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    Yes hi Evonne I'm still here I just thought it would be a good idea to take a break due to depression issues. I have that under control and doing 100% better dealing with my sci yet the pain and all the bs we live with is still there everyday I'm just learning to live with it. I cant change it so why be depressed over it. As a matter of fact I just went to work. I'm doing a good job of hiding it...I think. Thanks for getting back to me and sorry for being absent.
  2. Do you really have Ryan00 as a friend? I have a friend request from name and have not accepted. Under the name when looking at profile, it says Banned.
  3. No hunting for me. Never did. The deer and ducks though, they are in the stream running through back of my lot. Everytime I race for camera to get picture, they are gone. Also some bird with pencil thin legs about 2' long and must have 6' wingspan. Squirrels parading around all the time.
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    just finaly got onand thanks people dont understand politics now of days there all people who dont even belong here its bogus and you seem like a rocking girl i to hunt as well you got some amazing game wish i got to travle its been a sad year missing duck hunting this year and seeing the beautiful bird swim in river in back yard but thing happen
  5. On Facebook, my name is Randy Miles.
  6. Evonne...thank you for friend. Now, how exactly did you, do you do this thing called "pig hunting."
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    Hi Evonne~ No they never did try the cymbalta but they did put me on a similar medication Lexapro and now my Topamax is increased to 50mg in the am and 150mg at bedtime which is a pretty high dose but it seems to work pretty well. They do also have me on Oxycontin 10mg three times a day but I hope not to be on the forever. I am still recovering from the surgery which was horrible. I am still in the collar but should be out of it in a couple of weeks and then i will start physical therapy again. Thanks for your advice

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    Was on my way to doc. visit today and there was a rock in the time to miss it hit it with front wheel and home noticed a nice dent under my new van....only 1300 miles on it never fails get something new you know its gona get some kind of damage. It will be a easy fix by what I see. When it cools off have to put it on the car lift and bang it out and undercoat it. Always something to fix which is getting old. Could have been worse and got the outside of the I guess under the body is better than Wish our body was that easy to fix
    BTW no more long hair in my picture...must be a 60 age thing or something...lmao..was working on something this spring and got in my after 50 years of long hair went to store bought clippers and went down to 1/4 inch or so. Hated to see it go but it is alot easyer to take care of.
    Take care my love and keep those pictures coming and God Bless your family....

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    You are still my number 1 Keep taking those pictures I love em.
    Glad you are doing pretty good....I know its hard. Myself still about the same....pain a little worse...but I'll survive....I
    Gona have to be a 2 part message I
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    Evonne, Quick question for you the Topamax 50mg twice a day is not working very well for the pain anymore. I am also taking 600mg of Ibuprofen three times a day and Percocet 1 tablet 3 times a day and still constant pain. I am now waiting to get into a pain clinic hopefully I will have an appointment soon. Anyway my question is you said you are taking Cymbalta to go with your Topamax did you start them together or did they add the Cymbalta later? Do you find the side effects ok? I was hoping to just have some suggestions and information when I go in for the appointment of some things I would like to try. I would prefer to not go to the heavy duty narcotics that I know a lot of people end up on like Oxycontin, MScontin, Methadone, etc I'd like to not go down that road if I can find a mix of other things that will work before I go to the big time narcs. Thanks for the help!

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    Hi Evonne I am new to the site and trying to figure a few things out. Is this a private message or public. I hope you dont mind if I ask a few questions I was looking at friends I only have 2 and you are one of them. I dont know how that happened either lol. Well hope I didnt bother you.
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    Hey girl.You look better each x u post! I'm great & keeping very busy away from here. Hope ur doing better!
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    Hi Evonne,
    It's nice to have the support!! Thanks you!
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    Celebrex is working great for me!
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    Hi Evonne....seen more of your pictures.....Have you wore that camera out
    Been 2 years since we talked....sorry I just clicked on my profile and noticed your
    I been doing good for my age and time in as a SCI.
    I see you been busy on the go doing things good for you.
    Enjoy your boys they grow up to fast.
    You still a great looking more than one way on this site.....hugs

