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    02-11-2020, 08:18 PM
    Yeah I worry about someone stealing my phone too but I need to have it out sometimes and for directions, I need to see it. The new strap is supposed...
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    02-10-2020, 05:43 PM
    I found this strap for holding an iPhone. It comes with a strap extension so I am hoping it will work to hold my phone on my leg. ...
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    01-28-2020, 05:49 PM
    rdf replied to a thread living in Hawaii in Life
    I too am likely moving to Hawaii, the big island. I have not found any SCI folks living there. I have a baclofen pump, so will need that done every 4...
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    Hey D - all good this side - whats happening with you?
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    You too Debbie! It's nice to see your face again
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    Had a great one Debbie! Hope you did too!!!!!!!!!! lmao gonna poke you right back!!!!!!! know what you mean about the facebook, there's a carecure page there, I'm on it and several people from here are.
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    How are you sweet girl? I hope life is treating you well Debbie
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    So GREAT to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!! trying to get my wife well she ended up having a parachardial window cut in the sack of her heart about 2 weeks ago and hopefully that will take care of the fluid buildup she had. I'm doing pretty good just NOT ready for winter!!!!
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    Hi Debbie, How are you getting along now?
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    Debbbbbbbieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey Debbie D - how u doing girl? You`ve been so quiet hey - u stay frosty?
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    Great to heard Deb!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you limited as to how far you can walk? Hopefully NOT!!
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    It's like a power chair but it's got either 3 or 4 wheels. You see them at wal-mart with basket's for people to ride and shop with. It's the only way I can go places because I can't walk very far at all, my feet hurt so bad.
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    Happy Birthday Deb!!!!!!
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    You too Debbie, here's to a great 2011 for both of us!
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    Happy New Year Debbie!!!!!! Glad to hear your doing better!! I'll drink to it being better! didn't do much, just kinda laid low around the house. had all the black-eyed peas and cabbage yesterday, I love that meal! guess I'm very easy to please, heck I'll eat anything! Not much going on here, been trying to get a new Mobility-scooter if they would get off their ass's at my Dr.s office!
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    Hi Debbie --- hoping you're having a great Christmas season & that you continue to improve -- go anywhere fun?
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    Merry Christmas and hoping you have a fantastic New Year?

