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    02-05-2020, 03:03 PM
    Hi, I'm C6/7 complete and used as a customer for 5 years before my husband and I bought the company in 2013. The lifespan of...
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    Hey lady!
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    hey..long time, no speak! hope ur doing good, me busy! i was last here about a month ago and decided just to turn around after i logged in is nuts!
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    Yeah! I actually got a bit of a "farmers" burn yesterday enjoying it w/ the dogs! Haven't called bc now I'm staying nauseated. I hope it isn't that same Gastroparesis that wiped me out for months after my surgery returning!
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    Feeling somewhat better. Hoping 4 nicer weather next week! Will call when I'm up to it. I figured Smitty wouldn't like the outdoors again, poor thing.
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    I'm fighting a cold. Ugh--the damn weather changes! I hate season changes. I'm glad Smitty's feeling better & Chloe adjusted to the litter box. Did y'alldecide to keep them indoors? Mr. Puss & Baby's daddy decided to give them their warm weather cuts(poodle style) too they're a bit cold. I'll give you a ring when I get over this crap & we'll do lunch!
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    Sorry to be catching up so late. Had to get alot done & went on a trip 2 Tenn...still recovering! Where are y'all going or have u been by now? Hope Smitty is better.
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    Sorry...we'll get 2gether soon, sorry about Friday. I'm still feeling a bit bad. I hope Smitty is doing really well w/ 3 leggies.
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    checked it... Just let me know anytime! I got my new chair's pin today-yay!

    the pic: they actually want nothing 2 do w/ outside anymore. Mr. Puss has run out a couple x's & run right back in. My niece accidently let him out & he stayed gone for hours on hours in a storm. He came back @ 3 am, soaked, muddy & crying..the great outdoors isn't what he remembered back in the

    i know what u mean about rest, I feel 80ish atleast!

    call anytime..mwah!
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    Thinking of you..Happy New Year. I actually behaved this year, hope you did too.
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    Hello, sorry for the delay. I still have the Vitaglide.
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    How's it going? I'm functioning until the sun goes help me through daylight savings when it's then dark @ 5..I'm f'n cold!
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    Good job! It's all easy breezy now.

    Oh, Bea is my girl. She came my way about a year ago when a neighbor became abusive & neglectful. We didn't bond from the start but before long I read her eyes & that was it. We had a slip up yesterday..snapped around food w/ the others & over me, forgot to mention, she can get possesive. Oh well, just like kids.

    Have a great weekend!
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    Yay. I'm glad he fixed you up. Congrats on driving that far- I do hope you were sober! Bask in pride now.

    Still on a cleaning spree & getting "procrastinated" stuff done. Finally got to see my last rescue dog, Bea, truley happy & eager to put our hard work to use longer shy/scared around men & strangers & no longer dog aggressive. I'm so happy with her!

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    Laptop is up & running again! I broke the cord & the connector inside--I'm good @ breaking stuff.Been cleaning like crazy & hanging outside with the dogs since it's so nice lately. Having a cookout tomorrow & I guess you'll be getting plastered tailgating in some parking lot somewhere. Anyways, not sure if this was the fb reunion week or the next. Just give me a call whenever, hope to see ya soon!
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    Had a good time yesterday.

    Pretty sure we'd have been friends if we met as ab's too.
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    Have fun.

    The 17th sounds good for girl chat.

    Your quad dr. friend was in todays paper--can't believe he's 60, doesn't look it.
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    Hey girl! Sorry I haven't gotten with you sooner. It's been a crappy week. I was gonna call you about getting 2gether on Fri., butmy new chair is coming then. Yay, but then I've gotta save up $500 just to get a new pin for the EZ LOCK...always something & I'm ready to get out of THIS chair!

    How does next week look 4 ya? We may have a very small get together Sat. if you guys are interested..hamburgers, hotdogs, always alcohol here too. Call me if you want to..
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    Hey, I started a thread trying to find where I could find that gadget. KLD replied with this site.. Scroll on down. I got mine way b4 I knew I was getting a Toyota so I know they aren't specifically for their keys, really most keys are all the same shape/ size anyways.

    We'll get together next week, I'm sure.
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    Resent by email. Hope you did this time.
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    Did you get them? We sent them on Wed. from his phone.
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    I took a couple pics of the key gadget w/ my cell. If you have texting, I can send them. If not, I need your email again.
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    Thank you!

    Yea, next Fri. is ok too, call me & we'll plan something. The daytime fits me well too.

    Have fun this weekend!
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    Doing anything Friday?
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    Mine goes for an interview today (thank god) , so we shall see ...
    I'll get with you soon about dinner. Don't worry, it won't be long until you'll be solo & we can meet up for girl chat. Another thought is that I have a passenger-side easy-lock too.

    Yea, I hate recovering from vacations too!
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    Hey--recovered from your vacay yet? Lucky girl..

    We need to meet up for lunch, us two or we can do dinner w/ the hubbies. Let meknow, you know how to find me.
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    Check your email
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    She texted today...I should be getting the email tonight.."should". I couldtake a pic & easily get it to you now but I found an old pic(taken 4 someone else) of the contraption b4 I broke it. I hope the driving is still going smoothly. I'm getting back under the wheel tomorrow. While feeling so badly, I've made others drive. I should be good & sore tomorrow but I can't wait!
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    Hey, pm your email to me so I can forward that seatbelt pic. Have a good weekend, damn it's hot!
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    Thanks for the compliments. I'm the mother of the critters but can't claim the lil' humans.

    Enjoy yourg weekend. We're suppose to have a get together tonight...better still be on, everyone has 4 wd so no excuses.
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    yes i kno her she lives like 4 houses up from me lol....yes very small world
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    Hey, I was just wondering why you had been quiet. Lol, I just noticed from my last message, I said quad gf's...I probably scared you off..I just meant quad friends that happen to be girls.Cute kitty, kinda looks like my Harley. Oh well, have a good weekend!
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    OMG is she a teacher at twin valley high school?
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    oakwood acually where did your husband live at in grundy?
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    hey im from southwest va to i from grundy if u kno where that is lol
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    I'm glad they aren't sending sci's to Ro. Rehab anymore. I'm glad I didn't get the trach & vent-fought like hell to stay off of it but by all rights deserved it. Yea, I have a modified Toyata Sienna I drive, went to Woodrow Wilson for training. About 4-5 good rolls & I was ready. The first time, your coordination is really tested! I'm glad you're doing great, hope it continues on out. I had no quad gf's until I set out on the internet either...I had plenty of guy quad buds though. I'm not shy either, so whatever questions you may have just pm or e-mail. Sorry about your Shellie, but glad you knew pit love...I'm partial.
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    Hey Debbie. Did you get treated in the area? I was a mentor for newer injuries but I may have ruined that the last time my mom mom was in neuro trauma @ Ro. Memorial..oh well,, mom's care was in my best interest at the time.:/

    I went to Ro. Rehab but knowing what I know now, wish I would've went elsewhere..but that's old news. Pm me if you need any help or advice, I know my 2nd year was the worst.
  37. Nice to hear from you Shannon--I'm Debbie.
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    Hey, noticed you're in Roanoke~ I'm near-by..Shannon here,welcome!
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    Just Sayin hi
    hows things
    Keep smiling
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