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    Long time, no see. How are you doing?
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    It was a little too refined for me - you couldnt wear red tights to a ballet class ever - I felt more at home in a jazz dance program when I got older. Of course I no longer had a ballerina's body either as I had hips!
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    Yes I was but later from age 9-12. I was always dancing though, I was likely in a modern dance class at the time of that pic. You a ballet fan?
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    Haha I'm a total mutant! Gotta love those recessive genes! But I think it's worse for me cuz I've got the blionde hair too. Dr. Xavier would love me...I'm even in chair like him
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    Hi There. Heres to a good week
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    the term 'slobjob' is a new fave. thanks for that, boss.
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    Do u know what happened to DA?
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    Better late than never. I hoped u enjoyed your holidays & best wishes for the new year. Sexy Man
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    um...thanks for "perking" me up!
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    It did get better. And the hair's still cooperating! Thanks for the note.
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    Hey there back atcha! (and it's Anna)
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    Thanks for accepting my friendship
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    Hello My Dearest,
    My name is Miss cythia, I came across your contact as i was searching for good friend, A friend who truly understand his or her friend and share their feelings together. please kindly accept my request, I believe that distance can never be a barrier but let's love connect us because love is a bridge that connected far distance to beclose to each other. I will send my pictures to you immediately i receive your reply.(
    yours In Love,
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    It be Navy blue 'Sir', lol. Ma'am???. Now I'm 'Ma'am'??, lol, why so formal Bobbo, HA. Thanks for the compliment
  15. Thanks Amanda, I hadn't even heard of it! haha, I checked out his website, looks like an interesting novel. I'm glad you're enjoying it, I bet I will too. I'm doing well, thanks, hope the same for you
  16. Hey you I have spent the past few days reading Stephen King's 11.22.63. A very strange departure from his other work, but I am enjoying it quite a bit. Just thought I would mention it as I think you might find it an interesting read. Hope you are doing well.
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    Hi rdf. Been very busy. My husband died in June 08. Moved to Rockaway Beach Missouri and bought a bar. Oh my tigers lions and bears. Hope all of good with you. Come read once in awhile but..not miuch spare time. Thanks for the thought. Always love your posts. Rita
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    thanks again darlin' you're sweet.
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    Duane is my son, silly, lol

    thank you btw, cutie
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    what in the good lord's name are you talking about bobbo?, lol
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    He is wonderful – taught me how to appreciate men. My mom's great too. I definitely lucked out in the parent department, and I'm loving seeing them in grandparent mode (courtesy of my sister, of course). Thanks for thinking about me Bobby. I'm short on chips, but I moved all the bins out of projectile position and am well stocked in ice cream, so I expect to be fine.
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    How exquisite! The ocean just stirs it all…
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    Bobby, I feel compelled to share with you that my first reaction to your first page post was that I would have loved hanging out with you at a bar on the beach. What seaside locale was lucky enough to sport your company for 25 years?
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    rdf I know your an expert on computers.I'm just a novice ( should have got a PC long ago ),I have to take computer classes at college.Its a good thing the PC isn't vital in Psychology.I just ordered a new PC ( already have Ipad2 )I want to ask ( if no trouble ) it has a phenom processor not intel,what do you think about that.I ordered from best buy.What book or app is best for novices trying to learn about PC.I have a lot to learn.Thanks Gunnslinger8 P.S. I still don't know how to transfer photos from IPad to sites or forums etc.( I'm so far behind I know ) toddlers know more than me about PC.
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    funny guy, funny guy.
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    Thanks for the note, am resting, the hard part.Thx again
  27. Thanks Bobby, you're too kind. I'm doing okay, getting ready for the next step down. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for helping try to keep the karma good around here, kind of tough sometimes.
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    you are a patient and kind man.
    thanks for the computer help.
  29. Do you use a Handcycle, if so could you tell me a good company to buy one from that might also help with Insurance. I already have a Dr. Note perscribing a Handcycle for Exercise and Rebilitation
  30. Goin' good Amanda, thanks for asking How's life for you? It's freezing ass cold and too much snow where I live, but spring will be here before I know it. Hope you're doing well, OJ, I miss seeing your posts. But then again, I don't come here much anymore. Too much BS.
  31. How's it going?
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    Best Wishes for 2011, Wishing you all the best! keep writing cause i love reading your post I think thats what keeps me around now
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    Merry merry Christmas
  34. Just hibernating, Amanda. I despise winter, ha! I miss ya, hope you're doing well. Thanks for the hugs
  35. What's up with you these days? Hope you are doing well
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    Hey RDF,