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    Hey, I'm good. Just dealing with my ebb and flow. Odd how that works with our injuries.
    Fall is upon us here...the weather is crisp and beautiful.
    Hope your visiting went well.
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    Hey where have you been I haven't seen you lately!
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    not able to walk unfortunately. I have limited use of my arms, one wrist, and no hands. Great hunting pictures! My tree stand broke when I stepped on it, causing my C4/5 injury. Still love hunting, just have to watch it on TV now. Friends always give me a play-by-play of their hunts as well. What about you? Reading and doing what therapy I can keep me sane right now.
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    You look very happy in your new pic!
    I'm doing great, overheating already though-ugh.
    Take care!
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    Hi Evonne,
    Happy Easter!
    Nice pics! Looks like you keep busy.
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    Love your albums, especially the hunting one. Thanks for sharing!
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    Rarely.. Every time someone comments on a thread that I'm on or sends me a msg. (like this one), I don't get an email reminder. That ultimately led to me to shy away from here and get more attached to Facebook.. I can be easily reached by email as you know.
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    Hey Evonne... I had my Carpal Tunnel surgery last Thursday and it is healing well and so far very good results. Of course I am in an elctric wheelchair right now so I am not pushing my manual chair which aggravates it. It will be weeks before I can go back to the manual chair for good.\

    I hope you baclofen pump works for you. I have heard alot of good results with it.
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    Hi Evonne,
    Glad to see you on. Although we don't know one another personally, seems a comradery builds because of the unique life challenge we all face, along with a concern for one another. Hopefully, the weather is cooperating, and that along with the distraction of your work, is keeping your nerve pain under control. I'm keeping my eye on the FDA approval process of the Arbaclofen placarbil and hoping it will give us all a little better control over the spasticity. We deserve a break, now don't we!! ")) Take Care, Patty
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    Evonne, your vacation pics look wonderful. Such a beautiful family you are. I hope your recovery is still progressing forward. Patty
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    I have a great WC attorney. It is just that everything takes forever and he keeps taking them back to court each step of the way. I do not want to post here what is going on, but things are looking up. A shower adaptation estimate has been turned in and the attorney told me that he got an email from the opposing attorney asking if I wanted the check made out to me or the contractor. Of course I said me.

    Ideally I want to get an SUV too, with AWD, but I do not know what you mean by back-up steering.

    I don't think I have your phone number since you called me.
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    Evonne, what adaptations did you have done to a car so that you can drive? WHat kind of car do you have? THANKS! Kari
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    Hi Evonne,

    I am still struggling with Worker's Comp (although I've recently been to court and things MIGHT go my way), trying to recover, and emotionally adjust to my new reality.

    Hope things are going well with you!
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    Hey..atleast you're staying busy & as long as you're happy, it's all good.

    Thanks,glad you liked 'em.
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    Hey girl! Glad to recently see you back posting again. I hope work, family & sci drama are taking it easier on ya! Hugs.
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    Actually I like sailing. Have a Freedom 21 that I sail on a lake. I take kids or adults with physical disabilities sailing every week. I'm out about 4 days a week right now, getting plenty of sun!
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    Hey, Evonne. I've been ok, thanks. How've you been? I hope you're enjoying the summer.
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    Yeah ya gotta be careful. You look great and the vacation pics look so relaxing - I need to plan me a proper vacation too. I'm doing good, I'm seeing a european man who's working here in las vegas and I'm set to start school in the fall and am really excited bout that. Well it was so good to hear from you and am glad you're doing well
  41. Hey Beautiful thanks for your messages. Love your pics, Bermuda looks fun, I'm envious.
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    Yup I am! I wish I could enjoy the weather more but i'm working all day usually but at least I still have the weekends!
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    hey there, I'm loving it! I wish I had more time to soak up the sun but its definately a state I love. What part of CA do you live in?
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    Miss Evonne, I haven't said hello in awhile, I thought about you the other day, I'm sure you're busy and doing well
  45. Great pics of your hunting and camping trips. Your l'il hunter will be dragging home his own bucks soon enough, congrats. Funny, I still have a couple Daisy BB guns from when my girls were younger. Good for plinking. Hope you are well, take care
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    Happy Turkey Day Gobble Gobble
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    Hey sorry it took me so long to reply,I'm just learning how to see these.Well my accident was Jan, 15th 2009.It was me just acting like I was 15 or something running down my stairs at home and fell into the wall. My recovery has gone OK,I really expected to just get over all of this and get back to normal,,,didn't turn out that way. I am blessed I can walk and move everything ,just not like before.I have OK strength not close to before ,i can't close my right hand all the way anymore and my arms and hands hurt 24/7.My main problem is nerves....I cant tell temperature from my arms down.Hot or cold. My feet feel like they are frost bitten 24/7. Thanks so much for sending the text,It is so hard to explain to people what is wrong,,sometimes it is like ,,,well you look fine....