    All is well.... no complaints, how are you?
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    Merry Christmas Debbie
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    Merry Christmas Deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was kinda worried about you!!!!!!! had not seen or heard from you, so how are things going?? send it in a pm if you want.
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    hav a cool xmas
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    Hey Debbie, How's everything going now? Hopefully the pain will let up some soon!!
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    life here is good . my wife and sons 18 and 14 takes me out a lot.
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    cant walk my inj left me a quad. how are u coming along?
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    hi im from trinidad and tobago.
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    Hey Deb, How's the pain & the walking going? Hope to hear it's both getting better all the time!!!!!!!!
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    i worked in the special branch section of trinidad and tobago police service. my wife name is also soon....
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    Hey Debs, how you been?. Sorry I've been a little slack not keeping in touch with my buddies. I got my wheelchair recently and have just added a set of disk brakes, it's totally awesome, again, hope you are well.
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    lovely name
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    Hi Deb!,I got some of the pain like you are feeling! Did you have surgery? I have the numb places on the backsides of my legs and other places one Dr told me No you don't but when you can oinch blood and it doesn't hurt....... I never took Oxycodone, but was on a fentanyl patch. So far the gabapetin seems to be helping with the burning so if that's all it does I will be happy! I got off lyrica because of the cost, I don't think I ever was hooked took it for over a year. the stuff will constipate you!!! I take Mirilax every day to help with the constipation I'm gonna send you a pm to talk about the other.
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    HI deb, I would NEVER laugh!!!!!!! right now the only thing I am taking is 1800 mg of gabapetin. I had been on a pain patch, Lyrica, lortab's several diff things but NONE has actually helped the pain in my feet. All I'm trying to do now is get rid of the burning, not been on the gab but about 3 weeks now and Dr, said it takes like 5-6 weeks to take full effect. What vertabra did you break? me T12 burst. What kind of pain are you having?
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    Any kind of questions you have feel free to ask! I lost all my modesty all long time ago with this!! lol
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    How did you end up getting hurt? mine was a cycle accident, had a little old lady make a left hand turn in front of me. see where you were paralized for 50 some days, I went 50 days before they found my burst, really a miracle that I can walk and that they didn't paralize me by having me up doing therapy. took them forever to get me up but they did I'm ok though coming up on my 8 yr anniversary of it!
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    R&S = Relationship & Sexuality. Those who want female input will likely still post their questions there.
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    I'm doing good! If I could get my feet to just stop hurting just a little bit! I get quite a few comments on the picture! guess I should take it off. How are you doing?
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    Would posting in a more private forum change the advice you'd give in, say, R&S?
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    No can do, little lady. Perhaps there could be another social group to include both men and women?
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    Sorry debbie.
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    Most doctors are not versed in SCI. the amount of work you do to aid your recovery will bring it to the max. However there are a lot of people on this site and that have passed on like chris reeve who worked extremely hard , did make recovery but not the walking he was hoping for. IMO it is in poor taste to think that because someone worked hard , they made the recovery happen, and they are some kind of dynamo. Many people here worked real hard for many years , and their injury was too complete.
    your photos are great , pre-injury i assume of those leg muscles , i hope you can get them back.
    i see your in ny, i am on spring street, once a week for a medical process, always looking for people to talk to about this stuff, non injured people dont get it .
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    Your boss? Oi Vey! I have a feeling you know too much already!
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    Yeah. I'm in. What's the status with the old man in the boat?
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    Whatever flava you are, it looks delicious.
    Sorry, I lapsed into tacky for just a moment. I'm better now
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    Well..........I imagine it's just what your thinking! lol a guy's had peed on a live electrical wire and .......... I never took it off because one lay just gave me hell for having it on so I kept it!! I got a son in Law enforcement,
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    I am very well, thank you for asking! I am very happy that you have been blessed with the ability to walk again.
    5 days after my injury, my doctor told me I would never walk again.
    While still in the hospital, I began inpatient therapy, including the standing frame and parallel bars (with leg braces). I never had bowel issues, but sometimes I'm in a rush to urinate. I think it's more mental than anything.
    My new doctor says I'm about 90% like you. I have participated in physical therapy the past 4 years. I think you would improve even more if you worked with a P.T.
    Like you, I also walk with a single point cane and I am training to walk without it. (very hard) The only pain I have is in my right knee. Your pain could be nerve pain. I suffered from nerve pain early on, but my doctor prescribed Neurotin.
    Lets stay in touch and keep one another updated on our progress. I need someone near my injury level to talk to. There are not many people that have recovered as much as we have.
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    Hello Debbier, I read your original post and it seems as though you had a miracle break through. How are you today? Did you have physical therapy? Lastly, do you have full function in your feet and toes?

    In my case everything came back but my left foot.
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    Hello debbier, either way you are very pleasing to the eyes, very stunning!!
    But I understand about the sex thing,,I do miss it also. My wife does not give a dam one way or the other about sex,,it sucks. I am a T11/12 incomplete, being raised catholic also I can also relate to your comments.

    I would love to hear back from you.
    Bye...Steve Gulotta
  45. In March, President Obama signed the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act, which provides funds for research and care for paralyzed people and others with disabilities. His son, Matthew Reeve, appeared at the bill's signing.
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    20% chance, no problem -- What are the chances of getting injured? Wishing you well in recovery.
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    Thanks debbier, you're very kind Can never have too many friends, right?
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    Hi debbier, hope you're doing well. Here's a thread a Father started some time back:

    I want to pray for you.

    Welcome to CareCure I'm a heathen, but that doesn't mean I can't pass on a good thread. Take care

  50. The Lord's Prayer
    Our Father who art in heaven;
    Hallowed be Thy Name;
    Thy kingdom come;
    Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven;
    Give us this day our daily bread;
    And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us;
    And lead us not into temptation;
    But deliver us from evil;
    For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever.


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2 jobs 1Major Airlines....on disability and 2nd job Port Authority of NY&NJ..
travel, My flight benefits are gonna be gone soon
I was Paralized for 54 days, I am now able to walk again, Hopefully I can return to work soon
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support, finding more info on SCI, docs dont say much, or at least not what i wanna hear!
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so, only 20% chance of walking again ...HA!
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i use to think it was great, but now not so sure


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