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    Hi I go hurt when I was 15 and my Mom helped me with my personal care after I was released from hospita/Rehab which wasn't good as I got lazy and she did more and more. Ironically her hurting her back and me ending up in an old folks home was the motivater I needed. I went back to rehab in the summer between graduation and first year university and became independant. I had live in help to cook and clean and to allievate my families concerns but after a couple years I basically went it alone with housekeeping 2 x 1/2days a week. This was approx. 28 years ago as I am now 49 Good luck and e-mail me if I can be of assistance. Aloha Bruce
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    I saw your post about your son's spasms at night. You should see a Phys Med and Rehab Medical doctor for that as it can be a in depth issue to treat. I can direct you to a good colleague if you like if you let me know what area of the country you live in.
    Best of Luck,
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    It helped me to learn to walk again,not like pre accident but locomotion none the less and yes it has lasted and lead to more walking and more improvement in muscle strength, that helps me fight my spasticity. I walk like Egore its not pretty but it is walking none the less
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    Someone said about locomotor training I did that for 6 months 3 days a week it helped drmatically.
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    I have also found that the more I do independantly helps my confidence wich leads to less nervousness and hence less spasticity for me. My tone has decreased over the last year also wich brings more fluid movements and means less stress and lower levels of frustration. For me exercise has been the key, I admit it doesn't come easy and I used to feel like crap in the days afterwards in the beginning.I guess I like to try and maybe fail than to not try at all, I know those words don't hold much value sometimes but it's working for me.
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    Don't worry about staying positive all the time. there are times when i look at my daughter and just want to cry. not only does she have a sci she also lost her right arm almost to the shoulder. if you don't mind my asking, how did your son become injured? also where are you located? we are in orange county ny.
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    I am also the mother of a young daughter is 11 months post injury. while her husband (she got married since the accident) is the primary care giver at this point there are alot of things she will let only me do for her. I am hoping that as mothers maybe we can offer each other support because there are some thing only a mother understand.
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    Anytime you want to talk please call me. My name is Elaine, what is yours? My cell number is 682-225-7381. I would love to chat with someone who is in our shoes!! Hope to hear from you soon. If you get voicemail, just leave a message with your number and name and that you are from carecure community.

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    well i'm sorry to hear about your son. but his life certainly isn't over. at 1 year, it's about time for him to get busy trying out what he can and can't do. i'd tell him to get out as much as possible no matter what it is. he may have to find some new interests.

    a lot of the mobility issues depend on his strengths since everyone is different. the more he gets out and does, though, the stronger he'll get and his balance will get better.

    he'll be able to drive.

    i have the some bed with water tubes and i've never had a pressure sore. it is raised as well to make it easier to transfer in & out of.

    if he isn't in a manual chair, i'd recommend getting one just to make it easier to go out with friends and/or travel in.

    the main thing for him right now is to get out and go. best for the body & mind.

    feel free to email me through my site anytime if you have more questions...
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    I drive a 08 nissan altima, I have a pic in my album of my car and my bed is a iron bed with the sleep number system in it, it is flush wiith my wc so the transfer is an easy slide over. When transfering into my bed or car or wherever, I slide my hand which is sort of clench fist under the board (I use the ultra-slick which is really light) and once i have it under my thigh I push it from the end to get it really under the leg so it won't slip out when i transfer. Have you checked out the transfer videos In the life forum, they're at the top of the page, please look at them, they are great to get some ideas on transfering. Any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask, I'm glad to help. Jerri
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    Your son at C6 will be able to transfer independently don't give up. I was injured at 18 and my mom worked with me to become as independent as I could, she told me my sister and herself wouldn't be around forever. Unbeknownst to me my pt therapists told my mom what I was capable of so when I got home she really pushed me whenever I got lazy. I learned how to cath, get dressed and transfer in my first year. I think its really important to have strength because it helps with transfering and other daily living skills.
  12. Suzy Kim is great. You could also try Amy Magnusson at Sharp Rehab in San Diego.

    Did you get a Uro-Jet? This has the lidocaine jelly already contained in an applicator. This is the easiest to use.
  13. No, that is incorrect. Read the professional clinical practice guidelines on AD which specifically state that elevation of the SYSTOLIC (first number) blood pressure by 40 or more is the cardinal sign of AD.

    Magic Bullets are stronger than regular bisacodyl suppositories, so more likely to cause cramping which can cause AD. I am not a fan of glycerine as some studies indicate that long term use can cause local tissue changes.

    Lidocaine jelly 2% in an applicator (Uro-Jet) is the easiest to use an generally effective. Use the applicator to put about a tablespoon full into the rectum before starting bowel care (5 minutes), then insert the suppository. When doing digital stimulation, also use this as the lubricant.

    Who are you waiting to see in San Diego?

    Please use the PM function, not visitor messages in the future. Thanks.

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    hello! I'm sorry it took me awhile to respond. I'd love to "chat" with you. I'm not really ever on yahoo/msn anymore. so, it may just be easier if you e-mail me. that's the most efficient way to communicate with me. please feel free to shoot whatever my way!
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