    You asked me back in June if I had any prototypes of my toilet seat design.The answer now is yes. I had one digitally printed and will have production seats by early Feburary next year. I know have the difficulting of getting building codes modified to allow for a closed front toilet seat so that it can be used in public restrooms. Currently leading standards dictate that the toilet seat must be open front. This looks to me like a dangerous rule, especially with diagonal transfers so I am petitioning for an allowance for closed front designs. However, I need evidence of a safety risk to do so.
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    you are most welcome.
  38. There are a lot of people on CC that admire, whose posts my eyes always gravitate to, and you're definitely in the first rank. So there, deal with it!!
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    I'm a heathen.......Nah I've been reading your posts..I am glad to have a new "cute" friend......
  40. You're right of course, thanks. I'd sure give anything to be over there helping keep our boys safe. Such is life. Nice Memorial Day, thanks, hope you had a good one also.
  41. Thanks Bobby, don't know if I'll ever get used to holidays dedicated to "me", living in regret for having never made it to the front lines... but I guess that's what determent is about.

    Another thing is, I regret how that other thread went. Praying she comes back...
  42. Tough bringing up that thread, had to burn one in her memory. Have a nice Memorial Day.
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    Everything is cool and the gang. Just trying to get outside more ya know?

    Hows everything?
  44. I would like to be stoned, please send some my way Summer might be just around the corner but we got hit with a giant snow storm the other day. Oh well. So it goes, I suppose.
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    Wordscraper and Lexulous are Scrabble variants. I play Wordscraper with christopher and lynnifer, usually.
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    My Redskins-loving father will appreciate that football link.
  47. I saw you wrote pum pum in yet another post. I think you are obsessed with that word And I am obsessed with your obsession

    Just kidding. Just wanted to say hi and that I hope you are doing well.
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    Thanks for helping bring this to an end. I really appreciate your public statement about your conversation with "Annie".
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    BoB - I was kidding I know you're a gimp unfortunately like most of us. This is a wild story.
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    hey bob! how are you? i haven't been here since writing you last. i've been consumed by THIS PROBLEM and had little patience for anything. i am feeling happy today as #1 my hair has stopped falling out!!! i was getting pretty nervous there and cut it all off because there's nothing worse for a woman than being a bald woman. yikes. i like to cook and all i envision is me looking like Lydia on the cooking channel. that lady is brave. i'm finally weaned off both meds. that could have caused this allergic rash - real pretty too- just imagine measels from your neck down and it lasting 7 weeks, but it's finally clearing up too. so life is good - the snow is melting, the sun is out for the third straight day. so where do you live? i'm curious. i've never heard of between someplace and goodbye - is it Pandora?
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    thanks for fixing my attempt at posting a youtube clip AGAIN, rdf...
    i'm determined to learn how to do it properly from now on.
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    well, cool bob. i feel like a the new kid in first grade whose made her first friend! great smile by the way.
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    The day of my accident the last thing I did at work was to slid down a down spout 250 feet in the air and put a duct tape patch on a hole so we could take in the fall crop until it rained so it could be fixed properly. On the way home to this day I am not sure what happened but I missed a corner in a correction cure. I landed in the hospital with 35 broken ribs, 2 broken scapula, a collapsed lung, and a burst T8 with a severed spinal cord at that approximate level.

