i'm doing school stuff too. getting by on laziness for the most part thanks to a professor that just doesn't care lol. he reads from powerpoints slides the whole time. im the only person to ask a question in class. what are you studying?
  19. *poke* hey whats up Jerri?
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    hott as hell here to i roll outside and im like damnnnn haha do you have skype we should skype sometime if you do
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    yea im not online alot much in the summer i useally stay ughhh that shit fuckn sucks lol but im sure your doing great
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    hey jerri im doing good just taking it easy haha how have you been
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    If your elect bills are $250. What have you done to lower them? I'm in Florida, but winter still cold, so I sit in an elect blanket. Heats me not the house. Lets me set the thermostat down. Read Charlie Wings books. Educational and funny. If you're in silver state, I assume Nevada, just go north in summer and south in winter. Like a duck.
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    I'm in Fallon, where are you? I'm not driving, going to school or working yet. I could really use a mentor or kick in the ass! 775-217-6618
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    hey thx for accepting the friend request
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    Hi Jerri. A surprise getting a message from the prettiest of cc. I'm doing good. Had a wonderful hoilday. I have got a new place in a diffrent area. Me and the babies live on 10 acres, with plenty of room to run around. Didn't think anyone liked me here anymore. I just come by for info, and the daily grind. Great to hear from you though. Look me up on face book. Keep in touch.
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    Ok glad to hear from u. Stay sweet, oh yeah r u still dating lol.
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    hey jerri you been girl its been forever since me chatted
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    Hey I haven't heard from u later, R U hiding lol lata
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    It's ok. I will.
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    Thanks for the compliment on my hair. It's coming off next Thursday though. Well, I'm keeping the front long but the back short... it's too damn hot! I'm still envious of yours though. It appears hella thick like mine too. I'm still amazed you brave a curling iron!

    Take care-Shannon

    This is the attempted look, like Rhianna's
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    It's tragic when your "best photo" contributions lack a new photo.
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    Hey.......look at you all sexy in pink. You go girl!!!! Gosh i jus love your attitude and smile, you got this whole SCI thing licked dont you?? Been gone for too long, getting my life together and trying to cope. Life is good and I am blessed. I had a fall yesterday but THANK goodness i did not break a hip. Gotta b more careful. How r u doin???
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    Hey whats up? Im fairly new to this site and looking for some ppl to talk to who are living with paralysis like me. If you want to talk, you can message me anytime!
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    I'm ok. Hope you are. Yea I bought it like 2 weeks ago. I have to get hand controls put in but I have to take drivers ed for it I guess. My license expired while I was in the hospital during my accident so I had to go to the DMV before they would let me take possesion of the car. They basically gave me a learners permit like the one I had when I was 15 yrs old. Which kind of sucked but I just want to get it before I go to rehab in Baltimore at Kennedy Krieger starting May 24th. What's new with you?
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    Is the car yours?^.^
  37. Now where did I put those cuffs... wait... Hah!

    Funny how we meet people that look like someone else we know huh? I've heard a few times from folks that we all have a twin out there somewhere. What do you think?

    I do shave the beard sometimes. But usually grow it back in various forms. Like right now, its not full like in that pic. I'll see if I can't add a new one so you see what I'm talkin about.

    Well good to hear from you! Stay in touch
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    I know you were kidding, but others might have thought because I've lived in Butte I had something to do with this disturbed woman. Yeah, it's wild.
  39. Thanks for being my friend. Nice car.
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    Hello there! It's are you?
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    The drink I was describing is called a blowjob. It has 1/4 oz. Baileys Irish cream and 1/2 oz. Armeretto almond liqeour. Whip cream is the final touch. Give it a try, like I stated in chat, all the girls seem to like it.
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    Whatever you do, don't lose your smile. You wear it well!!
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    lol I overtrained last year.Plus the pick line didn't help.I've been slamm'n down some calories.
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    Aww,hope you get better soon.The girls are sick as well.I'm enjoying putting on size until time to diet again.
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    What have you been up too?
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    how do i chat with u
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    somehow i am not getting a reply
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    hello i dont know how to chat can someone tell
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    hello good evening
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    Happy Turkey Day Gobble Gobble
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    you any your nieces are hot lol
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    Jerri....what kind of chair did u get??? is it one of those light weight, slick, quicky chairs they make for women??? Yeah....the constip. is still not perfect but sure is better. Dammit if i could get that fixed I would be in pretty good shape....oh and fix the nerve pain too, and my rt. hand, and my blood clot, and......ha ahaha the story of our lives huh