    How are you ? How long has it been since your accident? I hope your recovery has gone well.Do you have any of the same nerve damage ? Now that i know how to see these I will be looking for your reply Thanks Ant
  48. Been wondering about've you been?? Seen your joke with the babe on the bike... where were they hiding when I was a kid?? I'm ok thanks, dealing. Be well n stay in touch, OK.
    (sorry this just made it here, I posted it on my own profile...!)
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    Hi Evonne,

    My name is Patty. I'm new here at the forum, as well as a fairly newbie SCI patient. Was injuried in a roll over MVA on Jan 11, 2009, after working three back to back sixteen hr shifts at the hospital in which I was employeed as a neuro nurse. My level injury is similiar to yours at the level of C 5/6, with a spinal fusion of C4-T1, due to broken vetebra. As I viwed your album and watched as your story unfolded, I became overwhelmed with inspiration. What a marvelous job you have done in your recovery. I for one would like to thank you for sharing. Patty
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    how've you been, miss your jokes you always have good one's!


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    Hey Evonne,

    I'm doing pretty good. How about yourself?

    I've had a pretty fun summer. Looking forward to my daughter coming home from Iraq here in a little over a week (August 25th).

    Hope all is well with you. Find me on Facebook (Kevin Bass in Cash, Texas).

    Take care.
  52. hi hun! the summer has been great for the least, nothing like the legs in the mist of it all but welcome! hoppe you are good annd enjoying your summer......
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    Thanks. I think there are more of us, we just seem to be the silent type. I had a couple of margaritas last night so maybe was feeling more bold.
    The liberals in our society seem so blind and have such an unconditional support it is frightening. Thanks for the support!
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    Hi there,
    I just saw your "friend request" ... thanks. How's your summer going? I spent a couple of weeks in Phoenix - what a scorcher :-). I'm back in the Springs now .... much cooler. Time to get back to work ...
  55. I'm doing pretty ok now, thank you... took my pics down for a bit, like i explained, gonna start all over again soon. You haven't been around much lately, I hope you're okay... take care and thanks for your message.
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    Hello Evonne. How've you been? I've been good. Same old same around here. Not much change but I'm ok with that. Summer is finally here in Alberta, so I've been trying to get out and enjoy it as much as possible before it takes off again. Which is always too soon. Thanks for saying hi, Evonne. Take care for now.
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    I love your signature quote. Mind if I borrow it? Thank you for your patriotism, Evonne.

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    I got pissed off at some people and their comments so I wanted to delete my account! Yes the clinical trial is SCI related. It is a 30 week program 3 times a week for 45 minutes. The first 6 weeks I am still standing and then the next 6 weeks I am on a glider and then the next 6 weeks we add FES! and then it goes back down to still standing. I do a 24 hour urine culture every other sunday. It is to see if my standing and such reduces the amount of calcium in my urine, as well as bone density.

    I am already living in NC, we are just moving to Charlotte which is 2 hours from where we live now. I went to high school there so I am thinking it won't be too much of a change.
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    Hi there,
    Thanks for the note ... yes, this is definitely a "team" effort. The whole family gets to "play." I've certainly learned a lot about this world of SCI over the years ....
    Looks like you guys are outdoorsy people, too ... nice pictures. I should post some of ours, too. I'm glad my husband doesn't much let his injury stop him from doing what he loves ... even at his level he just "does" .... kayaking, snowskiing, handbiking, camping, etc. .... He says you just have to get out there and DO. To be honest with you, that makes it easier for me, too .... it's a little more work but it creates a certain level of "normal" - you know?
    Have a great summer,
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    Sorry, I had to split this post up.
    With all the nonsense going on with my Dr's, life is still GOOD! Not only do I get to celebrate Father's day today, Tree & I are celebrating our anniversary. I can't believe she has put up with me for 12 years.
    Thanks again for the check up. Knowing other people are caring makes the small things disappear.
    How are you and yours doing? Any plans for the summer?
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    Thanks for the check up. The family is doing great, Eli turned 7 and Mikey & Steven turned 4. Steven is learning to ride a bike W/OUT training wheels. They grow up way too fast.
    I'm staying out of trouble, but not by choice. I don't know if you've been following the Mitrofanoff thread, but I just had that done in May and have been waiting to give a follow up until after everything is done with. The Dr's didn't put me back on my blood thinners after the surgery and I developed a bloodclot in both legs. I spent another week in the hospital for that, and didn't get all the clots taken care of yet. I go back to Indy tomorrow for a follow up and the plan is to ask that Dr. what went wrong with my medicines.
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    hey there! not yet, I'm leaving tomorrow (Monday) to fly out! project walk starts Tuesday!
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    I have a tilite ZRa. Where's the blood clot? that doesn't sound too good.
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    Hi Evonne, I'm doing really well. I've been playing with this new wc and I'm really digging it. I've also been doing some traveling which is always fun. I read that you've seem to have figured out your constipation problems, I'm glad to hear this that must have sucked for you. Thanks for checking in with me and saying "hi" Jerri
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    Hi! Well I was trying to delete my account and deleted all my stuff! I shall add them back in due time! Not much going on just doing a clinical trail at the Rehab center and planning on moving to Charlotte, NC next year!
  66. Doing well here. Hope things are going your way there.