    After physical therapy, I made a decision to go back to school and got degrees in Ag Business and Economics from Iowa State. Hoping to land a job in grain sales and ag-input products, I bought a house in Britt. Brit, IA what the hell why Britt? Well it is on the corner of four of the largest Co-op’s in the state and if there is anywhere in the world to find an opportunity would be here, or so I thought.
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    Must ask did you meet my dad in Algona a few months back?
  55. I am sure we could set up a cage match between you and Daisy to duke it out. Or you between you and me

    Hope you are having a good weekend. Sunday has been better than Saturday for me. Maybe means Monday has some hope for it
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    haha nice! ur a cows fan o man :P idk bout that lol........ i no ul b talkin crap but im a 9ers fan all the way babi lol
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    thanx 4 the welcome
  58. Thanks for your support in the thread about my dad. It means a lotI hope you are doing well.
  59. hey stranger Things are up and down but essentially okay. Earlier this month I took possession of a condo which has turned out to be a total lemon. So its been one headache after another. Although if that is the worst I have to complain about, I guess life can't be that bad lol. How are you doing?
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    I sure is a good person! jusssssst kidding. lol thanks for the kind words (*nshit)
  61. Hey how are ya doing these days?
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    Im not sure this got through to you, so I'm posting again. Im technologically challenged.

    Hi Bob! thanks for writing! u were a copperhead? lol I was a Maroon, but a little later. Was Cheek ur coach? He just passed away this year I think. So where do u live now? I hope someplace warm. This last winter damn near killed me.

    I think things have cooled a little with the kids, but I think there will always be a war between the 2 cities. I love anaconda. did u ever eat at the Copper Club? my cousin owned it. Kathy & dennis. They have both died and the place burned down. GREAT STEAKS! did u go 2 college? ever get back to mt?

    Funny, i remember my dad telling bout Butte kids trying to turn over Anacondas bus at the Civic Center. almost forgot that. I think the parents are worse than the kids now. lol

    Sure appreciate you writing. Do you ever go to the chat room? Maybe we can connect there sometime. Hope you are doing ok, and look forward to talking again. C ya Neighbor. Take care, k?
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    new at this....hope 2 make friends
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    Hey rdf, how's the elevator search going? I'm in the same boat, can't see paying all the extras for medical reasons. Here's a video I found, it might help you Also watch ebay. You can sometimes pick up porch lifts cheap and then modify it to your needs.
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    im not sure how to get you my post ,,, are you in the medical field??
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    hey can you please hekp me with my post in a newbie and im not sure if i posted it right!
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    Hey rdf...thank you so much for the kind note you left me! I enjoy your contributions, too, and have added you as a friend and kindred spirit (not to mention Baclofen pump buddy). :-)
  68. **wave and smile**
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    Hey Buddy. ZERO apologies needed! My best friends are the ones I disagree with. That means they actually give a flip. Granted i've lived with my situation for a long tiem and as i age it does get worse, but that allowed me to adpat in my own way.

    Overall, you seem really cool. I'm proud to know you!
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    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. It makes me feel much better. I hope that you are doing well!!
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    Your collections made me smile, so I thought I’d visit and say hi.
  72. I feel bad that I didn't reply sooner and caused you to worry. I am terrible at following through on responding to things like emails and the like. My new years resolution is to be better about it. And I have already broken that! lol To be serious, as I said, the message made me smile. Never worry. If I am mad at you about something, I'll let ya know loud and clear (just kidding...I can't think of a situation where you would say something to upset me. It's all good )
  73. Hey you I meant to get back to you about that last message you left--and can't remember if I did or not. In case you were made me smile. And that is a good thing. I hope you are doing well.
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    Did I Cowboys stink it up this year or what? What a disappointing season. GEEZ!
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    Have a Happy New Year! Mona
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    You should know me by now, arrogance brings out my tenacity! But I didn't know he was in that bad of place I'll attempt to reign it in.

    Love you too Bob but you've been corrupted by kate who was corrupted by my friend melissa. Nikki makes me think of a 16 or cheerleader or somethin'.
    Happy new year to you too,

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    Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.
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    Mr. BoB, have a Merry Christmas
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    Take your time. She'll be there a while.

    Yes, I've told her to listen to the veterans and to never let her guard down.

    You and me both, buddy. I'd go in a heartbeat if I could. My brother went into the Marines when I was 16. I most likely would have joined him if not for both of our car wrecks. His took his life a year before I had mine.