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    Hey Silly girl, how goes it. You been up to anything cool and exciting theses days?? Just wanted to check in and say what's up and see what's

  54. Enjoyed checking out your photos. You've got the head of hair I should have been born with. It's so not fair! Maybe you could loan it out to me sometime.
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    hey, do u know where i can signature,,, cant find it and i wanna put a quote
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    Howdy. You sure did well ordering your new chair. I spoke with Nevada about his job. He liked his old maintenance job with the Corp of Engineers better but when he got hurt, he had to take a field job overseeing recreation on the Corp property. I was a Forest Ranger with Fire and Law Enforcement responsibilities and I ran the Resource crew who did most of the field work that needed to be done in the forest. Great outdoors job but dealing with government supervisors sucked. Most are incompetent. There is another Ranger here still working for the Forest Service after his accident and He says they treat him well. I was pleased to hear that. State Forestry, where I finished working, treated us like shit. Oh well, I sure wish I was working in the forest like the old days. I think that is the hardest for me.
    Hope everything is going well with you.
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    What up?
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    i really like that smile! it's great !
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    The show is june 27th.
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    Doing good.Dieting for show.Much leaner this year.
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    What's been up?
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    Hey Lady! you go right ahead and post those picture's!!!
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    You go HOT Mama..I LOVE the hair. I am so envious. I used to be able to comb mine like that all the time too, my quad hands suck so it's too hard for me now. Mine is so curly so I have to straighten. You look beautiful, hope all is well lovely lady

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    Hey, You gotta stop posting new pics. You get better looking all the time! Keep it up, you always brighten my day!
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    yes hun,that was me, thanks for letting me know YOU SAW IT, I THOUGHT,I WAS the only one,lol
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    You are the prettiest woman on on cc. You should be a model.
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    Not sure when everyone is going in there, probably be around the time you get on, still not sure who's up for it yet. I'll give you a buzz when i'm in there...well most of us will be in flash chat anyway. Enjoy the BBQ you lucky sod.
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    Hey you! Guess what...... I bought a cam today LOL.
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    a quick hello