    Bente and AddieSue are coming to visit for a couple of days next week so I'm really excited! This should be lots of fun. Hope to have many pics of their visit and tour around my city.

    Many **hugs**.

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    We're doing OK. Thanks for asking. How have things been going with you?
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    Been ok, busy moving to a different apartment. Besides that, same old stuff. How about you?
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    i'm doing pretty well, thanks for asking. how are you?
  70. I enjoyed flipping through your photo album! What a journey!!
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    Evonne try HERBALAX it really cleans you out OR go the pre op colon drink taken with NO food, this obviously works for all that have colonoscopys...Kay
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    Evonne I got booted so don't know if my msg got thru to you...don't want to bother you sending it again...let me know...Kay
  73. lol silly wen u read this count 6 messages down, and you will see my picture telling u my accident hehe! take care hun...
  74. you 4 get that fast silly lol... look at your vistor message and there i tell you how i got injured i look at ur pics again, i must say amazing!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU and all ur luv ones..... x
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    I'm doing good,just wish the weather would stay nice and it wouldn't be yucky every weekend.I've just been keeping busy w/ my animals and socializing the new kittens,3 that my newly taken in "Mama Kitty" had.Another week or so and they go home and she gets spayed:-)
    Don't work the summer away woman and enjoy those boys in your life.How's your pain lately?
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    Hey Evonne,

    Thanks for the message! You're very beautiful in your new photo. Therapy can be grinding, but hopefully, it helps you sleep like a rock.

    No really cool summer plans at the moment. What about you? Taking your little one somewhere special?

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    Hi, Thanks
    I have another two weeks to finish up some assignments and then I will have finished my first of two years of the Executive MBA program.
    I have started my company - Accessibility Consultants Inc. here in Calgary. I will primarily be doing accessibility studies for companies and institutions. my web site is I have not had the time to do anything with it yet but I will be soon.

    I saw your profile and all the photo's you put up. Looks like you had a tough time at rehab but all your hard work paid off.

    Thanks again

  78. i seen your pics awesome, you got really bless, i find myself smiling down on your recoverying
  79. hello, i was driving on the hwy and pass a car wreck and from the debries 5 minutes later my tire blew and i lost control, i flip like five times and at the time i was living in OH not use to pumping my own gas like in NJ but also forgot to put my seat belt back on, on you can view the mess some what of my car etc... how about you?
    GOD BLESS, Sammy....
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    have a great weekend...
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    I posted some info about my situation in the Baclofen FAQ thread, I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. I think most people have generally good results with the things, good luck to you if you decide to get one!
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    Hey E, Thanks for the message. Kids are great and Happy! And a little smarter than I! Pat
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    Bah! The baclofen pump has been a complete failure, it's cranked all the way up and it's still doing nothing. I'm waiting on test results to find out why. Other than that, business as usual I guess. And you?
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    Hey Evonne, good to hear from you, I was wondering how ya been doing, haven't seen you on in awhile, I hope you're doing well also . Jerri
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    I'm making it. How about yourself?
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    hot and funny like regards.
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    Yea,this place sux anymore!I'm glad for the friends I've found,that's it.It is a shame cause it is a well needed community...I'm doing better since it's getting warmer,winter is rough on me!How's work,your kids?Anymore return lately?I hope all is well...let me know. S
    Oh yea,you're just as sweet!
    Are you on facebook?
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    Hey sweetie!Love the new pic-pretty....haven't seen you around in awhile,hope you're doing good though!
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    Hey, I just sent you a facebook request with a note saying that I go by Danine on CC.
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    Just lots of pain with me. Shelby's doing great...on a diet and losing all kinds of weight! CC is what it always is...the good, the bad, and the ugly! I try to concentrate on the good, but I can totally understand the need to take a break sometimes. Hope things are going well with you! BTW, are you on facebook?
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    Just dropping by to say hi. I haven't seen you around much lately. Hope you're doing OK.
  92. The pleasure is mine, both friendship and having served the people who make this country so beautiful. I enjoyed your album, too. You have a beautiful family, and are beautiful yourself, I hope you (and hubby) don't mind my saying so.
    Yes, I favor the picture with my puppy, too. Kind of camera shy since my injury. Hah, I saw what's going on in the joke thread, that's funny. And yeah, I know what you mean about CC being "difficult" lately.