    Well, take care. TTYL....
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    Yes. She's in Tallil, Iraq and somewhat settled in if that is what you call it. She said they were currently staying in 11 man tents. I hate that for her. She said it looks like it will be that way for a while. She was going on her first convoy last night. I haven't heard back from her yet so it will be interesting to hear how that went.

    She has already received something from Todd. She thought that was cool. BTW, it's "APO", not "ATO". However, apparently it doesn't matter since Todd's package made it.
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    Gee, thanks! You're pretty cool too.
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    HI there...
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    glad yr ok.
  84. jody, I'm waiting to hear back from the doc on whether he left the catheter that broke off in my spinal canal. He said he was not going to try to remove any catheters already there, as it was too risky and might damage my cord. I hope you can get a pump if you have problems with spasticity, it really is a life-changer. good luck
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    theirs a vet college, Ame's university. I was there several times. once for my horse and once to do this cool summer program for pre vet students, and to accompany sick horses for people I worked for. what a place. I'M glad your feeling better. a bac pump was just recommended for me. I think its a long ways off though. did they take out the two old catheters?
  86. knowthill, thanks for the comment. It all worked out well, that's all that counts. Thanks for the friend add. Is Britt near Ames?
  87. jody, I'm new to Iowa...only been here a couple of months. hi

    Is the vet school you and knowthill are talking about the USDA Vet Clinic you see from the freeway on E 13th?
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    I know what you are going through with the Baclofen pump situation. Hey I went to Iowa State and would think you would have better luck at the veterinarian school. At least there they are used to working with people who cannot tell them where it hurts.
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    your from Iowa. I wanted to go to vet school at ames. I live in winterset all through highschool and did pre vet at creston. it must be so f ng cold right about now. oh yeah, hi.
  90. Merry Christmas Brian, no worries my friend. I know your heart is in the right place :-)
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    Wow, I was taken to town! Thank I may just give the forum a break for awhile. I do respect you and hope you believe me. I know it looks pretty bad but I wouldn't lie just to look good. Talk to you at a later date. Have a good Christmas!
  92. It's all good Brian ;-) I'm half teasing da most of the time.
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    You made some good points about President to leave Bush. I don't like him and never did like him. He has made many mistakes that will challenge president elect Obama. I just think it takes two to fight and in this political poison environment. Bush did pass some spending bills trying to reach out that he wasn't given enough credit by republicans or democrats. Don't get me wrong, I am a liberal all the way through my body. Talk to you later friend!
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    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well friend!
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    Thanks for the friend add. Hope you are doing ok. Where are you located at these days?
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    Hi Bobby
  97. View Conversation

    I enjoy reading your post especially the ones about DA. I'm not sure what world he lives in? Maybe he should give up one of his jobs so he has more of a chance to think before he replies. Happy Thanksgiving!
  98. Sorry to hear about your brother, it must be hard only happening a year ago. My little sister was killed in the late 1980s, and I still get emotional thinking about her. But we go on, and time kind of makes things a little easier year by year.

    As to the Cowboys, I want a Super Bowl damnit! ;-)
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    LoL, it took me awhile to figure out how this thing worked. I've been a fan about the same amount of time, my brother was the big fan I just became one because he was one, he died last nov right when the cowboys were doing so good too, he used to call me after the game or when a game changing play would happen so I kinda miss that, I know he'd be stoked about this season as I am (hopefully). I didn't you were that old, I am too well not quite lol but almost. Jerri
  100. I'll try again.....Us Cowboys fans have to stick together, heh. No, I haven't been to one of their games, although I've been a fan since I was 5 or 6 - 40 years ago. I've never lived near Dallas. Thanks for being a friend

    Let's hope we make the post-season, then take it from there.
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    Hi, thanks for accepting, its good to have a cowboy fan here as a friend. Have you ever been to a cowboy game, I never have and now that my sister lives there, you would think I have but I haven' you think one could get accessable seats this late, I want to
  102. Just wanted to say hi
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    Thanks rdf, Nice to have a friend like you! Mona
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