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  1. Hey Mike, go to this page to send a message to the nurse:

    glad you're still strumming your Honey, keep it up. Be well, talk later

  2. Hey Mike, hope you are doin ok, thought of you cause somebody asked about guitars...matt
  3. Hey Mike, hanging on here thanks. Don't know about rods, just some of the bad stuff I've read here. Doesn't mean it's not the answer. Yea, ask around about the best surgeon, start a thread here if you are up to it. All the best, happy new year
  4. Still kickin here Mike thanks. Would have liked to guitar, does harmonica count? I hope you are making progress w/docs an your injury, really feel for you friend.
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    Good to see you back. Can't wait to hear some music from you.
  6. Hey Mike, stable here, thanks. Bummer about your hunting gear, guess we do what we gotta huh. Cool about your music studio. Getting anywhere with your docs figuring out what's going on with your body, seems you're in a holding pattern? Wish I had answers, be strong and don't let up on 'em. Take care man and keep me posted.
  7. Hi Mike, thanks for your Thanksgiving note, I hope you had a nice one. Glad you are making progress, Sounds like that blood infection was pretty rough though, sorry. Cool you got a new guitar amp, I'm into late 70s/early 80s home audio equipment so I know that feeling. Well I hope you are feeling alright now. Talk later, Matt.
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    I hope that blood infection clears up quick. Let us know when you return. I'll tell you about my Korg D1200mll that's too complicated for me to use, except for tuning.
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    Hope things work out. rough thanksgiving but hanging in. yesterday was my wife's birthday and i did a small party for her.

    I'm heading to the Mayo Clinic I think, accepted into the Pain Mgmt 3 week program. They reviewed my images and said nothing they could do but would work with me on pain. Will likely give it a try but ins doesn't cover a lot of it (flights and room and board. should know this week the costs and when I'm in the queue for.

    Take care

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    I definetly still jam, now on a 96 Taylor 450 pf and a 68 Fender Jazzman Bass. The equiptment that I've sold to stay alive include; 77 Gibson RD custom, 85 Strat, 35 watt Marshall Amp. Still clinging to a Mesa Rect-to-verb 50 and a vintage Acoustic Bass Amp and cabinet. Orange Amps are one of my favorites. There was a 15 or 25 watt Orange tiny terror amp for sale on craigslist in San Diego recently. A lower watt amp maxed out sounds best, and offends fewer neighbors. I intend to put some of my music on the internet soon.

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    Thanks for adding me to your friend list. I'm a former plumber and current guitarist, songwriter.

  12. Hey man I saw your post but didn't have anything to add just yet, glad to see the main man Wise Young on the case, he's the best. Good luck.
  13. Good to hear from you, Michael. The hot rod sounds great, gotta have something to live for, eh. I have a 66 Plymouth Valiant, just finishing valve job + = slant 6 sleeper. Any word on stabilizing your spine?? Might ask Wise Young about that in the Care forum, I would if I were you. Been about the same here, won't complain, too complicated...

    Hey, Bill here didn't get your posted it on your own profile, like I do so many times, hah.
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    yeah he pain just never stops, played a few holes of golf yesterday. Pain went from 10 to 10 LOL just doing something was good though. did it for my wife i'm wearing her down after 5 years and if she had a brain she'd leave, I'm a good cook when I can and was a great fxxk when I could so I guess she's just too attached to leave (thank goodness) although she pushes me too hard and I'm only getting worse not better.

    You haniging in? anything working? trying a round of epidurals if the insurance co will pay. They did alreadu but it didn't help, the neurosurgeon says it will help diagnose what if anything can be done and the pain guy has a new technique and cocktail he'd like to try and I'd eat cat pooh if it worked UGH.

    keep the faith, it's a day by day and someday I fear I'll give up
  15. Hey Michael, yea I'm still fightin my war over here, doing ok thanks. Things kinda level off over time, even though crap keeps coming at us. Sounds to me like you've got something going on that can be made better, if that gives you any hope. Just gotta get in touch what's going on. Grieve what ya gotta, but listen to your body. Try to be specific, what kind of pain is it, can you tell where it's coming from? Incomplete can be a blessing and a curse at the same time, I understand. Hang on in there man, I believe it'll get better.
  16. Thanks for the friend request... thot we already were lol. Damn I just saw your posts in tired of this fucken pain thread, sorry ur hurting so bad, sucks i know. Hope we figure out something soon...
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    I have sent you a friend request, I hope you accept.. I am here whenever you need someone!!
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    Hi, Lespaul. Welcome to the hell and good luck!
  19. My pleasure, don't hesitate to post your message there, you'll get responses, hopefully someone is familiar with what you got going on.

    All the best.
  20. Thanks man, im new at this and really just looking for freinds who are living the same hells
  21. Hi lespaul, welcome to CC. This area here is kind of like private messaging, not the open forum. Suggest you post your message in the Care forum here where others will see it:

    Sorry about your accident, welcome to the club. Hope you get some answers.
  22. hi everyone im new at being broken, i was in a construction accident 3 years ago .i was on a forklift work plattform 10 feet up, it broke and dropped me. i didnt feel to bad except a ball in my back and hard to breath, well that ball was t8 comp fract.Each day it progressed into my worst nightmare. I feel pain beyond anything a well person can understand . Most doctors are a real Joke the way that they tell you its in your head , and i cant be in this much pain ive been told dont wear the brase , be strong . And your pain is like a babby that crys if you give in it will get its way all the time. sorry that brace helps hold me up .I can only stay on my feet for short periods,If i go past my limit my lower body goes dead and i go down. if i put the hyperextension brace back on my legs come back. I fight everyday to stay out of bed and at times I do , then that pain from hell comes and im in bed for weeks before i can try again I finally got new doctors that understand SCI .So now the doctors are saying unstable spine. does anyone know about this unstable spine thing ,and if they stabalize my spine do i get my life back, does the bad pain stop, and if i dont stabilize what are my chances?
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jan 06
broken plumber
mountains ,guitars. hot rods, building that youth guidance camp
I was a construction worker self employed, land in the mountains I was building a youth guidance cam
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the only people that truly understand are the ones that suffer from the same thing
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This place has saved many lives , hard to figure it all out


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