    Take care now, see ya on the forums.
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    Lady, with all these jokes, you remind me of when I workes in the sporting goods business. Ten jokes a day, and I used to be able to remember them all. Are you hanging arond too many hunters?
  94. Thank you very much. I spent the day sleeping and doing nursing interviews LOL
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    reply to fentanyl.

    ive been using it off and on for years. I think Im going to to be changing that soon though, because I end up going through withdrawal every 48 hours, and then all I can do is roll up into a shivering ball of misery. I havnt gone to methadone, as the stipulations, and associations to the drug are pretty big to get past especially around here.
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    Newbie? I think you're probably well broken in by now!

    We won't talk about the new year so far, but thanks for asking though. How's yours? Any resolutions?
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    Thanks Evonne. I am happy that someone does. Hope the New Year brings happiness for you.
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    Hey sweetie, I hope things are going great for you. You look great in your pic!
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    don´t know if cymbalta works, (i take several meds, so i´m not sure what works) problem might be forgetfulness?
    I trust most in gabapentin
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    Hi Evonne, Glad you made the trip to Va. Hope you enjoyed your visit. When I hunt on my own, I hunt family land or property of friends. However, most every weekend of hunting season I am coordinating a hunt in some part of the state. I direct the Wheelin' Sportsmen program here in Va.(an outreach program of the Nat Wild Turkey Fed.) We provide outdoor opportunities to the disabled such as hunting, fishing, shooting events. So every weekend from Nov to Jan I'm off hunting on new properties. We had 17 deer hunts during that time so my season is packed with travel and long days. Fun, but not without lots of work on my part.

    And yes the cold is tough on me and the other hunters. I wear down underwear and for the most part it keeps me plenty warm but I look like the Michelin man in the woods! But I always get cold, just comes with the sport

    Take care....

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    I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. We had a very nice and easy New Year. We took the kids to see Bedtime Stories. It was an awesome movie. Steven (3 yo) was so into the movie. He clapped every time Adam Sandler's character would do something great.
    Looks like you're having a blast in your new pic.
    Hope you have a great year.
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    Dropping by to say Happy New Year!!! I like your new profile pic!
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    Merry Christmas
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    Have a Merry Christmas Miss Evonne
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    thanks, evonne! i hope your holidays aren't laborious and tiresome like most find it! i'm taking a break from school, trust me!
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    Muddling through I suppose, and how are you? I'm anxiously awaiting the baclofen pump placement, which will hopefully happen in January. Until then, I'm the tinman. Oil can!
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    Thanks Evonne!! Yeah haven't been posting as much for the reason, i feel nobody really reads what i say!! but i guess i should just post to put in my opinion!! I hope that you have a great Holiday as well!!!
  108. Hi Evonne! Happy Holiday's to you too! I'm looking forward to the pie!
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    Thanks Evonne. I hope you have a good holiday season as well.
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    Thanks Evonne...hope you and your family have a very happy holiday season!
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    hey thanks you 2! I will!
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    Thanks Evonne. We have already had some of our Christmas. My wife's mom & dad took us all (wife's b&s and their kids 18) to Disney World this year for Christmas. It was great spending time with the whole family. The only thing better than spending time with the family was the weather and the looks on our kids' faces when they saw the magic of Disney. I'll try and post some pictures later.
    Hope you have a wonder and safe Holiday Season.

  114. The same to you! Happiest of holidays to you, too, Evonne.

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    Hi Evonne, thanks for the welcome. It's been a very rough year for my family and me but I'm slowly adjusting. I will say I'm doing better than I would have thought at this point, but my expectations were pretty low. Hope you are doing well.
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    Hey Evonne. I've been w/o internet-my air card modem broke and I just got it replaced. Just in time to come back and see this place is crazy!I'm good, just been dealing w/ my moms health problems,ugh. How r u doing girl?
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    Lady I would have fell out of the boat if I would have caught a fish like that!
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    Thanks Evonne! I'm hanging in there. Hoping to do a Disneyland trip in the next few weeks. How's things with you?
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    I've been good... thank you... how have you been doin?
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    Thanks, I am feeling better, but still going to doc tomorrow. I hope you're doing well too
  121. I haven't had a chance to write about it. My camera is still packed. Can you tell I'm running behind?

