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    02-07-2020, 09:59 PM
    Imight replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    there was an an asian american and a chinese woman who received the cells during the trial that were there. I was late to the trials by 6 months...
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    02-07-2020, 09:26 AM
    T4, crutches when I need too, tho I mostly use my chair, but if I need to climb some steps or go off terrain or inaccessible areas (bathroom), the...
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    02-07-2020, 09:01 AM
    Imight replied to a thread ChinaSCINet Update in Cure
    I used to be real critical of your negativity back in the day. but having gone there myself. your assessment is correct. in fact I was the...
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    02-07-2020, 08:37 AM
    Imight replied to a thread Older Members Still Around? in Life
    I just realized I met chistinachina on here. and we ended up being like family when I moved to china. I lived there for 6 yrs, and they took me...
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    02-07-2020, 08:25 AM
    Imight replied to a thread Older Members Still Around? in Life
    Sup I stop by every 6 months or so unless I have a question for KLD :P I was the annoying kid from north hollywood. then moved to canada. then...
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    02-07-2020, 07:49 AM
    twas there 2 years ago...... that thing looked brutal to use.
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    You haven't missed much on CC. Same old stuff. Have a healthy, happy summer.
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    I haven't heard from you in a while. Have you started driving? Have any boyfriends?
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    im doing good! miss you too! text me and we shall hang. =)
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    im in the same situation,goodluck.;]
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    Well I was going to go to the group but nat thinks wants to ditch it so we can hang before I leave lololol. Maybe we can blaze later in the evening after the group thurs??? I'll be gone for 3 weeks :-(
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    Good seeing you last night. Must do it again!!!!
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    Man I missed you again. Gloria had changed my time to 3 and I got there late but I heard you came looking for me! Dammit. We fitted for an afo. Looks like now that I'm on canes she feels it's safer I wear one on my right leg. Sux cuz I hate the thing feels like a boot. But at least I can proudly say I'm on canes now. I predict I'll fall on my ass in public once per month hahahahaha. Give me a good line to use to divert the embarrassment. " don't mind me, listening for upcoming earthquakes" *drum snare*
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    I should be there with gloria thurs at 2. you should come early. ill be at the group then too, we could see her after as well. Im at northridge until july then I dont know what Im going to do either. =/

    yea someone in a chair killed themselves, by jumping off the parking structure. I had just gotten there 5 min before it happened, and saw a white sheet over the body. crazyyyyyy. it was a dark day thats for sure.
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    Um, why am I not seeing you at northridge? I hope you're not going some where else. I spoke to Gloria and she said you should contact herrrrrr. she (I don't know about Debbie) would fight for you to get in!!!!

    I think I'm going to the support group next week, might see you there!

    ps. did you hear about the suicide at northridge? I freakin saw the body. ugh.
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    You should! Gloria is great. You should request her when you get approved. Nothing new here. Just working on canes and got the Walkaide but I'm not feeling it. :-(
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    That reminds me didn't I lend you a book the last time you came over? just double checking it's with you and not someone else lol
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    Hey you! Damn I barely got your message. I haven't logged on in almost a month lol. Been mad busy with work and therapy. Been having a lot of folks at my house too. People just flying in and futon crashing hahaha.

