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A person with SCI/D?
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October 2012
Registered Nurse
Anything nursing/medically related, 5Ks, gardening, and spending time with friends/family.
Oct 19, 2012 I woke up with severe neck pain. On Oct 21st, I went to urgent care but was sent to ER to rule out meningitis (pain & 100.7 temp). All labs were within normal parameters, with the exception of a CRP of 188 and an ESR of 28. Sent home, without spinal tap, with diagnoses of neck pain and a virus. A blood culture had been drawn, but hadn't resulted by discharge. At 9am the next morning, the blood culture came back positive, however I was never notified. By Oct 26, neurological symptoms had appeared and the pain was worse than kidney stones and transition labor combined! My PCP sent me back to the ER requesting a spinal tap to rule out meningitis once and for all and I was admitted for suspicion of viral meningitis. Only after I was admitted did the positive blood culture result come to anyone's attention. At that point, my low blood pressure, high heart rate, fever, and high respiratory rate along with the positive blood culture indicated that I was septic. I was then moved to the ICU.
Osteomyelitis in C2/3/4/6 and C3/4 epidural abscess with cord compression were eventually added to my list of diagnoses. In acute rehab I relearned to stand, walk, & control my hands. I'm not sure where I fit in. I have sensation and motor deficits almost the entire length of my spine, with my right side being worse than my left. I currently walk with a cane but I also have the ATV of walkers for going longer distances or on less than smooth surfaces. I went over the top of a regular walker once and that was enough for me. OT, PT, water rehab, acupuncture, & chiropractic have gotten me this far. I do fall frequently though, sigh. I've even fallen a few times at work. My freakish flexibility (according to my PT) has spared me from tearing or breaking anything.
I ran and was very active before this. I've done some 5Ks with my walker but I can't manage the crowds alone, so I'm limited to events that friends are participating in. My first race of this year is coming up at the end of April.
I am the mother of 5 children although only 1 is still at home...and that's only part time as she goes to school 6 hrs away. I'm also a new fur-baby mom of a 10mo old Sheltie named Ginger.
Thanks for taking the time to read my bio! :)
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To discuss spinal cord related issues, ask questions as I have them or even answer them when able.
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Apparylized website
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So far, so good :)


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