    Good for you on working hard at therapy! You're still in what many refer to as that golden window of opportunity. I was told whatever returns I'd get would occur in the first eighteen months. Many now say that golden window is up to two years. (That's, of course, if an injury allows for improvements.)

    For some who have the ability to have some sort of returns, it seems if they keep working at it some get stronger even beyond two years.

    I encourage you to keep at it. Good for you.

    That with work and children and being married and having a home would be a full-on, full-time job and then some.

    Keep pushing yourself in therapy Evonne. I know it gets hard and I know it's frustrating with hands that don't work, but keep doing what you can and keep pushing to do more.

    Sending good thoughts your way,

    Mary Ellen
  122. View Conversation
    I've done that before when I posted a message then decided later I wanted to delete it. You can't delete the entire post, but you can delete what you typed; but there has to be some characters on the screen in order to save the "new" message.
  123. View Conversation
    Cold and still with UTI.
    I don't feel ok, don't tell me you can see it when I am writing. I have a friend here who calls me and tells me not to write sometimes because I sound angry and she knows I am not
  124. View Conversation
    thank you. what a big fish.
  125. View Conversation
    Hey Evonne. I'm not too bad, thanks for asking. You have a great pic as well. That fish is Ginormous.
  126. View Conversation
    I've been here since 2004. They can't get rid of me that easily.
  127. View Conversation
    No. I haven't left CC. Just will not be posting regularly in Politics for a while. We are definitely and have always been outnumbered. But more so now than in the past. It got impossible to get a point across or keep up.
  128. View Conversation
    Thanks for acknowledging my "wife." She's awesome! How is your husband and son?

    BTW, DDD is Degenerative Disc Disease.
  129. View Conversation
    Hi, thanks for stopping by. I've been busy...end of semester chaos as Just got an MRI report that says I have atrophy and edema at T6-7 now which is two levels above my original injury site. My whole back's a mess because of DDD...maybe I should have them remove my spine and put in gill slits so I can go live with the dolphins...yes, I am losing my How are things going with you? How's that handsome little boy of yours?
  130. View Conversation
    I've been doing well. And how are you and yours? Planning a good Christmas with the family and for the little one? What's the big surprise you have planned for him this year?
  131. View Conversation
    No. I've retired for a while.
  132. View Conversation
    holy hannah that's a huge salmon! i'm doing well and yeah i can't wait for the school work to be over. They're ridiculous classes. yeah, those transfer videos don't work well for some reason if you're doing the through the transfer sticky.

    that should take you to the links that work. i transfer faster than that now, but it's still good. the one leg up first is so helpful especially if you have horrible spasms.

    i kinda like my zombie mouse! maybe i'll change it in the spirit of christmas...or he can represent the ghost of christmas future? we'll see.
  133. Thanks Evonne. I had a great time, but it's good to be home again, too.

    How've you been Girl? We need to catch up.
  134. View Conversation
    Hey hey jokester bud. Was wonderin' where you been hiding. I'll just about post anything.. as I so wanted to post the watermelon patch in front of the White House. I know that'd stir up some peeps, lol. Doing good and hoping you are too.
  135. View Conversation

    How's it going?It's raining here which makes me
  136. View Conversation
    damn that sounds like you had lots of fun. wish I were there for the halibut, I miss eating it and out here it is not fresh and it cost to darn much
  137. View Conversation
    Noticed you're online now and just thought I'd drop by to say hi and Happy Thanksgiving.
  138. View Conversation
    I'm sending a comment about the thread where you posted that you don't feel sexual anymore... We are about the same age, I didn't have a TBI either, I am also happily married just like you and I don't feel sexual either. My body image has suffered a lot because of the sci. The bowel program and bladder program makes me feel like that part of my body is for nothing but bodily functions as opposed to being a pleasure zone. When we do have sex, I don't enjoy it like I use to. I believe that there are some things like sex that you just have to feel to appreciate fully. I don't know if you share any of these feelings but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  139. Sorry I took so long to answer. I have just been in and out and busy and not feeling well. Things are going pretty good I guess everything has seemed to stabilize for the moment so I am waiting for the getting better for the getting worse which ever comes first. Thanks for taking time to ask and hope everything is going well with you.
  140. View Conversation
    Hi Evonne,

