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  1. Hi, is been awhile.. Hope u r well..The video are of you..
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    Hi there. I just wanted to tell you your video is great. They need to put you in the video of that song. Keep working.
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    hey! I am so proud of you! wow! i have a few questions if you have the time? First Merry Christmas!! next I have a question about the walker I too am able to get in the walker but I am having such spastisity problems, did you ever deal with that? it feels like i am gripping the life out of the walker! if you go to my Threads there is a Youtube video of me in Para bars and walker, but my next step (out of bars) has me a little scared but watching you make me feel better!! I just need to control my spastisity! any advice you can give me would be wonderful!!
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    Hey Andrea Havent been on here in sooo long Cking out your family pics You look simply beautiful Hope all is well as well can be Go steelers Got Rings????? Yea 6
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    Hello you, how┬┤s it going?
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    Would like to chat sometime
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    Hi drew
    love the song
    let Jesus take the wheel
    How true if we will just turn everything
    Over to him
    Thanks for sharing
    GOD BLESS U!!!!!!
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    Fantastics your videos, I hope you get well soon a beautiful girl like you and nobody deserves SCI. I'm quad and I fight everyday for a next better day. "So, what should we say about these things? If God is for us, who is against us?" Rom 8;31
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    Hey Andrea! How have u been? Sorry its been a while, but I know you understand there is ALWAYS something requiring our attention! Anyhow, I hope you've been able to get your UTI's and bladder issues under control. Have you tried taking the Methenamine I was telling you about? It is the "antibacterial" drug I take to ward off UTI's by making the environment in the bladder somewhat toxic to the bacteria that causes them. How's the family and friends? Are you driving yet? Well, I wish you the best and I'm gonna try to give you a call soon! Take care! Shawn
  10. the message below is the song and its awesome and i love this one in which you probably know but hear it again . it reminds be of my accident and comforts me everytime i hear this song.. <iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  11. <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. This is a awesome song by Carrie Underwood and let your soul be uplifted! AWESOME!
    I try posting it but you can view it on and I hope you get to hear her sing this great song, Takecare and God bless ya!
  13. Hi .. Nice song.. I have this cd I bought from the theme song of the christian show DISCOVERY THE JEWISH JESUS.. Is a awesome cd but it is not in youtube I check. However God bless and wishing you peace, love and happiness!
  14. Hi Drew, hope all is well over there in pitts. I have this link very encouraging and I get lost in how deep the Lord and it words are. Enjoy and talk to you soon!
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    I watched your youtube video and I have to say it is awesome! I have never seen an sci person walk with braces before so I have a question for you. It has been awhile since my accident and they never put me in braces or had me try to walk. I must say that it is really cool how you can do that!!! Do you have to have some movement in your legs in order to walk with braces or do you just swing your body to move your legs forward? If not, I might have to check into it. I am sure things have changed since I had my accident.
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    I lived in PA awhile back for a couple years. What a beautiful state! Being from out west, I thought everything east of the Mississippi was a concrete jungle. How wrong I was. I especially liked the Poconos!
  17. Hi God bless! Hope you doing fine as always.. A awesome top rated site recommend with great wisdom and knowledge.. He speak the truth no kidding about salvation.. Takecare and keep intouch!
  18. Hi Drew, I get silly at times but in a good way .. Im doing fine but do have those sleep pain issues n looking for a better bed. Actually thinkin sleep number.. Well just know when u ready for marriage DONT FORGET ABOUT ME! lol.. How are you coping? Is there pain issues etc.. Well, you have support here for anything I can help but take well care and God bless us all. We all know how tuff this is.. Nite Nite
  19. Lord help me .. Some times you have to try and who knows! lol.. Take care and God bless you!
  20. Hi Drew! I post on pic right now that you are cute! sorry but Im speaking out of my feeling when i see you.. I must say beautiful.. With respect so that you know where I stand n time to go, blushing ..
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    hey goofball hope you're having a great day
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    Yup, the pictures of our beagle are on page 107 under member pictures/member pet pictures.
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    We have a beagle too. She's about 20 pounds and is cute as can be. She likes to curl up on laps and snuggle. I'm pretty sure I posted pictures of her on the pets page.
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    Thanks! She's a big 65-pound ball of fur now that looks more like Chewbacca than the puppy in the photo
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    hey thx for accepting my friend request hope to chat with u soon... have a good day
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    hey great pics! hope you had a merry christmas and a blessed new year. how old are your nephews? ya'll(yes i'm from the south haha) seem very close! my name's nathan c3-4 incomplete..god bless
  27. love the pictures! God bless, I hope all is fine with ya! Im always around you ever feel the need to talk...
    Sincere Sammy...
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    Het man whats happnin with you?
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    Hey Andrea, Weather is great what did you do this weekend?
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    Hey Welcome
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    Hey Andrea! Just saw you were on this site. I think you'll like it. Look forward to talking to you soon! Feel free to email me anytime.
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