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    02-07-2020, 09:59 PM
    Imight replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    there was an an asian american and a chinese woman who received the cells during the trial that were there. I was late to the trials by 6 months...
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    02-07-2020, 09:26 AM
    T4, crutches when I need too, tho I mostly use my chair, but if I need to climb some steps or go off terrain or inaccessible areas (bathroom), the...
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    02-07-2020, 09:01 AM
    Imight replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    I used to be real critical of your negativity back in the day. but having gone there myself. your assessment is correct. in fact I was the...
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    02-07-2020, 08:37 AM
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    I just realized I met chistinachina on here. and we ended up being like family when I moved to china. I lived there for 6 yrs, and they took me...
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    02-07-2020, 08:25 AM
    Imight replied to a thread Older Members Still Around? in Life
    Sup I stop by every 6 months or so unless I have a question for KLD :P I was the annoying kid from north hollywood. then moved to canada. then...
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    02-07-2020, 07:49 AM
    twas there 2 years ago...... that thing looked brutal to use.
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    Hey Brian, Havent talked to you in abt a year how are you doing? Let me know abt progress you have made. Merry Christmas
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    july 30th of 2009.. just over a year.
    functional return stopped after 7 months or so and strength is still coming but tapering..

    u have central cord or any specific type of injury? u look well dude.. if those pictures are after a sci .. still got the muscle mass and everything.. ive lost alotta muscle
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    lucky u.. i wish i had both hands..
    my walking.. well i get around but i need a bioness l300 for foot drop (dorsi flexion is 0) and single crutch.

    my swing phase is shit on my right side. flickers in hip flexor and flickers in hamstring. quads and butt is much stronger
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    hey.. seen u around the forum

    how is the walking going? any afo or aids?
    how r ur hands?? looks like ur doing great

    but probably you dont think so..
    i dont think im doin great but everyone tells me i am
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    duude... Relaax maan,
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    Saw pics of you little one cool man
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    Hey little baby,
    I had fun eating pizza with you today little baby.
    You are sleeping right dere beside me right dere.
    But I dont want to wake you up cause you might hit me =[
    ouch, ok you woke up and you did hit me.
    But I still love you
    Always little baby right dere
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    Hello: Thought I would show you a machine I have fallen in love with!
    Seated Eliptical. My gym has two and getting on one is the first thing I do upon arrival. It has helped my legs. (not that I don't still have problems, but any forward improvement ... I'll take)

    I feel this has helped my legs a good deal.

    How is your therapy going? I hope you have seen improvement.

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    Hi! i have same level of injury one year earlier then you 12/17/07 my semi rolled over and burn total i remember my self 5 days later in hospital after the surgery. main problem C 5 6 7, also L1 4, T12 8 paralyzed below my nipple line and no arm function
    left Craig 3 month later in wheelchair with Asia A no b/b and spasm like little control legs movement
    didn't use wheelchair at home move like a worm on the floor with help of my son 6years old and my wife 6 month pregnant at this time!!!!!
    now walking full time with one crutch
    using electric stimulation NeuroCare machine bought on eBay $1000 new one $3500 and with prescription in gym 3-4 times a week 1.5 hours/session
    have 60% arms left stronger and 45% legs left stronger
    big problem --pain and week leg on the site where doctors took bone marrow from iliac spine (right side)

    what exercises are you doing and what helps you the most?
    cong with baby!!!!

    sorry for my English
  10. i broke my neck in a car acciadent about 11 months ago. my truck fliped and throw me about 50 feet and i landed on my head. i didn't do much with my hands i was just lucky that i got movement back in them. my left hand is the strongest i hve 54 lbs in it and only 27 in my right. they are not 100% yet. i work on my legs most of all. i just walked about 75 yards on the hand crutches. how long post injury are you?
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    what did you do to get your hands back?
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    nah man I well it was pretty stupid... I was jumpin on a trampoline... and was just tryin to jump into a pool... feet 1st... and I guess I just got to close to the springs... and the resistance was to much and it flipped my body and I hit the bottom of the pool with my neck. What happen to you?
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    have you had much return in your hands?
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    any kind of walker? or did you have one modified?
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    One thing I learned, you have to tell them... don't want for them to tell you anything. Take a notebook with you, printed out questions and do not leave unless they answer everything. As nice or good as they may be, they are not the one who needs to get healed, better, and walk..really .. express to them what YOU want. You are the important one. (that is hard for us who have not been selfish people, but this is a good selfishness we much have)
    Did you have any surgery? I was at UCSF then at Cal Pacific Rehab. I was in rehab hospital one full month. My focus after out of hospital was to walk. All the other things could come little by little but I found a therapist who helped me focus on walking. He did good. Had me doing exercises, and walking in front of full wall mirror.
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    Hi Goredeisel: I walk without aid. (or as I tell people who can't see me, I don't walk good, I don't walk pretty and I don't walk far .. but I WALK!)
    Seems as if once we get half way good recovery, no one knows what to do. I just recently found a gym where the owner is a Therapist who works with spinal patients at UC Davis. So I joined. I don't do a lot, but I go each day to increase my walking and power in my legs.
    I used a walker for the first 4 months. They wanted me to go to crutches but I was afraid I would be too dependant on them, so I refused. I was 6 months post surgery before I drove my car. And I was scared as all get out the first few times.
    How are you doing? And if you have anything that has helped you with healing, please share. I am still looking and praying for us all to recover.
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    gosh maybe 6 month but it was really hard at that time
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    Hello, congrats on your ability to walk, its; a great accomplishment. I walk with a cane. Over a 3 year period, I began in a wheel chair, 3-4 months later I was fitted with KAFO's and walked with a walker, after 4 months 1 brace was removed, 6 months later the brace was reduced to a AFO at which time I walked with loft strands. 5 months later I purchased the bioness L-300 to assist with dropped foot at which time the AFO was removed and I began walking with a cane.
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    Wow, your injury was the day before my daughters. Looks like you are doing very well and on the way to a full recovery.
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    Keep it up, buddy! Cauda Equina here, like I said, but it does not stop me. I bodybuild, powerlift, race my wheelchair and scuba. work a full 40 hour week. Life aint over till you are dead in the ground.
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    Keep pushing past what you think you can do from you picture in the walker you look very strong in upper body that will help tremendously. I am almost 3 yrs post with a inc c-4 quad diagnosis and I can walk ind and ride a bike like crazy but I cannot run or do anything quick movement wise. Remember what Lance Armstrong said (Pain is only temporary it may last a week a month or a year, If I quit its forever. So do what you can to get better Be alright with what you have right now and press on. Looks like your a lucky man anyway if Darra is your girl.
    Good Luck, Craig
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    Hey there hm...to use them around functionally it took about 2 years I would say...like right now I use them all the time in the house and just leave my wheelchair outside. But if something is still long distance or I know seating won't be there I'll still take my chair. I just think of the chair as a tool not a prision anymore.
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    Hello Goredeisel,
    I sent you a friend request to become one of my Care Cure Friends. I read your last post & was happy to hear that you've taken some steps using crutches. Do you wear leg braces also? If you do it's good that you do. I have a friend who is a paraplegic since he was 9yrs old & he has KAFO's that he usually puts on every day to do some walking & stretch out. I have KAFO's myself that I wear & when I do I feel better & have less pain. Keep up the good work. I'm rooting for you.

    Oldsmar, Fl
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