    I am sorry I didn't respond sooner and apologize. Ugh, just too much going on around here LOL! I think you asked me if I had an sci injury. I guess the best way to answer that is no as in terms of an accident or paralysis. I have had two cervical fusions, lumbar is messed up, coccyx is too. make a long story short I have had a great deal of neuro pain in the last 8 years but it is slowly getting better. My Neurologist diagnosed it as Central Pain Syndrome. I think, however, it is Central Sensitization. In any case, I came to this website originally to read up on pain management, etc. It has been very helpful.
  141. View Conversation
    oh man I just saw your picture with the salmon...I think I am in lust..haha
  142. View Conversation
    yes I am, I have 70% return on left side and 30% return on right, and I also have foot drop and it is turning to the side about 90 degrees out still a lot of spasticity that is why I have a pump. I try to stay on my feet all day not nececarily walking as it hurts my hip and lower back. I wear the hell out of shoes now and only on the right side. I try to ride my recumbant bike each day for 20-30 min I have to do a lot of stretching. I am finally able to walk about 150ft w/ a quad cane with out having to take a break. I do have a lot of clse calls as far as falling.
    My first year was a joke, I was trying to learn to walk and our grandson that was staying with us was learning to crawl...he did circles around me.
  143. View Conversation
    Yep, that is my boyfriend!<3 I hope you had a good weekend too!
  144. View Conversation
    Hi Evonne!

    Yes, well, I basically live just inside it...Geist area. You might as well say Geist and Fishers are one in the same. Where do you live now?
  145. View Conversation
    I never did actually I just use an empi focus unit, until that breaks I'll use it. works pretty well.
  146. View Conversation
    I'm doing alright.Glad ya'll liked the movie.I think I'm gonna take my nieces to see Return to Madagascar next weekend-I hope a 3 yr. old will sit through it!(?)Sorry the Cymbalta isn't doing the trick. Nerve pain sux, I finally did ROM today and it's through the roof-hadn't done it in months!oops...hugs
  147. thanks for the comment about my pictures. Glad you liked them
  148. View Conversation
    Glad you're feelingbetter. Did you get that movie in?
  149. View Conversation
    Just been down lately, not much point in getting up. I like living in Israel, don't think I would survive the winters in Montreal where I grew up. I don't work, I didn't finish university and I don't want to so I'm kinda at a loss (it's my own fault). Adjusting? What's that? lol. My mom lives in Montreal but I have some good friends here that are like "adopted" parents. Thanks for the message. Hope your son feels better soon!
  150. View Conversation
    Hey Evonne, spent most of the weekend in bed. How are things at your end?
  151. View Conversation
    I had to LOL when I saw your comment about being a spinewire/cando user...that was the OLD name of this website...

    Take care and God bless...

  152. View Conversation
    Hey E, no prob. I'm loving all yours, esp. the nudie ones, lol. I've still got a few but keep on sending and thx..
  153. View Conversation

    Hope you're well. Have a great weeklend!
  154. View Conversation
    Have not been the best lately. I am trying to find out if I have some kidney problems. UTI's are a bitch; know I am not telling you anything. I also fell and broke my leg. The crazy thing though is I didn't know I had for a month and my leg has already healed. Now my leg is crooked and I am not able to get my feet on my chair by myself.