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    Hey Pretty Lady! had not seen you for a bit, Did you get tired of us old B*****d's he, Hope you are doing OK!!!
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    aww cool..i hope you are doing well..i'll look for you
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    hey gorgeous i miss ya..hope you are doing great..get on yahoo sometime its been like a month!
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    Hi lady! Hope everything is going well today for you. Take care, Suzie o.0
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    Happy valentines day!!!
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    Oh yes.Good one.
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    Thank you wtf, it's true that she has an adorable face.
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    Thanks WTF i added you as a friend i think, either that or called the White House. lol. I will come chat more often. I enjoyed it!
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    hey can u get on?
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    love the album
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    You Are Beautiful..
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    hey girly..i miss ya hope you are doing well..i'm off to a funeral but i'll be back in a couple hours..hopefully i'll catch you on cuz i miss my friend!
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    Thank you for your response. Today is the year anniversary of Bryans injury & I need to remind myself to breathe deep just to get through each day. I am trying to push my son but am worried that I am pushing to hard. We have not been working on transfers as his neck and shoulders quite often bother him. We are in temporary housing in Calfornia at PW and do not have a bed that would encourage those skills. He has only been in a manual chair for about 3 weeks & I think that that may be the best way for him to gain additional strength for the independence skills. How long did you live at home? Did you have help other than family to make the transition to independence? How do you sit up in bed to transfer? Do you have triceps? Hands? Fingers? We are also working on controling spasms which create an obstacle. Sorry for the intrusion into your private life but experience is the best teacher when you are living this new dimension. Any thoughts you could share would be great! peace be with you
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    My son is approaching his one year anniversary and currently has not mastered transferring. At about what point did you master a basic transfer? What type of car and bed do you transfer from or to? How do you grab and place the sliding board? I currently work with him and together we have a hard enough time......can't imagine that he will be able to transfer safely in the near future. Currently functioning at C6 with right tricep and a trace of his left...... Independence is our focus, at 21 years old he needs that to feel better about life!!!!!
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    haha im trying! it warm there?...i cant stay long gtg to church but if youve gotta min i'm on yahoo...the chat here keeps freezin me when i try to jump in..aren't computers grand!
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    hey girl hope you are doing good
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    lol yes,alot get there riding hand caught in the rope when getting off.Not a fun thing to happen.Or when a spur gets stuck too.
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    Thanks,the rodeo is saturday night.My friend Willis in the blue shirt will be riding the bulls.I'll take plenty of pics.
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    Just saying Hello.
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    hey stranger how are you?..ur never on yahoo anymore boooo lol
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    Facebook is a social networking site, kind of like MySpace. Congrats to your sister! We need more good teachers, for sure! I am working part-time on my PhD, but it feels very much like's difficult stuff!
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    I doing fine...just a bit exhausted from school starting back last week. I was thinking about you yesterday...thinking I needed to "drop by" to say hi, but you beat me to it...LOL. I read where you saw Milk. It's an excellent film, isn't it? BTW, are you on Facebook? If you are, I'd like to add you as a friend. Thanks, hope you're doing well!
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    Nice pic's! post some more
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    not the first time someone has thought that. make vanity tops, showers and that type of stuff.
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    hey girly come join the chat room its hopping
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    Hi wtf, I guess I just saw your silly pics and wanted to let you know that you and your nieces are such beautiful people.
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    Oh, be still my heart...
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    LOL...sending you a big HUG !!!

    No (on second thought) sending you a big, ol', full-body, lesbian HUG...
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    I don't think you did anything wrong...some videos on youtube cannot be embedded. When you're listening to a song, if you look at the blue box to the right of the screen, there's a box that says "embed"...sometimes it will say "embedding disabled by request." Those videos cannot be embedded, but you can still copy and paste the link!
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    Oh, you gotta go edit your post and copy that link in there. This is
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    Hey, Jerri, the embedding is disabled for the video you posted for Top. Can you copy and paste the link. I'm interested in seeing what you sent him!
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    hey how are u?
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    hey girly..whats new
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    Hope you get rid of your cough.

    Surething,I'll post about it as I get further along with it.I think you would love it.This would tone your arms up quick.

    Check out these videos.
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    Hope your New Year has started off great.
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    Happy New Year !!!
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    Happy New Year Cutie!
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    Happy New Year! Have fun tonight.
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    I couldn't miss Head Bangers
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    was just gonna say hi..happy new year
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    hey are u busy?
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    lol gee love you too haha..i'm on yahoo now if someone decides to not be attitudinal
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    hey jerri if i don't catch u have a great new year my new cc cutie friend
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    haha evil evil woman lol..i'm on and bored as hell get i want your receipe
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    fantastic..howd the enchiladas turn out?...the fights were soooo need to get on yahoo more
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    whatssuupp jerri..hows life?
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    Thanks! being a Vikings fan has tough in the last few years. What a nail biter today. Now I can breath a little easier, until next week.
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    Cool,I'll look for the pic.Yes Ed Hardy stuff is expensive.The bottles are big so it should last me a long time.
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    O.K. where's the Vans?
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    hey are you?
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    Merry Christmas, God bless you
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    So far it is.Enjoy yours and have a great time.
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    Yes,we were up at 6:00 a.m. to be up for our little girl.She was excited.Ate too much for lunch now I'm
  125. View Conversation