    Sorry to hear about Northridge. Damn that sounds wack! I've been going 3 times a week and wondered where you were! I've been meaning to hit up the support group once but they have me working ou Thursdays at 3!!!! Doh! I saw a lot of people going there last week and I even saw Anthony on my way out. Hopefully I can make it one of these sundays before I leave to China for the summer. :-(
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    Gorgeous... btw... Hi, I'm Jeremy
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    ahh yer pretty howd u get hurt i was 24 surfing n hurt my neck. hope yer doin well. bueeeyy
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    by the way, my name is ryan haha i realize that with all the screen names- no one knows their real name.
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    i was going off a jump snowboarding... and i overturned trying to grab my board doing a trick and landed straight on my back and shattered t9,t10. yeah im at uc san diego and sometimes i feel like im missin out on alot as well. but i try to stay motivated and tell myself that 90 percent of people wouldn't be able to deal with what we go through...and call it quits. so thats sorta my motivation...
    how did you get hurt? are you still doing therapy?
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    hey- my roommates in college are from newbury, oak park and westlake pretty close to sherman oaks rite?. im from arcadia- you were injured around the same time as me... how are things going?
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    Hi kenzeezy, my name is Chris, i am living in Switzerland. I had a T12 injury many years ago. I fully recovered to health. If you want to chat, this is my MSN
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    sounds good!
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    Heeey. Just getting in. Ate shabu shabu mmmmmmm. I got super buzzed off the hot sake haha. Yes I'm going to my friends for a superbowl BBQ. But this weeK after tues...I'm wide open! Get at me! suck some lollipops lolol
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    I just got back from the Burbank mall. I went in for 2 items and left with bags the size of me lol. *shakes head* I have no discipline lol. . Now I'm home eating Mexican and sipping some cranberry and vodka. You should of hit me up you could have came with. We coulda watched a movie there!!! blah When you want me to bring those lollipops?!?!?!
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    hey!!!! It was all the above! It's basically called complex B and has them all. I really went all out LOL. What's going on with ya? =)
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    fight don't give up , someday it will all feel normal you will forget you are in a chair . just fight and be of strong courage
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    Hey Hey. Happy New Years! What did you get into???? I went to a lounge/bar in Hollywood very last min. It was cool! I got to sit in the VIP lounge, because their were no seats and well....I'm SCI lol.
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    Thank You

    Yes they are pretty tough over there! Felt like I was back in football practice again haha. Last year my PPO paid, this year medicare paid. You applied? SWEET! Tell them Mark E sent you. . I got a friend to go there as well, he enjoyed it. It's sad we live so far away, or I would be there every day! I'd probably be on canes already. =/

    Wait til next week, hopefully they'll put my new vids up! I will def get in contact with you some time next week. ttyl
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    For sure. I'll let you know next week when I go. I like Northridge, it's great, but it's not long term. I am 2 years post, and I sort of need something more than an hour and that's a little tougher. More of a personal training style, than PT, you know? I have only been to one other, it's called NEXTSTEP, in Lawndale off the 405. It's about $100 a month to use their gym, which is for SCI people, however, it cost a lot more if you have their personal trainers work with you, they do not take insurance. It's a little too far for me.

    Anyways. I spend most of my time, in front of my comp as I work from home as a graphic designer. I also play billiards a lot, in sherman oaks, woodland hills and hollywood, as well as go to lounge/bars with my crew. Too bad you're young or I'd invite. it's loads of fun, I hate being the only wheeler ugh (wait shouldn't I save all this for the lunch convo? haha)
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    btw Anthony came over not too long ago. I asked if he knew you, he said yes. and that you were cool people. =)
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    Check it out for yourself.
    these are from last year when I first got there, they got me on forearm crutches (which is what I use now 70% of the time) I think they'll have my last vists pics and vids some time next week. can't wait to see the progress!!!!

    The apartments that they were renting out before, they no longer contract with, from what I know now, they provide a discount service at a local hotel which is like a holiday inn.

    The place in Encino is a high tech facility, it's privately owned and was recommended to me. I forgot the site, but if it's a cool place that can help, i'll def let you know sometime next week!

    Indeed it would be great to catch up with you at northridge. Not sure if I will be going there quite yet (still have to check out encino) but if not, you're not far, maybe we can do lunch on ventura or something, share stories about this dreaded injury haha
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    I went to Ohio. this facility
    every time I go here I gain a new function, unfortunately it's so far, and I can only stay for a couple of weeks at a time. You should check them out, they offer a free week! they're hands down the toughest place I've gone too. they work you out for 3 hours (tho I did 5 hours) per day.

    I'm thinking about going to some new facility in Encino, but I have to check it out first. I have an appt to tour next tues. If not, i'll probably be going to northridge....but I'd like to try a new place.
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    Hey. back in the valley! how's northridge going?
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    Hope all is well with you.
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    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
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