    Been awhile sence I have been here so how have you been?
  155. View Conversation
    The Hendricks camp for sure. Jr. 88 has had my attention for years. I am used to this type of driver have been a Cubs and Vikings fan all my life in order to get my heart used to coming close, but no cigar.
  156. View Conversation
    I am very happy, thanks for your kind words. my hair is super thick and straight, I would love to have curly hair like yours. I have limited hand function too and I manage to use a curling iron just keep practicing you'll get better. Jerri
  157. View Conversation
    Hey, thanks for accepting my invite Evonne. Also for visiting my family. I am crazy for that little girl and her daddy. They make my life worth living.
  158. View Conversation
    I live in St. John it's about 45 minutes south of Chicago.
  159. View Conversation
    Yes, we've been together nearly 15 years. She's been with me every step (or roll) of the way. I couldn't have made it this far without her.
  160. View Conversation
    The epi's really helped me when I was able to get them---I have sucky insurance now. I'm not convinced that this gets easier. I bet it waxes and wanes, but I doubt it gets easier with time. I bet it's AB's that are telling you
  161. View Conversation
    Thanks for accepting my friend request.
  162. View Conversation
    I'm still adjusting. I think it's getting harder instead of easier. I was able to keep some excitement going the first 10 months or so when I was still making a lot of progress. The physical pain has been a bit better during the past couple of weeks with the addition of Klonapine. I'm not working, but going to school. I had been accepted into a PhD program just a couple of months before the SCI. I knew I'd hate myself forever if I didn't go ahead and start the program. I don't have kids, but my partner and I were foster parents for several years...hard work. Why have you been in bed all day?
  163. View Conversation
    i've been good... how you doin?
  164. View Conversation
    Thanks, but you just caught me at the right time while I was online. I'm not always so speedy.
  165. View Conversation
    i want to be a criminal profiler/forensic psychologist so i'll need a phd for sure. yeah i took horticulture at a vocational technical school when i was in high school. i earned senior of the year for floriculture.
  166. View Conversation
    i'm going for a bachelor's in psychology, but i might go further if i need it. i'm taking it easy, 3 courses at a time, but i'll probably take 4 or 5 next semester to try to get the transfer program finished up faster, so i'm guessing about 4 years.
  167. View Conversation
    I use to get those injections a few years back when I had bad lower discs. Did they help? Hows the cymbalta working?Yes, it is a never ending battle. I'm struggling now w/ recurrent uti's.I'm seeing a specialist @ UVA, but not til Dec!ugh.We're living "the life" lolHave a good weekend...
  168. View Conversation
    It's going well, doing homework as usual, how about you?
  169. View Conversation
    Hey thanks for the mssg. Hope you are well.
  170. View Conversation
    I am just the camara guy this year when I get out. this is the first season I have been out since my accident back in 05/06 season when I fell.
  171. View Conversation
    Thank you, Evonne, that's me and my dog Lemmy. He's the sweetest and smartest mutt.
  172. cheers, to you, E.
  173. View Conversation
    I hope your meetings went well. I hope the Cymbalta works. I tried it but had to go off of it b/c my anxiety got so bad and I needed back on the Effexor. Ugh, I feel like an addict.I'm on Lyrica and it makes it tolerable.I don't think anything will knock it all!Sorry you have the poo blues.It's probably from you8r meds. It took me about a yr 1/2 to get regulated.Happy,,joy!Oh,"darrel" is on my friend list.Well, have a good day girl!
  174. View Conversation
    Hey girl. How are things? Slowly getting better I hope.

    I'd forgotten that you hunted until I saw your picture. You need to talk to darrel,he just started hunting again. Have you been out yet this year?
  175. View Conversation
    Thanks for the invite.
    I think I finally figured this new feature out, getting the message to the right place (if you don't get this, I guess I don't have it figured out).
    What do you mainly hunt for? I normally just hunt deer, but I might try for the overabundence of rabbits we have. MMMM, rabbit stew.

  176. E, I have to tell on myself. At first I thought I was inviting people or they were inviting me and changing their minds because all I saw was a question mark by my name and sometimes theirs. I wrote a friend of mine and asked if it was okay if we were friends via PM. This was someone I'd met in person. Then, I figured out that it was because I did not have an avatar. LOL That made the question mark appear.

    I was pretty embarrassed.

    I'm guessing the album feature is for pics? I'll give it a look.

    If there are people you are friendly with on the board, invite them to be friends. I was a little shy about it at first, especially when I thought I was getting rejected because I had question marks by my name over and over.

    I'm such a doofus.

    I have goofed on accepting friends a time or two. (Actually twice.) I would click the box to accept and then, I'd forget to click the save box to make it work. I did it a couple of times.

    I'm sorry you had your injury, E, but I'm glad you joined CC. You add and give a lot.

  177. Mike.......i hope this get to u, YES i still hunt and will continue to as long as i can still pull my 3 lb trigger, when that gets hard i'll go to 2 or 1 lb even if i end up back in a wheelchair i will figure out a way to buddy Chad who is in a chair hunts more than i do

  178. Hey, Hello right back.
    I'm impressed with the size of that pig. That's a pretty large creature.
    I never really got to hunt, but I loved shooting on the range any chance I got. These days I have to get help with a gun set up, but I've done it a couple of times off a bench rest. It's still great fun for me.
  179. View Conversation
    Thanks for adding me to your friends list. You are the So sorry that you had to have a SCI injury happen to you and your family. Takes time to adjust. You ever need to talk call on Art
  180. View Conversation
    I still hunt when I get the chance. Last yr, I found my muzzleloader had a lot of rust behind the breech plug and didn't get it cleaned out in time for hunting. I hope to do some later this yr. Do you still hunt?
  181. I take it you bagged that critter. How kewl is that?! Had a chance to get into the woods much since? I know it meant a lot to Darrel recently.
  182. View Conversation
    Hi Evonne. Thanks for the message. Yes, I walk full time. I have brown sequard syndrome, so my right side is stronger but my left has better sensation. Thankfully, in sales we don't need too much other than our brains.

    Congrats on your recovery! Keep it up!
  183. View Conversation
    I have to ask, what is that in your profile picture? I'm assuming it is something that walked into your crosshairs, but I can't make it out.

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