    Hope you're having a great day.
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    Merry Christmas Jerri!!!
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    Merry Christmas to you to! Nat
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    Merry Christmas Jerri
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    Thanks for the hoilday greeting Jerri I am sure you will not have a white christmas but if you want to know what one looks like just come up to ND or better yet take a drive to Cedar City and drive up to Cedar Breaks. If not just enjoy a warm christmas ( I will trade you a cold white one) and a great new year.
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    Jerri, Thanks for the wishes! We hope you are surrounded by all those special to you! Enjoy the season! Be good!
    {to a point } Your friend, Dave
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    Thanks Jerri...hope you and your family have a great holiday season too!
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    Thanks for the pic compliment.
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    Its nice to meet you Jerry. Do you have yahoo messenger. I would love to have a real time on line chat with you.
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    Hi wtf. I happened to come across your profile and i said to myself she looks like someone i would like to get to know. My name is James and I was diagnosed as having a t11-t12 complete sci. What about yourself.
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    Hi Jerri! I'm doing so so today, was hoping to go to a movie this afternoon with a friend but it's still pretty ugly here. Cold, snow, ice on the roads. Global warming my butt. It's never this cold here. I'll be around tonight for sure on the site or look at my profile I do have Yahoo and AOL. Hope you are having a great day. Nat. And great picture by the way.
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    Nice photo
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    k dont forget to get a flu shot if u r not sick anymore n u have not got one mine last wk and took Matt & Andy in today-good uck
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    hi sally
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    i just looked t your cool. i am so jealous of your long, pretty, dark, straight, shiny hair....he he can u tell??
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    hey r u feelin better, i hope u r not sick anymore.

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    Great pic of you.Enjoy the weekend.
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    WTF great pictures I knew that was the Saint George Temple right away even though it has been almost 40 years from the last time I was allowed to set foot in it. Tell your boss that a fellow North Dakoton said Hi
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    I'm doing OK for an old crippled girl. How are you doing?
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    Hi been reading your posts and i think your a neat lady. My name is Eileen and am a t-8 complete left leg above knee amputee since I was 5 Got run over. Just wanted to say Hi.
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    I don't know about "good" but lots of drama as reading, you'll find the good stuff eventually.
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    Yes, ready to be a grinch as usual. I wish I could hibernate every year from Thanksgiving 'til December 31.
  147. View Conversation
    Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!
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    WTF, i would highly recomend to stop drinking diet soda. I know its 0 calories, but aspertame is serious poison, strongly linked to many diseases. Do some research.
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    Thanks for the compliment...yeah, I think the thread's back on course now. You have great cheek bones too. You remind me very much of a neighbor I had growing up. She was of Cherokee descent...beautiful skin tone, black hair and dark eyes. Which tribe are you from?
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    well, that was supposed to end up on my page, guess I need to pay more attention...
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    Us Cowboys fans have to stick together, heh. No, I haven't been to one of their games, although I've been a fan since I was 5 or 6 - 40 years ago. I've never lived near Dallas. Thanks for being a friend

    Let's hope we make the post-season, then take it from there.
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    I wouldn't know what would be wrong, my car stereo has a built in receiver and at home I use my home theater computer that's hooked up to my stereo and controlled from my laptop to listen to Sirius.
    By the way, thanks for adding me.
  153. Hey just wanted to let you know there is a picture of some bears in the album on my profile. I read that you wanted to see some so figured I would let you know if you were interested to look. I will be putting some more of my pictures up on my profile page when I have time, I have quite a few of wildlife. Some turned out good, some not so good Anyways that's all. Have a good night
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    Thanks for the compliment. I like black and white photography, and as you can tell, I love my pets. I voted last week. I got lucky and was able to avoid the long lines...only waited about 15-20 minutes. Take care.
  155. View Conversation the new pic. your hair looks so long ,beautiful n healthy. mine used to be, even getting it into a ponytail is a sttruggle 4 me, thank goodness my husbnd has gotten good at it mine is so curly and difficule to deal with. it used to take me an hour to blow-dry it and flat iron it b4 my sci, but now my limited hand function makes it impossible. You look all happy n beautiful

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    Thanks for the compliment on the pic. I usually hate pics of myself, but was fooling around with the camera the other night and decided I liked this one.
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